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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANCE

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Fire, 299:three higher principles can be distinguished in importance from the four lower. The key is hiddenFire, 303:on the physical plane are not of equal importance, but some are of more moment than others; some,Fire, 303:count; some are to the evolving human Spirit of importance analogous to the incarnation of aFire, 303:to be discounted, and are oft relatively of more importance than the physical. In due course ofFire, 313:logoic, monadic, and atmic planes - are of prime importance and are the basic planes from whenceFire, 325:of a man. I have here repeated the fact, as its importance has not yet been grasped by the averageFire, 328:instance, of violet in the spectrum is of prime importance in connection with the greater cycles,Fire, 356:this unit there are certain areas of more vital importance than other areas from the standpoint ofFire, 356:both, but the heart center is of paramount importance. Thus is it also with a Heavenly Man. The twoFire, 361:Brahma Aspect. They were the five Rays of prime importance in the first solar system, and were theFire, 361:considered as the fourth and the one of the most importance in the system during this particularFire, 362:most, and which is temporarily of the most vital importance to the planetary Logos, is the EarthFire, 364:cycle, or incarnation of His, is one of great importance, not only to Himself but to the entireFire, 369:I would caution you here against attaching any importance to the sequence followed in numberingFire, 369:in connection with their order of development or importance, or their position in relation to theFire, 387:cosmic point of view, or from the angle of its importance to a planetary Logos and a solar Logos.Fire, 390:of our scheme. A systemic formation of great importance in the next round should be pointed outFire, 406:Mercury will merge into Uranus and Neptune. No importance need be attached to the sequence of theseFire, 417:again to emphasize the need of attaching no importance to the names of the chains and globes, andFire, 431:work out together. One can now see the supreme importance of the human Hierarchy, the fourth inFire, 432:others on account of its holding a place of such importance in this fourth chain of the earthFire, 433:and third aspects. This is a point of prime importance to bear in mind. His is the influence thatFire, 434:and by ray of indicating the relative importance of the influence of a planetary Logos upon anotherFire, 456:the powers of abstract thought. Perhaps too much importance has been attached to the statement ofFire, 457:a paralleling evolution, and one that is of vast importance in the scheme of things. Let us take upFire, 510:Fire 2. Their Place in the Egoic Body a. The Importance of the Astral Permanent Atom There is oneFire, 512:and reflective reactions; hence the relative importance of the astral permanent atom within theFire, 513:it is necessary to bear in mind the relative importance of the permanent atom of the second aspectFire, 553:constellations which have a position of profound importance in the general evolution of the system.Fire, 561:is the more emphasized, and of supreme importance. In the second stage, the life within the form,Fire, 584:human evolution, this fourth law is of prime importance at this time. The aim of human [585]Fire, 585:In this system the fifth Ray is of paramount importance in the development of all egos. Each mustFire, 598:in the Rays and planes, in their relative importance from the standpoint of time, which is theFire, 606:solar Lord of life and energy, will assume due importance in human life. Fire, 638:to its rightful place, and known to be of more importance in the scale of being than the denseFire, 639:in connection with man and the Logos. Its importance cannot be too strongly realized for it has theFire, 640:initial stages of such deva endeavor. The occult importance of the war man wages on the fire devasFire, 644:or contact the higher. This is of paramount importance, for all progress must be self-induced,Fire, 656:what we might call the key-devas, are of prime importance, and, from our present standpoint, mustFire, 661:(which is the reflex of that desire) is of real importance; they put man constantly in touch - evenFire, 675:apparent why the Agnisuryans are of such supreme importance; they embody force which is a directFire, 679:notice of students on account of the pre-eminent importance of the astral body in the three worlds.Fire, 680:section is of the greatest interest and importance; it should be one of the most widely studiedFire, 699:the causal bodies of all Egos and are of prime importance in this solar system. They come from theFire, 785:the permanent atom. This stage is one of great importance, for it marks the vital circulationFire, 843:that the term "unmanifest" is one of relative importance only, and concerns man's apprehension ofFire, 860:etheric lotuses on the mental plane is of great importance. Fire, 875:Union, The next stage is the temporary importance of the material aspect, that of the Mother, theFire, 893:and the history of the second round assume a new importance. The secret of life lies hidden in theFire, 911:remembering that the deva evolution is of equal importance to that of the human. These devas areFire, 914:objects. These are named in the order and the importance of their development. The violet devas areFire, 918:which dominates and which is of evolutionary importance, and this is why the etheric body whichFire, 948:mind factor began slowly to assume increasing importance. The selfishness, the sordid motives, theFire, 955:which is specific and known. This last is of importance, for no worker for humanity becomes of realFire, 978:for this question of group work is of vital importance and much is hoped from it in these days. IfFire, 1005:which are now under consideration are of prime importance in all form-building. According to theFire, 1037:of the planetary Logos. It is naturally of great importance owing to the fact that this ray-energyFire, 1039:six other types of impulses, of equal or of more importance, which may emanate cyclically from theFire, 1061:the form which is recognized as being of supreme importance. Second, that the dense objectiveFire, 1070:after a scientific discovery of even greater importance to the scientific world than that as to theFire, 1076:makes the third Initiation of such tremendous importance. In it the human triangle is linked, theFire, 1080:be their day of opportunity, and so great is the importance attached to this that a Member of theFire, 1083:the truths less recognized, yet withal of equal importance, is that the entire solar system equallyFire, 1085:the Plane of Mind The wheels in order of their importance might be enumerated as follows: The wheelFire, 1128:Of these centers the three major are of the main importance where [1129] egoic alignment isFire, 1190:which might be enumerated in the order of their importance. There is, first of all, the attractiveFire, 1200:valuable lessons to be learned is the place and importance of man in the scheme. The hierarchy, forFire, 1209:understood will the subject take on its true importance. Then the nine unfoldments of eachFire, 1209:be somewhat comprehended, and their relative importance assigned. Study of the matter in eachGlamour, 17:No constructive work and no service of vital importance can be rendered in this difficult sphere ofGlamour, 44:of the teaching which is for him of paramount importance unless he applies that which is helpful,Glamour, 48:comfort and your peace of mind of such definite importance to yourself and to others that itGlamour, 60:its formulation, and to give therefore undue importance to it, because he regards it as his. HeGlamour, 60:and to make his aims and his objectives of major importance, expecting others to recognize hisGlamour, 63:his fellow disciples, he touches some idea of importance, perhaps, to the world. Immediately heGlamour, 72:substantial things but (and here is a point of importance) of a less substantial nature than theGlamour, 80:and left with you the concept of their great importance in your individual lives. The battlefieldGlamour, 93:the group meditation with care. It is of deep importance to the group in the interest ofGlamour, 93:The Full Moon work will likewise increase in importance. Later will come facility in recognizingGlamour, 107:faced and which to them are of paramount or sole importance - the facts of hunger, of birth andGlamour, 119:idée fixe, the sense of the dramatic or of importance, or a fanatical adherence to groups of ideas,Glamour, 122:and continuous manipulation. The glamor of self-importance, from the standpoint of knowing, ofGlamour, 133:his desire nature and consequently assume undue importance, creating a barrier (of varying density,Glamour, 149:understanding of motives is of such value and importance, for such a study determinesGlamour, 151:at this point, to touch upon a factor of real importance in this work and to repeat my earlierGlamour, 153:on which we shall now be engaged are of prime importance to all who are in training for initiation.Glamour, 156:types of energy which I indicated to you as of importance in your own lives when I gave youGlamour, 156:happening; the latter is, however, of more importance where the human understanding andGlamour, 177:to time, move on a step in significance and in importance. Glamour, 198:is our immediate theme. It is of vital importance that those who recognize [199] the open door toGlamour, 216:to do the work. This is a statement of major importance because in destroying the peculiar type ofGlamour, 227:which so many occult groups deem of importance. The set physical rituals are today (from the angleGlamour, 227:of the Hierarchy) entirely obsolete and of no importance where disciples and advanced aspirants areGlamour, 240:wonder if those who read my words appreciate the importance of this entire subject or if they areHealing, 65:the above that it is my wish that you grasp the importance of the emotional sentient body and itsHealing, 67:this generalization is basic and therefore of importance. Healing, 73:referred to in this tabulation are of real importance. One is above and the other below theHealing, 88:subject of the etheric body will take on a new importance and be correctly understood. Healing, 98:be used, but love. This last rule is of great importance. The concentrated will of any individualHealing, 99:should be cured. We have covered much ground of importance in this section and it will warrant your
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