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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANT

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Discipleship1, 450:few things which hold you back from a very important step forward. It is not easy for disciples orDiscipleship1, 450:and for too long, which is perhaps the most important point. That the process of patient waiting inDiscipleship1, 519:Yet, in the last analysis, it is by far the most important, for one's spiritual influence can beDiscipleship1, 557:your resistance. It was, for you, the most important of them all. The idea is not negative, as youDiscipleship1, 572:to release these Masters for different and more important work. A.A.B.) From this criticalDiscipleship1, 582:the entire planet. Is there any greater or more important matter than to fulfil your task and carryDiscipleship1, 594:upon the outer plane. Another thing which it is important you should grasp is your special field ofDiscipleship1, 605:co-disciples and group brothers. This is for you important, for it not only aids in groupDiscipleship1, 611:out of the two paragraphs which you felt were so important and which you emphasized in your papersDiscipleship1, 611:things that your glimmered personality felt were important. You have chosen to select the work thatDiscipleship1, 614:my brother, the giving of money is the least important thing you have to offer. You have beenDiscipleship1, 681:with points of organization. They are not so important as the inner unity of vision and the abilityDiscipleship1, 688:the technical sense when the vision is to him an important and determining fact in hisDiscipleship1, 689:The vision, once seen, becomes so important, that how you feel about it and your adherence to itDiscipleship1, 696:to world service and creatively effective. The important thing for an accepted disciple to grasp isDiscipleship1, 702:under the tutelage of some Master. This is an important point to remember. I is - as said earlier -Discipleship1, 704:in opening up to his consciousness. It is important to remember that no one is integrated into anDiscipleship1, 708:his spiritual integrity but learning three important lessons: The recognition that he shares allDiscipleship1, 709:do two things: Prove that the familiar veils an important reality and that by penetrating to theDiscipleship1, 712:inevitable, because they are dependent upon two important factors: The first factor is thatDiscipleship1, 733:find the answer. You can see, therefore, how important this entire problem of questions can be andDiscipleship1, 757:thereby releasing him for higher and more important work. As you know, I was the senior disciple ofDiscipleship2, XIII:begin. I have earlier stated the wider and more important objectives (Discipleship in the New Age,Discipleship2, 7:and defined meditation. One period (the most important) must be given to the general groupDiscipleship2, 12:coming year. Small notice need be paid to less important faults and errors; so oft faults that seemDiscipleship2, 14:The reactions of the physical body are the least important and do the least harm to others. WhereDiscipleship2, 73:time sending out to you are perhaps the most important which you have ever [74] received. This isDiscipleship2, 80:the years in which we have worked together. More important still, you have (as a group) providedDiscipleship2, 90:objective is now to help A.A.B. conclude the important teaching which I have - with her aid - beenDiscipleship2, 104:you can understand, are as follows: The most important capacity of a Master of an Ashram is that heDiscipleship2, 126:by me. This meditation is one of the most important of the steps I shall ever ask you to take inDiscipleship2, 175:in your own way and to approach this most important and significant mantram from the highestDiscipleship2, 194:no need for the so-called bridge, except for one important factor: there is, on the part of theDiscipleship2, 201:down the ages. This is a statement full of important implications. 2. The Nirmanakayas gather theirDiscipleship2, 218:will have reached a definite and a most important point of precipitation. Then, the invocativeDiscipleship2, 229:questions: [229] If money is one of the most important things needed today for spiritual work, whatDiscipleship2, 233:- from the very highest initiate to the least important disciple. You might here ask: What is theDiscipleship2, 234:and grades of human beings; and that - more important still - it could be proved that the wordDiscipleship2, 245:become a danger if not used. This is a basic and important statement. There are, my brothers, twoDiscipleship2, 253:like here, my brother, to list for you the most important of the statements made by me in theDiscipleship2, 253:instruction, indicating those which embody important hints and showing you, this one time, withDiscipleship2, 288:revitalizing and of presenting opportunity, are important to all disciples, as a goal and a vision.Discipleship2, 292:a crisis in his unfoldment of as drastic and important a nature as the attaining of physical sightDiscipleship2, 310:revitalizing and of presenting opportunity, are important to all disciples, as a goal and as aDiscipleship2, 312:become correspondingly effective. This is an important point upon which to reflect. ThisDiscipleship2, 323:into a relatively few short paragraphs much important teaching anent revelation and its processesDiscipleship2, 325:taking place. This must perforce produce certain important hierarchical changes; new situationsDiscipleship2, 325:difficulties and opportunities. One of the most important of the latter is that candidates for theDiscipleship2, 344:- omitted to give much thought or study to these important creative processes. To grasp the meaningDiscipleship2, 345:methods. This is something which it is important for you to bear in mind. Discipleship2, 360:to the planning becomes apparent and important to him as an individual as well as to the group as aDiscipleship2, 362:to work solely with the pattern; this is a most important phase of the work, requiring a spirit ofDiscipleship2, 396:defined space, he gave humanity one of the most important hints it has ever received. TheDiscipleship2, 429:These schools have, however, done one vital and important task: they have familiarized mankind withDiscipleship2, 460:conditions basically are. Above, I gave you one important hint or imparted fact, as the case mayDiscipleship2, 508:of this phase of your work is perhaps the most important lesson you can learn at this time. YouDiscipleship2, 520:Great Bear and other cosmic centers. Sirius, so important a factor in the spiritual life of theDiscipleship2, 522:both "points of call." I have here given ou an important hint and I want you to endeavor to graspDiscipleship2, 537:which you are faced are simpler and yet more important: Is this presented activity the way my soulDiscipleship2, 538:becomes the maker and constructor, in a new and important sense, of his own destiny and future. HisDiscipleship2, 542:realities and to the subjective, which are more important than the objective. You need to live moreDiscipleship2, 556:automatically to do or say the right thing; more important still, the Master can count upon him,Discipleship2, 564:me will not be necessary - unless you make such important progress that I shall have to watch moreDiscipleship2, 596:when the Christ moves on to higher and more important work. Next comes the Ashram of the MasterDiscipleship2, 598:recognized by him and will provide a serious and important life work. It is my intention to giveDiscipleship2, 609:that of K.H., which is the central or the most important Ashram upon the second ray line of energyDiscipleship2, 610:work from this point in the ashramic life. This important little diagram can be applied also to theDiscipleship2, 611:in active service. These are four of the more important facts which I earlier gave you and I recallDiscipleship2, 613:my Ashram and as one who is approaching the more important Ashram of K.H., you can and do, by theDiscipleship2, 628:have gone steadily on, with no great or vitally important spiritual experience but with aDiscipleship2, 645:upon the physical plane are by far the least important. If you will, all of you, study theDiscipleship2, 672:relatively short? The last instruction was the important one. In that instruction I emphasized twoDiscipleship2, 672:in process of preparation for taking a certain important initiation (as, my brother, are several ofDiscipleship2, 700:and figuratively. I have here given you a most important hint. Let the great music of the mastersDiscipleship2, 709:way - high and low, rich and poor, the socially important and the under classes, the likable andDiscipleship2, 711:not with you and has passed on to other and more important inner work; this group will necessarilyDiscipleship2, 718:of physical plane matters. You are apt to make important, things which are not of the slightestDiscipleship2, 725:write is still unwritten and that paper was more important than the other. These plans were drawn;Education, vi:and his world. This, it seems to me, is one important theme of the present work. For the future,Education, xi:members carrying on their primary (but not more important) activities in the more specialized areasEducation, 4:a man. These three aspects constitute the most important part of his nature: [5] His lower concreteEducation, 23:standard of national education. This is an important point, for it will mark the shift of attentionEducation, 25:to be later applied will then be built upon this important initial decision - hence again, theEducation, 48:be taught. They must teach him certain basic and important facts of living, foundational truths,Education, 60:are implicit in it, and it is the first important truth anent esotericism which must be learnt andEducation, 63:they see no sound reason for excluding such an important aspect of human affairs from theirEducation, 74:Such educational questions and objectives sound important and fine and imposing, but what do theyEducation, 74:busy with non-essential matters, compared to the important and essential business of giving theirEducation, 78:infancy, when the child is regarded as the most important concern of his parents and teachersEducation, 79:to the masses. This produced periodically such important epochs of cultural expression as theEducation, 80:in the educational world? Let us remember one important thing. What education can do alongEducation, 88:subject will be of importance, but more important still will be the need for them to be free fromEducation, 117:the coercion of humanity in any form. This is an important point to be grasped. It might thereforeEducation, 128:relationships of which the first and the most important hitherto has been the family group-unit. ItEducation, 145:clearly in your mind for they are basic and important. 5. The Science of the Antahkarana deals withExternalisation, 16:that their group should be numerically the most important which prompts the frequent use of theExternalisation, 40:group is a part and in which it can play an important function, and occupy a key position), whichExternalisation, 50:of public opinion. They will then be the most important group, expressing the culture of the newExternalisation, 62:working silently. This stage is, however, most important for according to the healthiness of theExternalisation, 81:These are the things which, it seems to me, are important at this time, and which all of us would
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