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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANT

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Fire, 646:soul of the world. Class 5. We have here a very important group of devas, who are peculiarly activeFire, 654:take up the consideration of Group A, the most important group on the physical plane from theFire, 662:this the devas of the astral plane assume a very important place in the three worlds. Previously,Fire, 695:solar system, the above numbers are the most important from the angle of the evolution ofFire, 700:as in the planes and principles, are the most important for the evolution of the self-consciousFire, 749:for the helping of the world, and in certain important crises men have been over-shadowed by moreFire, 783:a great deal may become apparent anent a very important group of deva workers. They are a group whoFire, 832:to emphasize this procedure because it is important that all occultists should learn to interpretFire, 864:that ego) with his Guru. 74 This marks a very important development. The higher head centerFire, 869:and preparing for unfoldment is the most important stage, and that with which man is the mostFire, 870:initiations of a definite though less important character, and they involve primarily the displayFire, 893:"serpents." The reptile kingdom is the most important part of the animal kingdom in certainFire, 918:lies back of all that is visible is the most important. This is equally true of gods, of men and ofFire, 938:place upon the physical plane. This is a very important point to be remembered, for it brings theFire, 944:and the alta major center. Occultly, the most important connection is the entrance of the sutratmaFire, 956:over the mind. This involves [956] certain important things: A realization of the nature of theFire, 969:and inevitable. Some ideas of a large and important nature, which have arisen in the consciousnessFire, 1002:the thought-form from him. Here we have a very important piece of work of magic dealt with, and oneFire, 1005:the purpose be accomplished. This is the most important stage in many ways, for the astral body ofFire, 1074:considered in this solar system to be the most important, and that is the at-one-ment with theFire, 1123:certain factors which produce definite and important results, when connected with each otherFire, 1124:atom. It will be apparent, therefore, how important it is that the student duly considers theFire, 1129:or activity is synthesized; this is a most important subject for students of meditation, and forFire, 1137:lower kingdoms. The fourth group is the most important in some ways during the present cycle for itFire, 1146:self-consciousness upon the earth. There are important distinctions between these two groups, forFire, 1146:worked out without a due consideration of this important fact. Other distinguishing features mightFire, 1153:with the transmission of electric fire. It is important to bear this in mind, as it preserves theFire, 1175:by certain factors of which the two most important are the peculiar karma of the planetary LogosFire, 1204:it will become apparent how great and all-important is their place in the scheme. It is for thisFire, 1206:of Egos in the three worlds. This is a most important esoteric fact, and all students of meditationFire, 1212:must, therefore, rightly be regarded as the most important of the evolutions, for through him canGlamour, 16:years, therefore, to discuss and study this important matter growing out of the need of the presentGlamour, 132:but when no allowance is made for the equally important ideas of evolution, of racial attributes,Glamour, 156:is concerned. The analogy is to the few important incarnations in the life of the soul inGlamour, 156:and rapidly succeeding incarnations. Of the important incarnations there are three which are ofGlamour, 158:the case) then there comes a significant and important focusing of the attention of the Dweller onGlamour, 194:soul contact, they have taken one of the first important steps towards the comprehension of lightGlamour, 218:weakened and eventually dissipated. This is an important realization. Having, as far as possible,Glamour, 218:He must believe that this is so. Then comes an important and difficult phase of the work in whichGlamour, 223:for them the Technique of the Presence is all-important because it brings in a factor which theGlamour, 231:the workers at a point of tension. This is an important recognition and should keep the workersGlamour, 234:part of the Act of Projection. 8. Then comes an important aspect of the work in which the groupGlamour, 255:possible. Behind this lies a third and even more important factor - the WILL. Therefore, the onlyHealing, 23:to syphilis and to cancer are the most important where our present humanity is concerned; they areHealing, 30:imposition (upon both the lesser and the more important) of the will and purpose of that which isHealing, 47:must eventually go hand in hand. The three most important aspects of all diagnoses are: TheHealing, 75:of healing. It will be apparent, therefore, how important it is - before real healing can takeHealing, 79:of the entire nervous system which forms such an important part of the human mechanism. It is thusHealing, 80:given enough to show how interesting and how important a study of the etheric body may be. TheHealing, 83:The etheric body is fundamentally the most important response apparatus which man possesses,Healing, 86:groups, but also through many other less important glands. That of the nervous system (theHealing, 97:processes, but it is not the sole or the most important agent. It is on this point that many groupsHealing, 98:and followed by the healer. I have given three important rules already. Briefly they are asHealing, 105:discontinue it. This injunction is far more important than you can realize; for speech andHealing, 106:the nervous system. This is in many ways most important for you to understand, for it controlsHealing, 132:inactivity of the centers are perhaps the most important from the standpoint of disease, becauseHealing, 133:and they condition also the major and most important areas in the human body; they have both aHealing, 154:to balance the bodily equilibrium in certain important aspects of the physical nature, and itHealing, 164:will or energy of the spiritual man. The important part of the body is that triple division, theHealing, 169:the center at the base of the spine. The most important for all aspirants at this time is the solarHealing, 169:the ajna center. There are, consequently, two important triangles to consider: [170] Just as thereHealing, 173:solar plexus center. I have here given a very important fact to those who are interested in theHealing, 216:You can see, therefore, how three important words convey the purpose of the scientific unfoldmentHealing, 259:liberation into something much wider and more important. This concept of liberation lies behind theHealing, 275:in the human body. This is a basic and important statement. That the etheric body is a focusingHealing, 325:adjust and balance the activity of the other important glands?" You have here several questions;Healing, 334:Answered On the Spleen The spleen is the most important agent of the life force, but it is the lifeHealing, 334:body. It is the externalization of a very important center. [335] There are three centers in theHealing, 337:the nervous system. This is the first and most important point to grasp. Psychological causes ofHealing, 372:the entire planet. Is there any greater or more important task than to fulfil your task and carryHealing, 386:the "work of restitution," though not the most important meaning. The deliberate eliminating ofHealing, 390:prolongation of earthly existence as the most important factor in their lives. During the nextHealing, 409:and emotion are so real and so devastatingly important. But - speaking literally - from the angleHealing, 429:to the heart to [429] join the larger and more important life stream. The life stream energizes andHealing, 456:oriented human being. This is the first and most important factor to remember, and it will easilyHealing, 471:the entire process of death is described. It is important to note that it is under the basic andHealing, 525:through which relief must come." This is a most important point and one entirely overlooked by theHealing, 545:patient, preventing sound happenings. The second important thing is for the patient to remember, ifHealing, 546:to be followed. It is wise to grasp this important point, for it will negate disappointment.Healing, 550:the healer has to master must necessarily be important. It is basic and essential in itsHealing, 576:of the original ancient text from which these important rules have been taken, but is relativelyHealing, 603:of his personal over-stimulation. This is a very important point. So much disease and physicalHealing, 607:that the spiritual healer is only now becoming important and his work in any way possible. This isHealing, 613:of embodied consciousness. The physical body is important because it has to house and respond toHealing, 613:has an innate influence of its own; it is not important in the active process, for it is aHealing, 613:not that which initiates activity. That which is important is the unfolding consciousness, theHealing, 648:each [648] paragraph of this Rule starts with an important injunction to the healer: The healerHealing, 671:(forcing evil to leave Him) marked a most important crisis in the life of the Christ. The GospelHealing, 676:an individual. Their work is too potent and too important to permit them to do so, and the willHercules, 19:mental inertia and laziness, to feel that the important thing is to have the heart natureHercules, 19:error. Knowledge of God is as necessary and as important as love of God; and this the new age, withHercules, 25:[25] when he entered upon greater and more important work. The wisdom that was now realized byHercules, 46:in its lower and in its higher aspects, is this important constellation of Taurus. This is why itHercules, 110:which shields and guards one of the most important glands in the body, the pituitary. When thisHercules, 117:well as in the home. There are small [117] but important points in the story not to be overlooked.Hercules, 149:the opposition of classes in society to be more important than the common humanity that makes menHercules, 157:seen. Because Sagittarius is such a tremendously important sign I want to give you a brief resuméHercules, 159:too forcefully, and you think you are more important than you are. You have to get rid of the senseHercules, 178:by Hercules first because it was the most important, since desire underlies all sensations; it isHercules, 184:lessons: that it was just possible he was not as important as he thought, and that by subjecting
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