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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANCE

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Discipleship2, 191:of you are concerned) has not been of great importance. These seven meditations make a perfectDiscipleship2, 211:from being of an occult nature but that is of no importance; it is largely based upon deepDiscipleship2, 253:for yourself and consciously experience is of importance. This refers especially to the following:Discipleship2, 257:a fact in your everyday awareness and of prime importance in your daily life, it is not possibleDiscipleship2, 280:They appear to him of such magnitude and importance (as objects of his enhanced vision) that heDiscipleship2, 290:begin to control. These two paragraphs are of importance to the disciple and warrant carefulDiscipleship2, 299:this line might be and frequently is of no true importance. It is what is spiritually imminentDiscipleship2, 302:not with the individual man. This is a point of importance to bear in mind, for it again indicatesDiscipleship2, 306:may be (and, my brother, is), it is of major importance to disciples in training for initiation,Discipleship2, 307:- has to be implemented by mankind. Hence the importance of their grasp and their understanding ofDiscipleship2, 317:group, and the individual aspect is of secondary importance. As time and speed increase inDiscipleship2, 317:importance. As time and speed increase in importance for the masses of men, the disciple (ready forDiscipleship2, 317:personal advancement upon the Path as of less importance than his developed capacity to serve hisDiscipleship2, 317:stating, are new in their reference. This is of importance for you to remember - or discover? TheDiscipleship2, 317:of spiritual development to speed are points of importance to emphasize. Much that I have saidDiscipleship2, 325:This you should note as of very real importance; its true significance is that the period requiredDiscipleship2, 329:whatsoever, these are points of great importance and are supremely worthy of consideration. AnDiscipleship2, 329:(Vol. I); the material given there is of great importance here. At first the disciple may haveDiscipleship2, 334:lack of development. This is a point of immense importance, for it is this type of considerationDiscipleship2, 341:emphasis on time as event, and as being of true importance in the career of the initiate. The timeDiscipleship2, 344:The second grouping is of not nearly so great importance, but it is probably of greater practicalDiscipleship2, 346:else, though the majority of them are of small importance except in their combined sequence. TheyDiscipleship2, 347:in addition two final revelations of major importance. One of the lines of thinking which it isDiscipleship2, 354:Points of Revelation are to be found of prime importance, and the reason why I am laying muchDiscipleship2, 363:what I have already given, because of the major importance of the theme. I gave you certainDiscipleship2, 381:and interesting details are really of no major importance. It is the entire general picture and theDiscipleship2, 382:- you will realize that they are of fundamental importance. It is the fusion of all theseDiscipleship2, 384:which always seem to the neophyte of major importance. After the third initiation he is attentiveDiscipleship2, 391:ideas into ordinary human ideals are of importance to the Master of his Ashram. His value in thisDiscipleship2, 396:begins to assume a new and deeply esoteric importance. They can be studied in two ways by theDiscipleship2, 406:in our next instruction. It is one of tremendous importance, for it concerns the highest aspect ofDiscipleship2, 423:planning of the planetary Logos. Ponder upon the importance of these words and upon what theyDiscipleship2, 427:react instinctively to their influence. The importance of the present penetration lies in itsDiscipleship2, 428:I wonder if you realize the gravity and the importance of this statement. Because humanity hasDiscipleship2, 431:These are aspects of the teaching which are of importance; otherwise you are working with noDiscipleship2, 438:progress of the individual initiate are of small importance in the vast scheme of the divine life.Discipleship2, 448:in reality with your plans? Again a question of importance. A rich life of service lies ahead forDiscipleship2, 451:upon the Path. It is easy to over-estimate the importance of any particular incarnation upon theDiscipleship2, 451:you the "lesson of the interludes" is of major importance. I use this word in its most technicalDiscipleship2, 452:phrase and make this objective a matter of real importance to you until the time comes when youDiscipleship2, 456:when the service rendered attains greater importance - the Master makes himself aware of theDiscipleship2, 471:lives; these today are unique and of disturbing importance; they involve the balancing of valuesDiscipleship2, 484:initiation. Think on this, for it has its major importance to you. The second word which I want toDiscipleship2, 486:years, both of these reactions are of small importance. Few of you are really young; some of youDiscipleship2, 487:you and which seem to me today to be of major importance in your life, I would have you grasp, ifDiscipleship2, 487:if possible, somewhat the permanence of their importance. With the mass of ordinary humanity,Discipleship2, 504:of a group of disciples which is of major importance (though it has necessarily a vital purpose) asDiscipleship2, 504:of those reached by you in the future is of more importance than the quantity. Bear this ever inDiscipleship2, 514:cycle one of the utmost pain yet one of prime importance. There are, my brother, many lives of suchDiscipleship2, 538:life wherein the Law of Cause and Effect assumes importance in the consciousness. From that lifeDiscipleship2, 540:you are concerned) three words are of major importance, if you are to take what is for you yourDiscipleship2, 541:I have made to you, and which were of major importance, you have carefully [542] followed, and IDiscipleship2, 570:if the law of achieved progress is of any importance. Your resentment of criticism (which is sharpDiscipleship2, 576:service and this expansion of the teaching is of importance and should constitute the service ofDiscipleship2, 581:around it, by their failure to grasp its basic importance, and by much initial criticism. It is aDiscipleship2, 583:in their effect upon you and of major importance in the molding processes of your life: LovingDiscipleship2, 585:cycle may indeed be momentous and of outstanding importance, dignified by a reorientation, aDiscipleship2, 585:you, this present life has two factors of prime importance: the working off and termination ofDiscipleship2, 592:integral parts already built. It is of immediate importance that each cooperating server should beDiscipleship2, 596:involved; he is also - and this is of major importance - Regent of Europe. I have also at timesDiscipleship2, 609:other types of consciousness of deep and real importance in the great chain of Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 628:This should indicate to you something of importance. It means that you have reached that point uponDiscipleship2, 634:his own progressive satisfaction becomes of less importance to him than what he can do toDiscipleship2, 637:My last instruction to you was long and of vital importance; you have not yet absorbed its fullDiscipleship2, 637:recorded in the brain. They are then of supreme importance, but very frequently remain unrecognizedDiscipleship2, 641:but a mental process. This is a subject of importance. Then, holding the consciousness as high inDiscipleship2, 663:is your quality objective. Do you realize the importance of those two major happenings? Again, youDiscipleship2, 673:and to regard the present as the only factor of importance. The new seed group is discontinued. MyDiscipleship2, 674:in our service. Every contact has its unrealized importance; give of yourself, therefore, and notDiscipleship2, 676:here to pause and reflect upon. It is of prime importance to you at this time. The work of theDiscipleship2, 678:details matter not to her and are of no importance except as they indicate a strong reaction onDiscipleship2, 682:are entirely your own affair and are of no real importance in the light of eternity, but I amDiscipleship2, 684:would not be in my group, but it is of secondary importance to your group interrelation andDiscipleship2, 693:to the processes of death. The aspect of its importance in connection with physical death is deemedDiscipleship2, 693:with physical death is deemed of slight importance in comparison to its emphasis in connection withDiscipleship2, 697:can - as in your case - become of too prominent importance. The time of your liberation is set byDiscipleship2, 718:important, things which are not of the slightest importance whatsoever. Your goal for the remainderDiscipleship2, 723:I put these two things in the order of their importance. Help her all you can. She asks me not toDiscipleship2, 733:plane will be to you the factor of major importance. Your spiritual focus will remain unaltered,Discipleship2, 734:in your experience and no longer of controlling importance. Ponder on this and, if you care to doDiscipleship2, 743:there, and frequently persons of no spiritual importance whose destiny can be well left to theirEducation, ix:the reduction of distances, the growing importance of technology, the gradual attainment by allEducation, 6:saying that the vehicle which seems of paramount importance can become and should become ofEducation, 6:can become and should become of secondary importance as it becomes simply the instrument of thatEducation, 9:existence, plus (and here lies a thought of real importance) their subjective cause and theirEducation, 38:child to regard the material values as of major importance, to believe that his particular nationEducation, 38:that his particular nation is also of major importance and that every other nation is secondary; itEducation, 47:spirit in man. They must lay an emphatic importance upon those great moments in human historyEducation, 47:or financial assets - are regarded as of importance and the rest of the nation as of littleEducation, 47:and the rest of the nation as of little importance. In still other countries, the individualEducation, 47:the individual regards himself of so much importance and his right to please himself of so muchEducation, 60:Plan. The above statement is foundational in its importance; all other definitions are implicit inEducation, 63:They deem it to be of equal if not of greater importance than the activity of the churches;Education, 81:[81] existing conditions. This today is of prime importance and is one of the signposts in a worldEducation, 83:the unfoldment of the intuition, the importance of ideals and ideas and the development of abstractEducation, 88:knowledge of their particular subject will be of importance, but more important still will be theEducation, 111:tangible expression, is of entirely secondary importance. Your vision is oft distorted by the painEducation, 112:and its directed intentional destiny that is of importance; and also that when a form provesEducation, 120:now held theoretically to be of such paramount importance that the group must gladly sacrifice theExternalisation, 30:is united and because (and this is of prime importance) the light of the intellect, the light of
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