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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANCE

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Autobiography, 39:under its ancient name. This month is of vital importance to all Buddhists and the first day ofAutobiography, 91:1903. One single life is probably of no more importance to the soul than fifteen minutes in 1903 isAutobiography, 91:to the soul than fifteen minutes in 1903 is of importance to me. There surely are occasional livesAutobiography, 151:and prosperity is a thing of paramount importance and that they are entitled to it and will get itAutobiography, 168:that the Tibetan has written are regarded of importance by the Teachers responsible for the givingAutobiography, 172:so violently attacked her seem to me of no more importance than fleas attacking an elephant. [173]Autobiography, 220:U.S. was a Negro woman and they stand with equal importance to me in my consciousness and I thinkAutobiography, 255:nor do They indicate some persons as of supreme importance as being in incarnation, knowing fullAutobiography, 269:The head and the heart are regarded as of equal importance and as equally divine. It is with theAutobiography, 275:and engrossed his attention through the importance attached to phenomena. Posture, the use ofAutobiography, 276:years' work, and no emphasis is laid upon their importance because right breathing (esotericallyAutobiography, 278:Esoteric Psychology is also regarded as of major importance. This marks a shift of attention awayAutobiography, 281:teaching; neither must they assume undue importance or too great a proportion, thus obliteratingAutobiography, 282:but a keen, alert and trained mind is of equal importance. The Masters reach the world of menAutobiography, 293:which makes the factor of money of so much importance. Money dominates every phase of our physicalAutobiography, 300:the life of every disciple in proportion to the importance of his status and the amount ofBethlehem, 7:followers have been lost to sight in the undue importance attached to certain phrases which He isBethlehem, 13:and our individual relation to them that are of importance. There is nothing but a valuable gain toBethlehem, 17:is a bridging religion. Herein lies its great importance. Christianity [18] is the religion of thatBethlehem, 43:which seem, and naturally so, to be of supreme importance. In the life of Christ there are episodesBethlehem, 56:of the apostle, they were not of paramount importance. It was the Spirit of Christ that was vitalBethlehem, 70:man and the significance of our purpose of such importance that nowhere else can it be paralleled?Bethlehem, 70:in a great immensity. Perhaps we are of more importance than we had guessed. Perhaps what happensBethlehem, 73:myrrh. Let us study for a minute the specific importance of these to the individual would-beBethlehem, 77:the test to which He was subjected, and its importance cannot be overrated. Does it soundBethlehem, 88:be historically, who can say? It is of no real importance. Christ was, is, and ever shall be.Bethlehem, 91:all that is now transpiring is of supreme importance. Not only did Christ bridge the gap betweenBethlehem, 116:For the disciple, the detail assumes less importance, and the general truth of his sonship beginsBethlehem, 120:the individual, but living as a soul is of more importance. The emphasis upon a divinity which mustBethlehem, 143:the mass and its feeling) come to be of supreme importance, because they see the group as God seesBethlehem, 176:discernible. It is this perfection which is of importance. One of the first things that it seemsBethlehem, 179:book to enter. The only question which is of importance for us is what part Christ really played asBethlehem, 184:to Earth to do. That event was of far greater importance than simply bringing about the salvationBethlehem, 197:Christianity to raise sin to a position of such importance that it occupied (as it still does) aBethlehem, 208:Himself ignored and which seemed to Him of small importance in view of the greater values involved.Bethlehem, 210:interest in the matter. We have emphasized the importance of our individual salvation and feel itBethlehem, 210:salvation and feel it to be of tremendous importance. But the world view and what Christ wasBethlehem, 214:But these words of Christ are of too great importance to be thus interpreted. They have a meaningBethlehem, 238:of the Resurrection is becoming a theme of major importance in men's minds. The thought of theBethlehem, 241:and the truth of immortality are of far greater importance than the individual may deem. We are tooBethlehem, 248:withdraws intact." Three thoughts are of importance in considering this problem of value, which isBethlehem, 257:crises in His life from the angle of their world importance far more than from that of theirBethlehem, 260:world [260] inter-communication and the importance of the general good are all products of theBethlehem, 262:remain our ideals. Therefore the question of importance facing humanity today is, just what must beBethlehem, 276:Personal salvation is, after all, of small importance unless it has place in a more general andBethlehem, 278:of the whole? These are questions which are of importance to the individual aspirant, and which heDestiny, 8:State or community of human beings counts as of importance whilst the individual does not; he canDestiny, 21:no attention. True group love is of more [21] importance than personal relationships, though thoseDestiny, 33:upon the planet at this time are of supreme importance. If you will bear in mind that the sixth rayDestiny, 44:and, therefore, of no great spiritual importance to their evolutionary development. The masses ofDestiny, 55:and too deeply engrossed with the prime importance of their own nation and its supremeDestiny, 68:arranged alphabetically and not in the rate of importance and influence of a country and nation.Destiny, 75:at the French Revolution. The recognition of the importance of the rights of humanity, as a whole,Destiny, 92:there will also be present a city of spiritual importance in the same location. These five pointsDestiny, 94:and, could we but realize it, of supreme importance. Some great truth lies veiled behind theDestiny, 126:the emphasis upon soul consciousness as of true importance. It is this failure to workDestiny, 128:two are mastered and rightly applied) are of importance: Energy follows thought. Right motiveDestiny, 147:of thought and of research are of paramount importance in all lands. Thus, when Christ proclaimedDiscipleship1, XI:as it is by all Masters and which is of major importance to every aspirant. Only those who areDiscipleship1, XIII:the subject matter of the teaching which is of importance and not the name of the disciple for whatDiscipleship1, XV:TALKS TO DISCIPLES PART I My Brothers: It is of importance that you realize that today somethingDiscipleship1, 7:of a certain degree - what degree being of no importance to you at all. It is the teaching that IDiscipleship1, 22:and, therefore, must not be considered of any importance whatsoever? They must be immediatelyDiscipleship1, 22:to heal, or of telepathic efficiency which is of importance. That which counts with the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 27:to a sense of frustration, or of futility or of importance. The glamor of the mind and of itsDiscipleship1, 29:with expectancy. May I point out the prime importance of making this a group activity and not aDiscipleship1, 43:do not count. Only that is regarded as of importance which will further group effort and enrich theDiscipleship1, 53:to Disciples - Part V The statement is of vital importance; it expresses our immediate objectivesDiscipleship1, 59:by all of you. Three things are of great importance and constitute your individual responsibility:Discipleship1, 60:affairs and attitudes. This is of supreme importance at this stage of the group work; it will meanDiscipleship1, 62:stages in this type of work are of paramount importance. STAGE FOUR. Having finished the specialDiscipleship1, 66:simplicity - the following three stages are of importance: [67] The stage of pondering over theDiscipleship1, 75:towards you? As individuals, you may be of small importance; as units in the group which I amDiscipleship1, 78:masses of humanity, time is not of very great importance; but for the servers of the race, itDiscipleship1, 79:yourself; if you henceforth over-emphasize the importance of my words and if you fall into theDiscipleship1, 84:in his relation to a Master. These factors of importance to a disciple are: The whole subject ofDiscipleship1, 91:and experience consciously within yourself is of importance and constitutes the truth for you. ThatDiscipleship1, 96:by such service and are of relatively small importance in world affairs? Several things couldDiscipleship1, 97:the work to be done becomes the factor of main importance. When this is the case, then the intenseDiscipleship1, 101:spiritual and eternal values are of far greater importance than his temporary agony. Little as youDiscipleship1, 123:and that humanity is of far greater importance than the individual human being. As The Old [124]Discipleship1, 135:to learn the lesson that it is relatively of no importance what you do. That which is of majorDiscipleship1, 135:importance what you do. That which is of major importance is to register consciously and all theDiscipleship1, 137:themselves would be the first to tell you of the importance, the difficulty and the value ofDiscipleship1, 144:service. It is the use of the will that is of importance to a disciple, for the rightly directedDiscipleship1, 159:at this time to make the comment - one of major importance to you - that you are now entering uponDiscipleship1, 178:handling of one's personal forces of greater importance. This realization will produceDiscipleship1, 182:relations which may not manifest in their true importance until you - as a Master - gather aroundDiscipleship1, 199:upon the Path? Is my progress upon the Path of importance? Why? If it is true that the blind mustDiscipleship1, 203:desire. I give them to you in order of their importance, beginning with the least important at theDiscipleship1, 208:of time and to a sense of the urgency and importance of each moment in the present. It is thisDiscipleship1, 209:you the most needed concept. It serves to give importance to the present and also directs theDiscipleship1, 209:some one aspect of development which is of more importance than another. The right understandingDiscipleship1, 223:work which is oft forgotten but which is of real importance. To this stimulating of the group andDiscipleship1, 229:in our work. But climaxing moments are of importance and the pursuit of an even tenor is notDiscipleship1, 235:in the expansion of your consciousness is of no importance and I ask you to forget it. But it is ofDiscipleship1, 235:and I ask you to forget it. But it is of importance that you get out of this opportunity its utmostDiscipleship1, 277:you will not find the complications of any great importance. They will only evoke a greaterDiscipleship1, 280:with the soul in group formation is assuming importance to you. A living organism and not a vitalDiscipleship1, 286:you for your consideration in the order of their importance. The attainment of the vision; the
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