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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANCE

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Astrology, 5:in astrology is that he is an individual of importance (at least to himself), that he is living onAstrology, 6:him feel himself to be a factor of isolated importance. Modern interpretations fail to emphasizeAstrology, 6:Modern interpretations fail to emphasize the importance of the rising sign (the ascendant) and thisAstrology, 12:little allowance, and yet it is of paramount importance. This is the energy which emanates from orAstrology, 22:humanity as a whole. This is a point of real importance and should be noted and connected with allAstrology, 42:valuable lessons to be learned is the place and importance of man in the scheme. The Hierarchy, forAstrology, 78:in the highly evolved man are not of dominating importance: The spleen receiving pranic emanationsAstrology, 99:recognized group relationships is of more importance than appears in his individual life, which theAstrology, 106:and initiation. There are four words of vital importance upon which we shall ring the changes, asAstrology, 110:outwardly change and - here is the statement of importance - the real Sun under which our planetaryAstrology, 112:and the twelve planetary houses are of dominant importance. Later the influence of the twelve signsAstrology, 122:this connection that the sign Pisces is of much importance, as it is the sign of mediatorship.Astrology, 134:Carrier This constellation is one of supreme importance to our solar system at this time, for it isAstrology, 147:one of the four signs of each Cross is of more importance than the others. Each sign of each of theAstrology, 147:In connection with humanity, the sign of importance on the three Crosses is as follows:. TheAstrology, 162:the world disciples, and all of them of terrific importance and potency today, owing to the stageAstrology, 186:governed by the planets are likewise of prime importance from the angle of the transmitted energy.Astrology, 188:of the above paragraph will indicate to you the importance of the sign Sagittarius in the life ofAstrology, 193:consideration of a sign which is of paramount importance in the life of evolving man. Certain ofAstrology, 200:of this third ray activity. This is of great importance to remember. I would also ask you to linkAstrology, 201:that sign of the [201] zodiac. Hence the immense importance of the next 2000 years. Therefore, onlyAstrology, 203:of that which I seek to impart is of no real importance at all; I shall be understood and the newAstrology, 204:form a triangle of initiation of profound importance because it provides those conditions and thatAstrology, 205:which I am re-enumerating because of their basic importance: [206] Category I Sex - the relation ofAstrology, 229:swings between the pairs of opposites. Hence the importance of this sign in the life expression ofAstrology, 238:legislation for children will assume great importance and be the motivating power. This legal stepAstrology, 242:several schools of thought, but mainly two of importance. One group fused or made one sign out ofAstrology, 242:had a zodiac of eleven signs. This is a fact of importance to you today. The other point of noteAstrology, 242:today. The other point of note and of a relative importance is that Gemini and Libra are the twoAstrology, 246:Uranus is the esoteric ruler and is of supreme importance in this sign for the seventh ray worksAstrology, 252:Virgo, they are blended and of great and supreme importance to each other; the mother protects theAstrology, 253:and Mary. They are of peculiar and significant importance where our civilization is concerned forAstrology, 255:or the Christ principle which is of paramount importance. Virgo is, from certain angles, quite theAstrology, 271:Here again is a triangle of energies of great importance in the life of the Christ-child whichAstrology, 273:of Cancer and of Aquarius. This is of peculiar importance for it relates the form building aspectAstrology, 279:degrees and potencies indicates the fundamental importance of this "sign of reception" as it isAstrology, 286:rulers; all advanced people and those of major importance are on or nearing the path ofAstrology, 288:am hinting at matters of spiritual and esoteric importance because this sign, Leo, is of paramountAstrology, 296:dealt with in The Secret Doctrine) [296] are of importance at this point, because influencesAstrology, 297:is unique in our solar system, and hence the importance of the triangle which controls the man bornAstrology, 301:here have another sphere of influence of major importance, governed by Leo. It is a triangle toAstrology, 307:the reasons why Leo is a sign of such paramount importance and why the intelligent Leo subject canAstrology, 308:this time, to indicate, because it is of major importance to humanity; the others might proveAstrology, 314:thus completing an esoteric quaternary of great importance. Here the first major fusion, inchoateAstrology, 316:initiation, this life aspect assumes primary importance. You will see, therefore, why the CardinalAstrology, 319:soul and body which has hitherto been of major importance. The power of the [320] form to hold theAstrology, 320:the above ideas given you several hints of vital importance. One of the symbols of an initiate of aAstrology, 322:or sign, and this fact is of very great importance, because it indicates the fact that when a manAstrology, 327:intuition. This demonstrates a second fact of importance, namely that, as yet, it will only beAstrology, 334:in modern astrology and one of most basic importance. More [335] than this I cannot here indicateAstrology, 336:field of investigation; and it has its spiritual importance, and this of course is only revealed atAstrology, 344:hints and suggestions which are of the most importance in launching and in utilizing the newAstrology, 346:of the Zodiacal Constellations Apart from the importance of the influences of Gemini as theAstrology, 347:great zodiacal triangles. These only become of importance when considering the horoscopes ofAstrology, 350:serve to emphasize in your consciousness the importance of this constellation, Gemini, and theAstrology, 350:this brief form) certain positive ideas of great importance, and will indicate certain situationsAstrology, 351:constellations which will be found of dominating importance. In Cancer, you have the intelligentAstrology, 357:mission, therefore, emerges as one of supreme importance. Through the medium of this interrelationAstrology, 358:Earth Gemini - Scorpio - Mercury. The Earth The importance of these triple formations being basedAstrology, 368:of Gemini and Sagittarius - are of extreme importance where humanity is concerned: Gemini -Astrology, 376:entire cosmic series of relationships and this importance is also enhanced by the fact that theAstrology, 378:or care of the physical body is of paramount importance to practically everybody and the thoughtsAstrology, 412:and response. This is a statement of basic importance and until astrologers can arrive at the pointAstrology, 421:of three groups of triangles which are of major importance to humanity at this time and whichAstrology, 426:These five signs are of major conditioning importance and may be enumerated as follows: Cancer LeoAstrology, 429:and other forms of logoic expression of equal importance to their own. There is, in truth, aAstrology, 437:produces a triplicity of activity of supreme importance today. Astrology, 449:kingdoms in nature. Humanity is of peculiar importance in relation to these triangles because it isAstrology, 451:or a center. But - and this is a point of major importance - all disciples must at this time seekAstrology, 457:is demonstrated by the fact of their relative importance in conditioning world events and worldAstrology, 457:there will also be found a city of spiritual importance in the same location. These five pointsAstrology, 457:affairs will produce some understanding of their importance in connection with four of them. TheAstrology, 457:not so immediately apparent but it is of major importance as a distributing agency for theAstrology, 459:secondary forces. This is a basic statement of importance and the formulation of a law under whichAstrology, 462:There are consequently two points of major importance in the higher triangle: The emanating pointAstrology, 464:of the twelve houses (which are now of such importance) will be less emphasized and theAstrology, 464:the soul horoscope which will assume the major importance. This I will enlarge upon when we take upAstrology, 469:is one triad of cosmic energy that is of supreme importance upon our planet and it is the unitedAstrology, 487:conveyed anent our zodiac which is of supreme importance to the astrologer of the future. In theAstrology, 488:expression of service. It is here that the importance of the esoteric rulers can be seen. TheseAstrology, 488:and the other two energies become of secondary importance. When this information is connected withAstrology, 493:non-sacred planet should be considered of such importance that these great Lives should beAstrology, 568:read this treatise, the Cross which is of prime importance is the Fixed Cross of the Heavens.Astrology, 568:is this new fact anent the Crosses which is of importance and upon which I seek briefly to touch.Astrology, 572:primarily by the will-to-good (which is of more importance in this world cycle than theAstrology, 585:are individually of small moment and of no importance but their massed negativity was a realAstrology, 596:all problems. But the factor which is of major importance is that the whole matter is an expressionAstrology, 681:cosmic point of view, or from the angle of its importance to a planetary Logos and a solar Logos.Astrology, 688:Mercury and Mars - form a triangle of rare importance, so it may be here said that at the presentAstrology, 691:of our scheme. A systemic formation of great importance in the next round should be pointed outAstrology, 692:three higher principles can be distinguished in importance from the four lower." (C. F. 299) "ThoseAtom, 47:that in which the "I" concept is of paramount importance. It involves much internal activity. TheAtom, 47:the human intelligence, and to assume its just importance. We are only beginning to realize theAtom, 48:general scheme, and to enable us to realize the importance of the interaction which goes on betweenAtom, 48:factor within the material form, it is of prime importance that we recognize that fact, and dealAutobiography, 5:all and not just a chosen few is of encouraging importance. We are on our way towards brotherhood.Autobiography, 16:have never seemed to me to be of very real importance. Everybody has them; only some families haveAutobiography, 19:the aristocracy of brains and that is of greater importance in these democratic days. Both WilliamAutobiography, 23:remain in one's memory whilst things of greater importance seem lost to recollection. [24] OneAutobiography, 36:interpret it in terms of personality success and importance. A reaction of over-stimulation. This
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