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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANT

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Psychology1, 395:which central factor the happenings, trivial or important, pursue their cyclic way. Within thePsychology2, 20:and the interpretation of its formerly important part is seen to be widely different to what wasPsychology2, 64:center at the top of the head, where the most important center in the body is situated, from thePsychology2, 85:from those governing personalities. It is important to emphasize this and to bear in mind that thePsychology2, 107:be overcome. There are three rules which are important to disciples at this time. First, see to itPsychology2, 107:same value or importance to your brothers. Your important principle may be realized by an ablerPsychology2, 116:are only the reflection of greater and more important factors. It is wise always to remember thatPsychology2, 158:urge of the soul in man. This is one of the most important statements in this section. It is as yetPsychology2, 177:The previous sentence is so worded because it is important that all should grasp the self-initiatedPsychology2, 205:make itself felt, and thus at need effect important decisions. These are the nice good people, whoPsychology2, 211:nor can they judge by inference [211] what is important. All that can be said is that the threePsychology2, 242:this, could they but grasp it, this is the least important part of the chapter and carries for themPsychology2, 260:them to regard the time factor as a definitely important matter in considering the subject ofPsychology2, 288:tabulation and statement is one of the most important ever made in this Treatise in connection withPsychology2, 288:is also Harmony through Conflict. It is a most important ray, for it gives us the clue to the wholePsychology2, 304:heart center - the feeling consciousness. Two important stages in the life of the man take placePsychology2, 330:God. The crisis of approach is one of the most important and one of the least understood of thePsychology2, 389:faculty. It will be apparent at this point how important is motive, for it determines the line ofPsychology2, 403:truth to the exclusion of others equally important. The outstanding weakness or weaknesses in anPsychology2, 427:factor. It makes the personality too important, and this should be definitely negated. That thePsychology2, 488:that the whole theme is vaster and far more important than has been surmised and may lead to a morePsychology2, 493:theories in any way. They have arrived at a most important and indicative fact - the fact of thePsychology2, 497:forgotten episodes and his dream life. Two important facts are sometimes forgotten and hencePsychology2, 517:apt to think that the major task and the most important duty today is to make life more bearablePsychology2, 518:the coming centuries. It will be one of the most important themes to be dealt with in all systemsPsychology2, 535:and psychological trouble emanating from this important controlling gland as well as definitePsychology2, 536:and comprehended, but it will be an active and important part of man's equipment. This will takePsychology2, 553:plexus center for the position of being the most important center and the major clearing house inPsychology2, 557:for a large part of his career and for the most important part of his human experience, he remainsPsychology2, 596:Society - to mention two of the most important) and there they learn some of the foundationalPsychology2, 617:will be obvious to you that the first and most important of these difficulties will be thosePsychology2, 619:One other difficulty I will touch upon for it is important in so far that it is a group activity,Psychology2, 654:in the field of economics, for this is the most important field at this time. Practically all worldPsychology2, 654:an economic situation. It is, therefore, more important in the solution of the present worldPsychology2, 656:example, backed by sacrifice and love. Another important objective of the Plan, which willPsychology2, 673:nation and group must be taught to play his important part with good will and understanding; thePsychology2, 700:are only the reflection of greater and more important factors. It is wise always to remember thatPsychology2, 709:to [709] make clear, or at least to suggest two important things. First, that much, if not all thatPsychology2, 722:also the powerful vibratory influence of those important men and women in the world who are todayPsychology2, 729:Those on the first ray are dealing with the important figures today in world government, for all ofRays, 12:about as the result of certain profoundly important happenings upon inner planes of such advancedRays, 16:initiates, who are thus being "raised" to more important work, is being taken by disciples andRays, 56:upon the physical plane means little. The important factors are to sound it silently, inaudibly andRays, 76:the new world order may function? These are the important questions which the Hierarchy isRays, 97:leads one to the surmise that one of the most important hints concerns the effect of the group lifeRays, 101:as in the case of a human being. This is an important distinction and one which warrants carefulRays, 125:contacted or expressed. This is a great and most important lesson. It is also an interestingRays, 129:For Group Initiation We now come to the most important part of this particular rule; it conveys theRays, 183:as a personality under soul control. This is an important point to remember. It is along theRays, 192:of the earth." The second, and much the most important rent, was made by the power of the secondRays, 194:now exist, as well as numerous smaller and less important ones, to which no reference has been orRays, 197:by the Masonic Fraternity. In one of the most important and highest initiations, the candidateRays, 203:or the Christ) free for still higher and more important conditioning circumstances. Their real workRays, 214:the Hierarchy as a whole. Still another important factor in the group preparation for initiation isRays, 254:study of these words, for I regard this as an important instruction and one which could be regardedRays, 258:Rules For Group Initiation These are solemn and important statements. They have within them theRays, 270:From the Law of Analogy, another exceedingly important triangle is found in the human body andRays, 275:to the public, this activity Will form an important part of the new world religion and be betterRays, 297:initiate has any sense of triplicity. This is an important point to note. Bear this in mind as weRays, 300:art of revelation. The task ahead is simple. The important aspect, at this time, of the basicRays, 318:concept of resurrection is the new and most important revelation which is coming to humanity, andRays, 333:of these groups of evolving lives has its own important destiny - important to all contained withinRays, 333:evolving lives has its own important destiny - important to all contained within the groupRays, 440:His two Brothers have Each of Them an equally important work and are responsible - as He is - toRays, 458:the polar opposites is implicit in it. These are important points to remember as this new scienceRays, 501:human family has reached a central and most important point upon the evolutionary path. TheRays, 513:the Spiritual Triad. Here I would touch upon one important point connected with all Words of Power.Rays, 555:such an initiation cannot take place without important effects, both in the Hierarchy and in theRays, 557:This last definition is perhaps one of the most important I have ever given. Ponder on my words.Rays, 584:You will see, therefore, how immediate and important is the opportunity confronting humanity today.Rays, 602:ideologies. This fifth ray energy is the important factor in making possible the first majorRays, 602:world situation. I would like to make clear two important facts: The fact that the world warRays, 603:this particular instruction is one of the most important I have yet given because of its essentialRays, 662:in emerging from the many preceding and less important crises. An initiation is a culminatingRays, 662:aspirant. Little has been said anent the more important truth that initiation admits a man intoRays, 673:we are now to study is perhaps one of the most important, because it concerns that aspect of theRays, 679:influence will become increasingly less important, and once the masses (composed of the millions ofRays, 684:which we are next to study is one of the most important of them all. From one particular angle, itRays, 723:everyday life of the ordinary disciple. It is important because of its inclusiveness and becauseRays, 730:Him. At that time of His "rising," a far more important event took place and the Christ passedRays, 734:A lower correspondence to these two important groups has been forming midway between the HierarchyRays, 737:of spiritual energy. There is naught - from one important angle of life - but Hierarchy, linkingRays, 741:have asked me what I considered the most important and significant events from the spiritual angleRays, 760:Here you have a short resume of the five most important spiritual results of the present century.Reappearance, 23:they may seem widely divergent in nature; the important factor is the general human interest andReappearance, 26:to Him and all that hitherto seemed so vital and important was lost to sight in the greater vision.Reappearance, 29:of the age" or cycle. (Matt., XXVIII, 20.) The important word is "end." The word used is the GreekReappearance, 30:- a decision which found expression in two most important statements. He announced to the assembledReappearance, 107:of these Sankaracharya was one of the most important, giving, as He did, deep instruction upon theReappearance, 113:as well as the love of God. Both are equally important because that will is qualified by love.Reappearance, 126:all. These Mysteries indicate, in reality, five important points in the spiritual history of anReappearance, 126:history of an aspirant; they indicate also five important stages in the progress of humanReappearance, 139:of the ages? Many answers can be given. The most important one is that the presentation of divineReappearance, 154:[154] established, this will be one of the important factors considered. The establishing ofReappearance, 164:never - no matter how great the need or important the incentive - infringe upon the divine right ofReappearance, 181:possibility of His reappearance must become important motivating factors in his consciousness. HeSoul, 30:by supplying it with a ready summary of an important branch of inquiry. It may also be ofSoul, 37:says, "It seems clear that temperament even more important than pure intellect in achievingSoul, 40:distributed over the head and torso a network of important glands, which, it is claimed,Soul, 41:indispensable to life, or does it play some role important to a particular phase of metabolic
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