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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORT

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Astrology, 317:sweep of the subject [317] and ignored the true import of the process; the broad general lines ofAstrology, 336:familiar; it has also its esoteric meaning and import and this is as yet an untried field ofAstrology, 374:without exception, to a sense of the dramatic import of the present time and of their right shareAstrology, 376:onward rush." So speaks the Old Commentary. The import of this is that the energy of will - newlyAstrology, 473:or group of lives. The three cycles of major import in the consciousness of the reincarnating egoAutobiography, 7:civilization is of interest and all of spiritual import. The self-disclosures of the mystic ofAutobiography, 162:said. Much of it is beautiful and of spiritual import. Much of it, however, bears the signature ofAutobiography, 231:age is both astronomical and astrological in import. There is a very strong prejudice in the worldAutobiography, 252:in the school interpreted this as political in import, presumably believing that a position ofBethlehem, 3:real teaching value but nevertheless of no vital import to the intelligent men and women of today,Bethlehem, 70:happen on this "ball of dust" of such vital import that it can warrant the angels in singing:Destiny, 27:a fact of great interest and of really practical import. It takes us, moreover, into the realm ofDestiny, 44:related to the form side) so that the true import of the movement is in danger of being lost.Destiny, 66:and soul rays - and this is a fact of vital import to the esotericist and something as yet littleDestiny, 116:existed prior to the contact. The stages of this import might be covered briefly by the followingDiscipleship1, 81:This group initiation is itself of real import and is dependent upon the unit in the group fittingDiscipleship1, 208:of equipment and this is the thing of practical import. You will note how this fits in with myDiscipleship1, 247:books, noting the aspects which are of immediate import and dealing not with the plan for theDiscipleship1, 323:and, consequently, with no moments of startling import. This is happily the case. A constantDiscipleship1, 325:impelled to give you just two words of practical import. They are gracious loving-kindness. TheseDiscipleship1, 426:not any reaction to spiritual pride negate the import of my words. In my last Instruction to you, IDiscipleship1, 451:use of force which are the factors of momentous import. Though no person or group of persons orDiscipleship1, 468:your words and note, in writing, their general import. Then rise, and going to the window, send outDiscipleship1, 540:conflict, God-given and of deeply spiritual import, is a service. Your mental body is on the fifthDiscipleship1, 553:the fruit thereof." This thought, of ancient import, will mean much to you. Ponder on it. I suggestDiscipleship1, 574:points (well known to you) to others of wider import. [575] A reorientation of your entire life toDiscipleship1, 630:and your fellow disciples much that is of group import and significance and by this meansDiscipleship1, 664:the experience being undergone is one of high import and of spiritual satisfaction, or is one ofDiscipleship1, 784:in the school interpreted this as political in import, presumably believing that a position ofDiscipleship2, 19:thereby, or else he failed to sense their import and so delayed his moving forward. In this groupDiscipleship2, 32:must be thought through together and their import must be grasped as a group. The contributionDiscipleship2, 34:truth and are also voiced concepts of spiritual import. They are potent in their transformingDiscipleship2, 70:you the next step forward. Do you realize the import of what I am saying? This initiation whichDiscipleship2, 115:choosing my words with care for their symbolic import. Stage II: Next, the deliberate dispatch ofDiscipleship2, 128:some of its significances. It has a magical import, and when understanding is coupled with the useDiscipleship2, 156:implications and significances are of very deep import and are not superficially apparent. IDiscipleship2, 174:out hope for the future, and it is of present import and of practical importance. Your meditationDiscipleship2, 181:but to [181] recognize also the symbolic import of what you are doing. Those of you also who knowDiscipleship2, 235:and understanding. They have given a selfish import to human aspiration; they have not taughtDiscipleship2, 330:those above the third degree of initiation can "import" from still higher sources or the Masters ofDiscipleship2, 373:leaving your intuition to wrestle with their import - or leaving it to your imagination if theDiscipleship2, 418:of individual, group, planetary and cosmic import and is the one hint out of the many which I haveDiscipleship2, 423:are unexpected and even staggering in their import. Upon these words I do not care to enlarge.Discipleship2, 464:in your sensitive reaction to racial strain, the import of his conversation with you a year ago mayDiscipleship2, 502:this stage; a few years more or less are of no import in the eternity of soul reaction. Therefore,Discipleship2, 517:is no idle or temporary matter, but one of real import to all of you. This A.A.B. has recognized.Discipleship2, 548:or that they do not carry a meaning of very real import to the disciple for whom they are intended;Discipleship2, 548:I intend now to give will have a clear group import, even though adapted to the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 645:and received exoterically, and the true import of the teaching has been veiled. My task with you isDiscipleship2, 684:of teaching so tactfully worded that much of its import might be lost, and in making our disciplesDiscipleship2, 721:give you, therefore, a parting word of Practical import upon the physical plane, along with thoseEducation, 71:racial episodes will prove of interest and of import, and though the recovery of past lives will beEducation, 111:an inner structure of esoteric happening of more import than the outer events, and thus graspExternalisation, 37:different lines of activity - both [37] of real import. They can pursue their normal avocationsExternalisation, 144:using them has no real understanding of their import and purpose and is usually so focused in hisExternalisation, 161:will take place of such significance that its import will be immediately recognized by humanity asExternalisation, 266:idea separately, for each carries its own import and all of them possess several significances.Externalisation, 267:and the symbolism of the event is of far greater import than has yet been grasped. France has notExternalisation, 445:during these few weeks of spiritual and mundane import (focused through these three Festival MoonsExternalisation, 567:years - a most amazing happening and full of import in our planetary history; it is a coincidenceExternalisation, 597:His disciples. I wonder if you appreciate the import of what I have just said? The idea of theExternalisation, 635:but the next ten years will reveal the full import of what has been done. With that pronouncementExternalisation, 658:but having no relation to the inner spiritual import. The true monastic spirit and discipline willFire, 183:microcosmic evolution it is a matter of no vast import. 75 There are seven Kumaras connected withFire, 456:growth, and will cause results of stupendous import. During the sixth subrace, the emphasis willFire, 459:has led to evolutionary possibilities of great import. On the moon chain individualization tookFire, 504:its relation to the second fire is one of vital import to three types of people: Those who areFire, 641:incidentally in a home. This is of very vital import, for it means that they are connected with theFire, 862:the etheric centers. Three hints of practical import anent this stupendous subject may however beGlamour, 49:of another set with perhaps a larger range or import. A prison is a prison, whether it is a tinyGlamour, 156:incarnations there are three which are of major import: the Lemurian, the Atlantean, and the AryanHealing, 100:a vast subject and one of deep scientific import. Certain types of ray force can be used withHealing, 323:of the body, that the whole subject is of vaster import, yet of lesser importance, than men think.Healing, 387:be so if the service to be rendered is of real import, if obligations remain still to be carriedHealing, 585:contained in this law, and much of their import is exoterically familiar to you, but can beHealing, 713:any explanation of their true "energetic import" would be meaningless. The [714] new and comingHercules, 84:interest and the lesson it holds is of deep import. There is no success for the aspirant until heIntellect, 86:to matters of higher and even of highest import." - Guénon, René, Man and His Becoming, page X.Intellect, 158:achievement of knowledge of God is of greater import than love of God. That they already possess;Magic, 144:the Truth and reveals Reality; it is of vital import, for it vibrates with the life of its creator,Magic, 200:aspect, and not from their ethical or spiritual import. It is the "world of force into which theMagic, 247:takes his stand. This is the spot of vital import. It is neither land or physical, nor water orMagic, 269:a way that though the words might be few yet the import would be worthy of continuousMeditation, 259:much that will follow will carry nothing new in import. The things that concern us most closely andMeditation, 301:will be certain truths and facts of dangerous import to the uninitiated; but what I seek to pointPsychology1, 192:force also. Is this not of vital, practical import? Does it not warrant close study andPsychology1, 232:are of mental importance and of spiritual import, but of no practical value in the living of thePsychology1, 253:wide and general specification of no scientific import at all; but it covers adequately the karmicPsychology1, 320:for it is of profound psychological interest and import: Rays I, IV and V predominate in the lifePsychology1, 352:and well merits careful consideration. The true import is of course most difficult to grasp, butPsychology1, 365:White [365] Magic has a definitely seventh ray import, and this Treatise on the Seven Rays has alsoPsychology1, 394:Who, therefore, if the facts are of such ancient import, shall say that I speak with accuracy, orPsychology1, 395:of an individual are, to him, of momentous import; to humanity, as a whole, they are of smallPsychology1, 428:wide and general specification of no scientific import at all; but it covers adequately the karmicPsychology2, 96:and orient himself to the things of spiritual import. The prodigal son sacrificed the Father's homePsychology2, 212:remain abnormalities. Two happenings of great import will occur before so very long. The door willPsychology2, 679:of World Servers, and one that is of immediate import today, is to gather together into one looselyPsychology2, 683:Festival takes place and is of moment and deep import. The period is always one of prime interestPsychology2, 686:the Festival. The Wesak hour is of momentous import. The two days of preparation are to be known asPsychology2, 713:future. Is it possible for us to conceive the import of that phrase "for the future"? The past is
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