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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANCE

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Discipleship1, 287:of the phenomenal happenings seeming of greater importance than of the whole and the formless. ForDiscipleship1, 330:make myself clear to you for this matter is of importance. It would not have been possible for meDiscipleship1, 335:emotional reaction an essential or is it of no importance in the light of the larger issues and is,Discipleship1, 366:that I have written to S. C. P. is also of prime importance to you. I refer not to it here as IDiscipleship1, 372:of this effort should be vital to you and of importance in handling your problem. I leave you withDiscipleship1, 383:my brother, and you have only grasped its true importance when the lengthier part of life has gone.Discipleship1, 398:a message, however, but its quality which is of importance, is it not? I seek to say to you thatDiscipleship1, 399:on the Path? Is my progress on the Path of importance? Why? If it is true that the blind mustDiscipleship1, 408:nature. Their need is the thing that is of importance. The effort to understand these people (withDiscipleship1, 408:The individual angle of this work is of no importance, except in so far as it may affect the groupDiscipleship1, 426:attitude (held with constancy) is of more importance than half an hour of intense meditation. BearDiscipleship1, 428:affiliated has always interested me, due to the importance of its task, and because of theDiscipleship1, 436:but what you are that matters and which is of importance. From the quiet spot where you have livedDiscipleship1, 447:and their interior interplay is of paramount importance; he must learn to know himself. On the pathDiscipleship1, 454:me? I put these incentives in the order of their importance. There is an unusual depth of love andDiscipleship1, 455:that is for you - as for many - a test of real importance and significance. The power to persistDiscipleship1, 461:previous weeks of preparation, that is of no importance really for the gains will be there and willDiscipleship1, 461:is happening subjectively. This, again, is of no importance. The time has come wherein all trueDiscipleship1, 467:from many isolated passages the reasons: For the importance of the Full Moon. What should be doneDiscipleship1, 468:by him in love? The group meditation is of importance to you and to all the group, for it holds inDiscipleship1, 472:now. The keeping of a spiritual diary is of real importance to you. Learn to keep these four rulesDiscipleship1, 477:write to you on this matter for it is of prime importance in your case. Your patient endurance ofDiscipleship1, 484:have said to you this time, though brief, is of importance. Ponder on it. Discipleship1, 511:training wherein the disciple over-estimates his importance in ratio to the testing applied and hisDiscipleship1, 515:perhaps you may not regard it as of adequate importance. Yet I tell you with love and not a littleDiscipleship1, 526:yourself with a myriad glamors of no great importance but, in their aggregate, they tend to makeDiscipleship1, 548:and of contact are spiritual and of equal importance to the observing, contacting soul. This, IDiscipleship1, 555:It is this state of awareness which is of great importance to you. It would also be of value to youDiscipleship1, 556:astral body can express it, is of paramount importance. It is essential for your rapid integrationDiscipleship1, 585:because you, as an individual, are of such importance or that second ray groups exist in order toDiscipleship1, 588:you, the time of each full moon is one of real importance; if you prepare yourself for it as youDiscipleship1, 591:that your personality views were right and of importance, can so easily cause illusion. From thisDiscipleship1, 600:and say is of very small moment. What is of importance to you today is to see clearly, to speakDiscipleship1, 601:consideration. The good of the group is of prime importance. I am engaged in an experiment in thisDiscipleship1, 611:to reach you. What were the points of real importance in my last communication to you? I will listDiscipleship1, 612:other fields of hierarchical activity - of equal importance to be sure, but not the work to whichDiscipleship1, 654:lift others. Your physical liabilities are of no importance, because they have no real physicalDiscipleship1, 661:misunderstandings and mistakes, yourself as of importance - and learn to see yourself as you trulyDiscipleship1, 661:then be in a position, really, to sense the importance of the work, the uniqueness of yourDiscipleship1, 686:of the Master's thought? These are questions of importance. The obedience required is obedience toDiscipleship1, 689:on any level where the need appears to be of importance. [690] Discipleship1, 694:group seems to them the fact of paramount importance. The second thing which I would like to pointDiscipleship1, 700:of the evolving human unit begins to assume importance when the man starts to recognize theseDiscipleship1, 704:for daily experience and not the factor of importance which it should be, and not the main interestDiscipleship1, 709:deep significance of the familiar and also the importance of the truths which underlie allDiscipleship1, 711:the disciple's attitude is not really of much importance in comparison with the effect of theDiscipleship1, 719:of world crisis. This is a matter of paramount importance to the world from the angle of theDiscipleship1, 724:world servers, and are consequently of real importance. The task of those thus engaged falls intoDiscipleship1, 728:those who read these instructions. The point of importance to each disciple in an Ashram is whetherDiscipleship1, 740:initiation. This is an occult statement of major importance. It is essential that disciplesDiscipleship1, 749:exists, it means that the whole is of greater importance to him than the part. This in no wayDiscipleship1, 751:own growth and development are of less and less importance to him than service for others - he isDiscipleship1, 762:of the third initiation, they assume temporary importance in the training process because it isDiscipleship1, 762:of the ego, or Soul, is the factor of paramount importance to the Master in the task of trainingDiscipleship1, 770:in an Ashram and of their individual importance. Psychics everywhere throughout the world and ofDiscipleship1, 788:[788] certain individuals as being of supreme importance and hierarchical status; they know fullDiscipleship2, XIII:yet unknown to present day astrology but of much importance in advanced stages of discipleship. HeDiscipleship2, 12:so oft faults that seem to you of paramount importance are of no moment in the eyes of the Masters.Discipleship2, 17:outer processes in the order of their present importance, and this in its turn is determined by theDiscipleship2, 23:of spiritual events. The group is the factor of importance and, as I said, increasingly theDiscipleship2, 24:to their fellowmen. "What can I do?" is of less importance to them than "What am I learning, and isDiscipleship2, 25:potent and interesting. I regard it as of major importance in the group endeavor, and if I, yourDiscipleship2, 39:forming new triangles. This is a work of major importance and has the endorsement of the Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 42:that the present world catastrophe is of more importance to you than the petty affairs of yourDiscipleship2, 49:has this work meant to you? Have you grasped the importance of the work to be done? There has beenDiscipleship2, 49:effort which I have made, and an experiment of importance has been carried forward in preparationDiscipleship2, 49:religious formulas and ceremonials. Hence the importance of the efforts now being made by disciplesDiscipleship2, 50:and an undue emphasis upon your specific group importance. The groups are simply the field forDiscipleship2, 51:group relation which is the only thing of major importance. It is the only thing which will releaseDiscipleship2, 51:on the subjective side. 2. The second factor of importance is deep recognition of the subjectiveDiscipleship2, 55:unrealized by you. I am trusting that he importance of this full moon work will become increasinglyDiscipleship2, 58:at the end to indicate to you its relative importance and so impress upon you the necessity forDiscipleship2, 59:taking a secondary [59] place; it is of less importance than the group development and the serviceDiscipleship2, 59:that the Science of Service is of greater importance than the Science of Meditation, because it isDiscipleship2, 68:all disciples are prone are relatively of small importance. They pass and, in the sumtotal of theDiscipleship2, 74:of the soul. This life is, however, of major importance in the life of some of you; it is ofDiscipleship2, 74:in the life of some of you; it is of focusing importance in the life of a few; it is of testingDiscipleship2, 74:in the life of a few; it is of testing importance for some. I have now definitely decided toDiscipleship2, 94:help of A.A.B. You are not the group of major importance. Forget not these other co-disciples. SomeDiscipleship2, 94:must realize that the ideas are of no real importance to him as an individual - to you, therefore,Discipleship2, 96:the Etheric Vehicle, Pages 41-57.) is of major importance to the group. The time for closeDiscipleship2, 103:of a disciple to some particular Master is of no importance to that Master or to his ashramicDiscipleship2, 106:This makes the planetary purpose of so much importance. These are the major factors which produceDiscipleship2, 109:per cent of their information is wrong and of no importance. I feel it necessary to emphasize theDiscipleship2, 114:center, which makes this center of dominant importance and a clearing house for the centers belowDiscipleship2, 121:the following four relations are of major 'importance: The relation of the energies, found belowDiscipleship2, 121:the solar plexus and the heart. This is of great importance and serves to clarify the mind of theDiscipleship2, 134:in due course by the brain. This is of major importance and one of the objectives which shouldDiscipleship2, 147:you study the above statement you will see the importance of the meditation which I have outlined;Discipleship2, 150:at the San Francisco Conference (hence its major importance), and will move very slowly at first.Discipleship2, 150:will make it of general appeal and not simply of importance to convinced esotericists... It can beDiscipleship2, 152:of transference which would be of primary importance to you in your daily lives. The secondDiscipleship2, 153:life of pledged service. This statement is of importance to you at this time. This meditation wasDiscipleship2, 174:and it is of present import and of practical importance. Your meditation work should be confinedDiscipleship2, 175:the meaning is clear and that is the point of importance. The Stage of Orientation. This is aDiscipleship2, 177:energy. These three meditations are of major importance, but quite elementary. They had, however,Discipleship2, 180:I seek to give this first meditation an added importance in your eyes. Much that I have given youDiscipleship2, 184:this meditation I made a remark of major importance. I said that this meditation was the first oneDiscipleship2, 187:their task or recognized its defined [187] importance. Their work and their presentation of theDiscipleship2, 188:participating in a cosmic event of tremendous importance. The intention - connected with this
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