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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPOSED

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Astrology, 205:are not inherent in the animal nature but are imposed by the desire nature and are again three inAstrology, 211:the preponderance of the spiritual energy is imposed upon the lower personal forces. ScorpioAstrology, 236:been preserved for us in the Mosaic code and imposed through the medium of punishment forAstrology, 237:to the young. The influence of Libra should be imposed in childhood along spiritual lines. CrimeAstrology, 275:instinctually active or the reactions of an imposed consciousness which is a result of chosenAstrology, 309:motivating impulses, and this leads him to an imposed self-discipline - the thing the Leo subjectAstrology, 309:sorely needs and which must always be self-imposed and self-applied for he brooks no disciplinaryAstrology, 309:which others may seek to impose. Discipline imposed by people upon the Leo person leads invariablyAstrology, 309:discipline is intended to eradicate. Discipline imposed by himself leads to the perfection of whichAstrology, 377:group activity and life becomes twisted into the imposed will and the concept of the superstate.Astrology, 377:a rule of life and an order of living which is imposed upon them by force and which is not the freeAstrology, 593:about which H. P. B. speaks, and more than self-imposed limitation. It is the end seen from theAutobiography, 221:to put forty-eight stars on each bodice as it imposed too much sewing but the general effect wasAutobiography, 277:and submit to discipline. This must be self-imposed and adapted to the nature and point ofAutobiography, 283:men and women - with vision and with a self-imposed, spiritual discipline - through whom that workAutobiography, 285:are freely offered. The requirements cannot be imposed. If the student profits by the work and byBethlehem, 137:because decentralized and freed from the self-imposed limitations of form. Bethlehem, 147:itself, but is something which is definitely imposed by man upon his own nature. When this processBethlehem, 185:kingdoms will render up their life, not as an imposed sacrifice, but as a willing offering to theBethlehem, 202:ordained right habits, and the social order have imposed upon the race. To step across theseDestiny, 8:it, but ideas come from a higher source and are imposed upon the racial mind, whether men want themDestiny, 8:recognizable - selfish ambition and a violently imposed authority. Those ideas which are relativelyDestiny, 26:pressure of modern life, under the strain of the imposed present conditions and civilization, plusDestiny, 57:ray produces three major patterns which are imposed upon the form nature, whether it be that of aDestiny, 60:and the essential brotherliness which is imposed by the idealism and the mystical aspiration of theDestiny, 114:of the sixth ray and its objectives have been imposed upon the race are three in number: TheDiscipleship1, 65:do, that it is the impression of ideas and not imposed direction which is the group ideal - a veryDiscipleship1, 106:may be erected and a new and higher rhythm be imposed. The brain cells need rest, for a certainDiscipleship1, 117:than you are; he loses much, however, by an imposed impersonality to it; you lose much by being tooDiscipleship1, 118:and specific uses. These questions which I have imposed upon your minds are in the nature of whatDiscipleship1, 153:think with clarity, to subject yourself to self-imposed discipline, and to heighten your magneticDiscipleship1, 188:and restricted inner, spiritual life and an imposed introspection. Having no one to whom to talkDiscipleship1, 262:must go. They must go, not through a drastically imposed inhibition, but swept away through theDiscipleship1, 280:requirements and the establishing of a self-imposed rhythm in your life for a year will give youDiscipleship1, 281:on the physical plane is given to the freely imposed rhythm of organized service, then power can beDiscipleship1, 327:make over all words and descriptions. This self-imposed attention to true accuracy must be yourDiscipleship1, 361:you dream except by tremendous effort and a self-imposed discipline of a drastic nature. Hence yourDiscipleship1, 367:life is a higher living discipline than any self-imposed ideas of life and truth. When a discipleDiscipleship1, 368:your physical plane life to discipline, self-imposed; adhere to that discipline at all costs. YouDiscipleship1, 368:disciplined life, ordered and ruled by your own imposed plan but to that service to which thisDiscipleship1, 401:cares of a great business Organization and your imposed (and rightly imposed) preoccupations wereDiscipleship1, 401:Organization and your imposed (and rightly imposed) preoccupations were with the more materialDiscipleship1, 441:and understood well. It was definitely self-imposed. The second, emanating more directly from theDiscipleship1, 454:to take up your life's burden, when it is next imposed upon you, in full consciousness of what youDiscipleship1, 498:its unavoidable difficulties through a self-imposed discipline. I leave it to you to find the way.Discipleship1, 557:the quality of soul life and that quality can be imposed upon the personality, thereby supersedingDiscipleship1, 558:Being and is, in its turn and in due time, imposed upon the rhythm of the soul. It is the gift ofDiscipleship1, 683:It is not a place where character discipline is imposed and right relations established between theDiscipleship1, 700:in The Secret Doctrine to the soul) is being imposed upon the personality, then their energyDiscipleship1, 704:and the necessity for breaking the barriers imposed by the personality. This whole process might beDiscipleship1, 712:is that directed, hierarchical impression is not imposed until the man has fitted himself throughDiscipleship1, 746:arising on his side of the relationship and not imposed by the Master - and he neither wants norDiscipleship2, 28:approach them more directly, as the limitations imposed by the physical brain no longer exist.Discipleship2, 68:working through their representatives, chosen or imposed, in every country. This demand can be andDiscipleship2, 189:the result of his point in evolution, that it is imposed upon him by astrological conditions, andDiscipleship2, 233:embody the will of the planetary Logos and are imposed upon all lesser groups of lives by thoseDiscipleship2, 235:from thence to meditation and invocation, can be imposed by men upon their own thinking. This isDiscipleship2, 237:are, in essence, modes of conduct which, when imposed upon, impressed upon and followed up by anDiscipleship2, 238:is not one which is - from the spiritual angle - imposed. It is in the nature of a spontaneousDiscipleship2, 297:and much that you do is the result of imposed sacrifice and at a cost; it is not natural to you; itDiscipleship2, 302:question. Why, brother of mine, is the plan not imposed? What are the distinctions between quality,Discipleship2, 320:Plan." Why is this so? Why is the Plan not imposed? That the initiate knows because he works. WhatDiscipleship2, 346:by the initiate himself and is not one imposed upon him within an Ashram or by the watching Master.Discipleship2, 388:Why is this so? Why is the Plan not imposed? Hint IV. - The initiate knows because he works. WhatDiscipleship2, 389:Why is this so? Why is the Plan not imposed?" [390] You will note immediately the relation of thisDiscipleship2, 392:intelligently progressive and is not dynamically imposed with consequent disastrous effects, areDiscipleship2, 433:which Soul control is stabilized and consciously imposed upon the threefold lower man. The stage ofDiscipleship2, 477:of three truths - unalterable and fixed because imposed upon your personality by your soul: You areDiscipleship2, 511:based and never will be based upon any outwardly imposed silence by the initiate or disciple uponDiscipleship2, 511:to distract his attention from the reality to an imposed glamor surrounding the teacher. I wouldDiscipleship2, 529:you will - at the close of the period of self-imposed discipline - enter into a cycle of very greatDiscipleship2, 531:ideals (in his own consciousness even when not imposed on others) prevents understanding, and he isDiscipleship2, 533:personality, of the soul test thus drastically imposed, and of your response to circumstances, yourDiscipleship2, 586:as the carrying out of rules and orders, imposed upon them by some authoritative source. This, asDiscipleship2, 636:your personality activity adhering to the task imposed by your soul. A basic decision will shortlyDiscipleship2, 640:my brother, and where there could be an imposed expression of soul life, you need not for me toDiscipleship2, 658:of head is [658] largely theoretical and imposed; humility of heart is practical and inherentlyDiscipleship2, 658:connection with your first ray astral body - be imposed and that means two things in relation toDiscipleship2, 665:service is the choice of your soul. It is not imposed upon you by me or by the will of the AshramDiscipleship2, 693:the process of abstracting one's mind from all imposed thought-forms - imposed by one's background,Discipleship2, 693:one's mind from all imposed thought-forms - imposed by one's background, one's tradition and one'sDiscipleship2, 700:of sound, and a musical rhythm can usefully be imposed upon the personality life by the disciple.Discipleship2, 700:sound of music, to break down the personality-imposed barriers between the free flow of soul lifeDiscipleship2, 713:and distress and under the drastic circumstances imposed by this world war. You have served withoutEducation, 7:then the objective of the educational process imposed upon the subject will be to make the mindEducation, 42:this basic structure the exact opposite is being imposed today, and in the reaction - normal, rightEducation, 59:will be part of the acknowledged curriculum imposed upon the rising generation, and that theEducation, 75:a form of behavior has been enforced or imposed which is superficial, and which is not based uponEducation, 77:for what it is. The many small and petty sins, imposed upon children by the constant reiteration ofEducation, 78:with the unnecessary and vast accumulation of imposed difficulties which are not innate in theEducation, 78:the petty embryonic complexes, which have been imposed upon him by others and did not form a partEducation, 100:nations, some kind of compulsory education is imposed upon the masses; the children of all nationsEducation, 116:are being self-initiated by him and are not imposed upon him by an [117] outside force or by theEducation, 120:and that when it is an enforced sacrifice (imposed by the more powerful and superior person orEducation, 122:than of some specific person's determined and imposed plan. The Piscean type of man is an idealistEducation, 134:that certain physical restrictions should be imposed, because it is now evident that beyond aEducation, 136:in which souls may incarnate, cannot be imposed by law. The desired ends may be aided byEducation, 149:different attitude to the educational processes (imposed upon the very young of every nation) willExternalisation, 6:of use, are unaccustomed to the powerful rhythm imposed upon them; and humanity's equipment ofExternalisation, 7:of the mass of human vehicles to meet the newly imposed strain and some idea of the problem can be
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