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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPOSITION

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Psychology2, 145:by a group. It is the difference between the imposition of an individual's response to an idea uponPsychology2, 190:work. These groups communicate the "quality of imposition" and an authority that is lacking in manyPsychology2, 194:only be brought into rhythmic activity by the imposition of stronger and more definitely directedPsychology2, 237:to be a practical and [237] hard task. The imposition of a sensed, divine, psychical attribute uponPsychology2, 310:was fought out in the world war, which was the imposition of a tremendous test and discipline. WePsychology2, 482:The will of God can take the form of the imposition of life circumstance and conditions from whichPsychology2, 482:there is no possible escape; the subject of this imposition accepts it and does literally nothingPsychology2, 512:being whipped up into a better condition by the imposition of applied thought. Instead of drawingPsychology2, 554:center can be swept into undue activity by the imposition of personality force, and its energyPsychology2, 662:All nations at this time are engrossed with the imposition of some idea, or group of ideas, uponRays, 125:as control of the animal nature, the powerful imposition of desire, a sense of superiority, ofRays, 128:with applicants and are seeking to see the imposition of the physical disciplines, and with theRays, 478:the minds of the men of the time, but were the imposition of the creative will of the planetaryRays, 636:of conflict and that spirit of "fanatical imposition" which is distinctive of the totalitarianRays, 680:- run counter to the spirit of Christ. The imposition of intellectual and formal communism by aRays, 744:is not necessarily wrong or wicked; it is the imposition by force and by a police state of an
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