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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANCE

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Rays, 730:of the year which is regarded as of the most importance is that of Easter Day - the Day ofRays, 737:chain of life in which the smallest link is of importance, and the greatest link is related to theRays, 748:this is preparatory to spiritual events of major importance. The spirit of man, usuallyRays, 750:may be faulty and fruitless is often of less importance than the fact that the attempts to heal, toRays, 754:Therefore, Jerusalem stands for nothing of importance today, except for that which has passed awayRays, 757:intention will evoke criticism. That is of no importance. Only a few - a very few - in the earlyReappearance, 8:and kinds; some of them are of great planetary importance because They express whole cycles ofReappearance, 18:The common people are today awakening to the importance and responsibility of government; it is,Reappearance, 20:possessions and earthly existence as of major importance; follow the Noble Eightfold Path which isReappearance, 40:of something much higher [40] and of greater importance - the affirmative Voice of the Father,Reappearance, 45:little in our modern civilization. The fact of importance is that He will come. The Wesak FestivalReappearance, 48:and what may appear as reverse activity is of no importance in the long run, but is only of aReappearance, 50:Kingdom first and let all things be of secondary importance for its sake. That Kingdom has everReappearance, 77:[77] This is an event of supreme and planetary importance. His relationship and planned help dateReappearance, 89:which he manipulates is of relatively small importance. As evolution proceeds, and individual menReappearance, 89:their use of energy is frequently of major importance; they become dynamic centers of energyReappearance, 127:the start of the Jewish Dispensation which is of importance to the Jews and unfortunately ofReappearance, 127:of importance to the Jews and unfortunately of importance to the Christian religion, but of noReappearance, 127:importance to the Christian religion, but of no importance to the untold millions in the otherReappearance, 148:humanity as a whole and some of them are of less importance, affecting only a relatively small partReappearance, 156:but will be recognized to be also of vital importance. They will establish the divine attributes inReappearance, 178:motivated from the spiritual levels, is of equal importance. The large metaphysical schools areReappearance, 179:but an intelligent presentation is of equal importance. The major point to be emphasized in theReappearance, 180:is adequate to the task ahead. Only that is of importance which provides a needed momentum forReappearance, 184:need as best they may, with playing parts of importance in national dramas, or with workingSoul, 38:structure, but on conduct as well, is of vital importance. What then are the glands? And,Soul, 40:downwards, there are seven glands of special importance to be listed. These are: Name LocationSoul, 50:and inhibitions, has proved of paramount importance to the understanding of humanity. SomeSoul, 116:center regulating functions of the greatest importance in the system. It is to be noted that theSoul, 122:the organism than the heart. Indications of the importance of the heart are not wanting, it isTelepathyThe answer to this question is of paramount importance and necessitates a dear understanding. [2]Telepathy, 41:the personality, the impression is the factor of importance; Their consciousness is impressed, andTelepathy, 66:You can see, therefore, the significance and the importance of the dictum in The Secret DoctrineTelepathy, 67:Here again emerges another reason for the importance of the "center which we call the race of men";Telepathy, 71:the Universal Mind. The three which are of major importance and which form an esoteric triangleTelepathy, 75:to register is regarded by them as of major importance: it is usually self-related and not due toTelepathy, 76:and can do no one any harm, but is of no true importance whatsoever. It accounts, however, forTelepathy, 76:but usually have in them nothing new or of major importance; they are, again, the result of pastTelepathy, 77:one nation. The recognition of this is of vital importance. Communications from a Master to HisTelepathy, 78:This means when the soul becomes of greater life importance and man-made ideas (if such a phrase isTelepathy, 78:ideas (if such a phrase is permissible) of less importance. There are, in reality, no man-madeTelepathy, 83:the planetary Logos) become of vital and supreme importance, but are at the same time mostTelepathy, 94:draw. This is a statement of unique and unusual importance. Later still, he becomes sensitive toTelepathy, 98:a Master watches, and this is a factor of major importance in the life of the disciple. The lightTelepathy, 107:of himself which have hitherto been of major importance: the astral vehicle and the soul body orTelepathy, 118:of Relationship The next key-thought which is of importance is found in the words: 3. "The Plan isTelepathy, 118:these words because this concept is of an importance almost beyond human comprehension, and becauseTelepathy, 121:practically (and that is always of major importance), it might be said that evolution controls theTelepathy, 124:of the planetary Logos is necessarily of major importance in any consideration of the SupremeTelepathy, 132:Plan is that measure of possibility of immediate importance which the divine Purpose can present atTelepathy, 140:aspect of the physical body which is of far more importance than is the dense physical vehicle. TheTelepathy, 152:totally disappear, being no longer of any true importance. There is a peculiar and at presentTelepathy, 155:of the body; these are all of them of the utmost importance from the angle of LIFE, and that whichTelepathy, 155:whose use is far more objective even if of great importance; though each [156] of these lowerTelepathy, 169:above statement or definition is one of major importance. This point at the center is in reality,Telepathy, 172:whereas that is of relatively secondary importance. The centers are, in reality, focal pointsTelepathy, 174:listening, and which makes an individual of importance along some definite [175] line of approachTelepathy, 192:the student is not asked to deal. The factors of importance which he should attempt to realize and
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