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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANCE

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Healing, 106:of healing, man forms again a lesser trinity of importance: The dense physical body, of whichHealing, 107:organism, the etheric, is the one of paramount importance. Up to date it has been the transmitterHealing, 107:and eventual collapse. From this you can see the importance of the etheric vehicle. [108] The firstHealing, 111:the major considerations or of the vast importance that some may think. Various cultists andHealing, 111:usually take the position that it is of major importance that the physical vehicle be rendered freeHealing, 123:When the disciple is of sufficient importance to become the organizing center of a group, or is inHealing, 140:physiological and psychological effects. The importance of this glandular system cannot beHealing, 143:substance, but these are the four of greatest importance. Each of these is essentially dual, andHealing, 154:gland. This gland is regarded as of supreme importance in the well-being of the average human beingHealing, 163:roughly divided into five parts, some of greater importance than others, but all completing thatHealing, 170:It is the organ of desire. It is of supreme importance in the life of the average man, and itsHealing, 171:the diaphragm. This is a consideration of major importance. The solar plexus is the center in theHealing, 172:selfish because his personal desires are of importance, and fluidic because astrally polarized.Healing, 175:these transferences there are three of primary importance: From the three centers below theHealing, 181:finally determined. This is a point of extreme importance. Be not therefore misled by apparentHealing, 188:life. Another synthesis is also possible and of importance: Path of Evolution - centers below theHealing, 213:and upon the factors of primary spiritual importance. When they do this, the energies in the head,Healing, 213:much) about the pituitary body, but its extreme importance as it affects the psychological responseHealing, 216:expression. This is a final stage of great importance, and only takes place in its completeness atHealing, 219:laws of vitality will be regarded as of prime importance, and of this the emphasis today onHealing, 219:above everything else, as a factor of major importance; the mind will be seen as the primeHealing, 220:the medical profession will be convinced of the importance and the factual existence of the centersHealing, 221:the diseases, to call attention to the paramount importance of the glandular system, and to relate,Healing, 223:will condition the new civilization, and its importance is based upon the fact that in twenty-fiveHealing, 243:physical body is composed. This is a point of importance to remember. The source of any disease ofHealing, 259:of the healer; all these points are of prime importance when one comes to the consideration of theHealing, 296:soul - the vicissitudes of the body are only of importance just in so far as they contribute to theHealing, 296:of soul experience. The factor that is of importance is the causes, initiated by man from life toHealing, 321:on this for I have given a hint here of real importance. When I used these words, "the focus ofHealing, 323:whole subject is of vaster import, yet of lesser importance, than men think. Such is the paradoxHealing, 360:use of the Lord's image is frequently of vital importance, but - and it is here that I seek to layHealing, 390:of the physical body, over-emphasizing its importance and making them regard the prolongation ofHealing, 410:my hope that students will do something of major importance to aid in bringing forth the light uponHealing, 417:source of all cyclic evolution, and hence the importance attached to that aspect of developmentHealing, 430:consciousness, the following triplicity is of importance: The group soul The solar plexus TheHealing, 432:consequently a just appreciation of the relative importance of life in form; the destruction ofHealing, 437:Rays: The whole must be seen as of more vital importance than the part, and this not as a dream, aHealing, 440:destruction of the form in battle is of small importance to those who know that reincarnation is aHealing, 466:referred to in this tabulation are of real importance. One is above and the other below theHealing, 478:- The Process of Restitution 3. Two Questions of Importance I have sought, in the preceding pages,Healing, 479:want to answer two questions which seem to me of importance; they are frequently asked by earnestHealing, 538:life, of the physical vehicle, is not of major importance. The healer in the New Age does not andHealing, 540:that the etheric body is the factor of major importance and the main vehicle with which he mustHealing, 558:what [558] I said, therefore, is of major importance. Each point made by me could form the basis ofHealing, 583:sometimes if any of you realize the epoch-making importance of the teaching which I have given outHealing, 585:is a long one and contains statements of major importance. It would be profitable for us, in theHealing, 588:relationship aspect. This statement is of major importance in all your thinking. Healing, 591:recognized. I have here imparted a point of much importance to you. All these energies play anHealing, 603:the ears. [603] Two things, therefore, become of importance in connection with the healer himself :Healing, 612:This is a point little grasped but of major importance. The dense physical body reached its highHealing, 614:it is reversion to that which at one time was of importance but today should be relegated to aHealing, 614:or by the action of the soul. Please note the importance of this statement. The physical body hasHealing, 615:rich abundance and is regarded as of such vital importance in all occult teaching. It has beenHealing, 617:constitute an interlocking directorate of vital importance, linked and united, animated andHealing, 629:Rule Four which accompanies Law VII is of major importance. This is because of its extremeHealing, 634:[634] What I have here to say is of major importance and will throw a new and strange light uponHealing, 642:the energy of the soul. It is therefore of prime importance that cremation should be encouraged,Healing, 643:Rule will convey a still greater idea of its importance, for it indicates not only the lines alongHealing, 659:of love and will, and is consequently of high importance to the initiate. I would remind you hereHealing, 661:- the form is regarded as relatively of no importance. Release from the threefold form is everHealing, 684:means those factors which emphasize and assume importance where the form is concerned. But thoseHealing, 691:life. I would have you take notice of the importance of form activity. It is the Form whichHealing, 699:[699] and his patient constitutes a factor of importance: many conditioning factors will beHercules, 121:is an equilateral triangle, all angles of equal importance, to the working out of the Plan.Hercules, 131:relationship in which each aspect achieves due importance is characteristic of the more highlyHercules, 131:for these more inclusive concepts is of more importance than the insistence upon an isolatedHercules, 172:in Capricorn There are two gates of dominant importance: Cancer, into what we erroneously callHercules, 173:or they have an exaggerated idea of their importance; they have a touch of soul consciousness, butHercules, 188:has dropped away, my individuality is of no importance, my personality is only a mechanism, and myInitiation, viii:who think that it is not of sufficient immediate importance to engross their attention, and that ifInitiation, 71:of each unit of consciousness, and also its vast importance. His sense of proportion is adjusted,Initiation, 78:and of the inner touch, is seen to be of more importance than them all. That continuity is theInitiation, 101:of the inner impulses. This fact is of real importance, and will bring about - as its significanceInitiation, 110:of these three departments, and all are of equal importance, for Spirit and matter are one. All areInitiation, 155:the initiate, in order to emphasize the radical importance of the matter, and thus account for theInitiation, 188:man to whom the law of vibration is of profound importance. He works first in the council chamberIntellect, 4:and this uniformity of interest is in itself of importance. The next developments which will carryIntellect, 28:the educators set. But it is of even greater importance that no man, with a special aptitude andIntellect, 157:is one power in the soul: intellect, of prime importance to the soul for making her aware of, forIntellect, 226:until in the pinch of lack, or the droop of importance, the breath-taking uncertainties andMagicborne in mind: First, that the matter of prime importance to each student is not the fact of aMagic, 8:as follows and are given in the order of their importance. I. First, that there exists in ourMagic, 42:roughly divided into five parts some of greater importance than others, but all completing thatMagic, 54:and effort are considered by us of prime importance, and are the two main requisites for allMagic, 63:be discovered. Again, and of more vital [63] importance to us, these cyclic impulses in the life ofMagic, 77:is my earnest wish. Occult study is of profound importance, and students of these sciences mustMagic, 86:the sex relation, and deemed of such paramount importance at this time. In the vale of illusion,Magic, 86:schools, colleges, and universities indicate the importance. Much progress in this relation hasMagic, 113:Therefore, the subplane a man is on is of importance, and the recognition of his polarizationMagic, 121:incarnation the mental unfoldment is of prime importance. An ancient Scripture says: "Seek not, OhMagic, 144:- The Creative Work of Sound The second word of importance in this fourth Rule is the word light.Magic, 188:are the three paramount ones and of the most importance for aspirants to consider now. They areMagic, 189:the coming world cycle. This subject is of vital importance to the modern aspirant, for theMagic, 191:used to vitalize the centers. The two facts of importance are: 1. The three centers below theMagic, 200:in their sequential order and according to their importance from the standpoint of the averageMagic, 273:of an infant and that of a thought-form. The importance of the right placement of the child withinMagic, 280:application of these truths is of utmost importance. There is no life so circumscribed and noMagic, 287:disciple the following centers are of paramount importance: The ajna center, through which theMagic, 305:Ills and ails which would seem of no vital importance to the ordinary and more phlegmatic types areMagic, 350:bitter experience. They are taught to attach no importance to recognition. They are trained not to
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