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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPORTANT

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Soul, 44:the brain cells and to have a "direct and important bearing upon the personality." We are alsoSoul, 50:of truth. Others regard sex as playing an important part, but not as responsible for the entireSoul, 61:of matter and another, and for the still more important and universal purpose of transmitting wavesSoul, 92:dealing with this teaching. Two of the most important sources of information are the Shiv-SamhitaSoul, 123:represents the solar plexus, perhaps the most important plexus of the sympathetic system; itSoul, 143:of junction with the physical body at the most important center in the body, the head center.Telepathy, 12:the telepathic communicators is one of the most important in the coming new age, and it will be ofTelepathy, 26:of the mind materialize. This is one of the most important statements made in connection with theTelepathy, 60:a recognized dualism dominates. This is a most important statement. Let me word it in this way andTelepathy, 76:regard what they find as unusual, beautiful and important, and then proceed to formulate it intoTelepathy, 84:at this time by students, and - which is more important - the information would be of small use toTelepathy, 103:impression). When he has taken certain important initiations, his magnetic aura will be capable ofTelepathy, 106:character in its entirety is involved in this important matter of correct interpretation. In thisTelepathy, 118:Hierarchy consistently work. Let us take this important concept and break it up into its componentTelepathy, 144:Body It can be seen, therefore, how exceedingly important this subject of energy becomes, becauseTelepathy, 173:No attention has hitherto been paid to this important point, but it embodies the practical use ofTelepathy, 184:second Center, the Hierarchy, have the major and important task, in this particular solar systemicTelepathy, 193:had almost said upon which to puzzle). The one important thing to be borne in mind is the
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