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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPOSE

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Astrology, 91:specific and are universal and not particular. I impose no doctrine. I indicate phases ofAstrology, 220:other urges, and the processes of incarnation impose themselves upon the soul. In Scorpio, thatAstrology, 309:disciplinary measures which others may seek to impose. Discipline imposed by people upon the LeoBethlehem, 238:too long over the death of Christ, seeking to impose a narrow sectarian Christ upon the world. WeDestiny, 10:it would bring to an end the attempt to impose a personally or nationally accepted ideologyDestiny, 16:of Shamballa, headstrong and often cruel; they impose their will and dictate their desires; theyDestiny, 113:ideal, plus the effort, fanatically, to impose his idealistic dream (for that is all it potentiallyDestiny, 119:of the Energies, concentrated at Shamballa, to impose the force of will on matter and on form untilDestiny, 121:nation or group of nations and their desire to impose some ideology or other upon some nation or toDiscipleship1, 7:detail, the discipline which you are willing to impose upon your lives and your self-forgetfulness.Discipleship1, 49:out your brother, to chide him or seek to impose your will on him or your point of view, though itDiscipleship1, 169:and my message to you is brief. I seek not to impose upon you a definite meditation, beyondDiscipleship1, 170:work. Fight not the glamor which seeks to impose itself upon you with your first ray indifference -Discipleship1, 234:is whether the mental emphasis which you impose upon all your daily living, both inner and outer,Discipleship1, 245:people free and seek not to influence them or to impose your ideas upon them. Your interpretationDiscipleship1, 286:work and physical plane activity. Thus you will impose upon yourself that discipline which will notDiscipleship1, 290:vibration in line with the New Age, seeking to impose upon the personality the rhythm of aDiscipleship1, 302:so. [302] No attempt is made authoritatively to impose restrictions on the students and their work,Discipleship1, 331:control. Note my words with care. A desire to impose upon the personality and to make the lowerDiscipleship1, 331:of yours. You, realizing a measure of divinity, impose upon your personality in speech and desireDiscipleship1, 364:possible to make the needed adjustments and impose the required disciplinary measures. What theseDiscipleship1, 696:is influencing into unison with his. He may not impose his will upon the disciple; his desires,Discipleship2, 526:hurt and suffering soul and which you seek to impose upon your students everywhere. My rating isDiscipleship2, 659:warrant; it produces [659] also a willingness to impose your own ideas and your judgment uponDiscipleship2, 659:will be wedded to his own methods and anxious to impose them upon others. He is convinced that theDiscipleship2, 669:one. The first phase of the training given is to impose at least one life of most drasticDiscipleship2, 688:- the changes which environment and circumstance impose upon a person, which cannot be avoided. ButDiscipleship2, 699:opposition which it presents to soul contact and impose a different note and key upon your life.Education, 72:with the majority of the previous attempts to impose a form of the new age education upon theExternalisation, 129:to restore ancient and historical boundaries, to impose some culture deemed desirable, to preventExternalisation, 189:the order which the Axis powers are preparing to impose upon the world, and to this their own wordsExternalisation, 191:is not yet present. The new world order will not impose a uniform type of government, a syntheticExternalisation, 235:civilization, are absorbed by the forces which impose the German demand for living space, and areExternalisation, 347:to come, has not been brought about in order to impose recognition of the Buddha upon the Occident.Externalisation, 382:then add the following efforts and attempt to impose upon himself this suggested program: 1. StudyExternalisation, 526:that the adjustments which the Hierarchy may impose upon Itself bear small resemblance to theExternalisation, 526:of thought currents and ideas and through them impose Its hierarchical concepts upon the embryonicFire, 49:can completely think, i.e., on which he can impose his own reality, can think of as existing likeFire, 476:will bring about revelation, and the power to impose the will of the chemist upon the elementalFire, 641:the force from the higher planes can more easily impose itself on the lower, the facts concerningFire, 802:they tend to develop consciousness of some kind, impose certain rhythms according to that consciousFire, 951:primary works of the Ego, as we well know, is to impose a new rhythm upon his shadow andFire, 1121:exist the solar Angel is enabled gradually to impose his rhythm and vibration upon that whichGlamour, 33:by the effort of many devoted idealistic men to impose these distorted thought-forms upon theGlamour, 47:know that the Law of the Group must, and will, impose itself upon him, and that the rule of theGlamour, 48:of group recognition and work and service will impose themselves upon him until he finds that he isGlamour, 103:dualities of the physical plane and can rightly impose etheric energy (the higher of the two) uponGlamour, 117:increasing its rhythmic potency, and seeking to impose its purpose and will upon the personality.Glamour, 134:idea will - as a result of dire necessity - impose its rhythm upon the race and thus force theHealing, 7:his astral body, controlled and selfless, will impose a rhythm upon the agitation of the patient'sHealing, 24:healer must work and the six rules which he must impose upon himself - and to which he givesHealing, 393:to "clean his own slate." I seek not here to impose upon you a theological discussion. I seek onlyHealing, 669:use the latent imperfection in humanity and to impose the vast evil of war, with all its resultsHercules, 5:stage in which he knowingly pledges himself to impose the will of the soul (which is essentiallyHercules, 164:this, that and the other to me. I immediately impose upon my fellow men my personal interpretationHercules, 201:own inner structure of truth to himself and not impose it on any one else, they recognize eachInitiation, 91:energy or force of his own lower self. He has to impose upon that energetic rhythm one that isInitiation, 97:of least resistance, but seeks to initiate and impose a higher rhythm. The devas follow the line ofIntellect, 219:and much resemble the discipline that we impose upon a child when we set it in a corner and tell itIntellect, 267:terminologies, nor do they waste time seeking to impose on others their pet theories, theirMagic, 206:can be safely used where there is no attempt to impose rhythm upon the life of every day. The twoMagic, 419:certain general characteristics. They will impose no enforced dogmas of any kind, and will lay noMagic, 419:now in process of forming. The tendency to impose one's own point of view indicates a lack ofMagic, 519:enabled to work out their selfish plans and to impose their will and mental authority upon theMagic, 571:his own solar Angel, so that solar force may impose its rhythm upon the lunar forces. AnMagic, 574:particular occasion were prompted by a desire to impose his will upon his hearers. This impositionMagic, 574:were prompted by self-will and by the desire to impose his ideas upon other people and so to shineMeditation, 41:of the new world. Gradually the new rhythm will impose itself on the disorganized communities ofMeditation, 82:and it takes as long to shatter it, and to impose another and still higher rhythm. Growth is oneMeditation, 170:of Karma work closely with the Manu, for They impose the Law, and [171] He manipulates the forms ofMeditation, 177:radius of the one who calls. The mantrams that impose upon the elementals and lesser devas the willPatanjali, 13:entity to liberate himself from thralldom, and impose his vibration upon the lower modifications.Patanjali, 26:repetition and the reiterated effort to impose the new rhythm upon the old, and to efface deepProblems, 21:for human service and her ability to impose her will on a large scale upon the entire worldProblems, 41:with these people. It is not their task to impose upon them what they, from the vantage point ofProblems, 49:at first. Educators and teachers will need to impose upon themselves a discipline of patience,Problems, 68:for the gain of Russia and who would seek to impose the will of the proletariat upon all classesProblems, 170:by it; yet there are those who are seeking to impose their particular ideology on the world - andPsychology1, 269:by the many groups of people who are seeking to impose their own ideas and their peculiar solutionPsychology1, 365:a ritual. When aspirants to discipleship impose a rhythm on their lives they call it a discipline,Psychology1, 365:of the radio organizations, - all of these impose a rhythm upon humanity, whether this isPsychology2, 68:functioning and powerful Personality. Seeking to impose itself upon these energies and toPsychology2, 126:it often produces much harm, for people seek to impose their ideas of service and their personalPsychology2, 141:that is needed by the race, but he will seek to impose it primarily as his idea, something which hePsychology2, 141:and grasped and which impatiently he seeks to impose upon his fellow men for their good, as he seesPsychology2, 141:actively engaged at this time in an endeavor to impose certain basic and needed ideas upon thePsychology2, 462:who become strongly extroverted by the desire to impose the conclusions they have reached (throughPsychology2, 462:life a burden to all around him as he seeks to impose his views upon them, and the maniac whoPsychology2, 469:and correspondences, plus the attempt to impose them on others and to invoke their aid (withPsychology2, 496:a frustration or an inability of the soul to impose its wishes and designs upon its instrument, thePsychology2, 635:itself suffers at the hands of those who seek to impose the new rhythms upon the peoples, - thePsychology2, 671:of the world crisis and depression in order to impose (if need be, by force) those systems ofPsychology2, 738:within their borders, free from attack, or to impose their ideas upon their fellowmen or nations.Rays, 10:clue to the work. These faculties rightly used impose upon these lesser lives that control whichRays, 10:if they realized that by the constant attempt to impose the rhythm of the solar Lord upon theRays, 296:the Christ stood, and have then attempted to impose their comprehension of that which theyRays, 417:of the World. The Law of Freedom, however, does impose certain restrictions, if one can use such aRays, 622:of view; commercial interests and expediency impose restrictions in other countries. By means ofTelepathy, 169:has capacity to withdraw to its Source, or to impose upon itself [170] layer upon layer of
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