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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPOSSIBILITY

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Astrology, 636:everywhere and always and in the presence of the impossibility of attributing it all to chance andAutobiography, 51:languages have I been aroused to the complete impossibility of verbal inspiration. If God hadBethlehem, 38:in their beauty. An isolated soul is an impossibility. He says: "The Soul - I use the term in theEducation, 9:differences in human beings and the practical impossibility of finding those teachers who work asExternalisation, 617:come. I am not, however, presenting you with an impossibility. Fire, 50:express the quality of spirit. Hence the utter impossibility for human consciousness justly toFire, 134:60,61 AND THE SPINE Very briefly, owing to the impossibility of revealing much on this necessarilyFire, 415:to ours within a cosmic ring-pass-not. Hence the impossibility of yet enlarging upon it. EachFire, 650:in one or other of its many states. The utter impossibility of cataloguing the forms and aspects ofFire, 953:force, and such an entity as the "Dweller" be an impossibility. All that I have here said anentFire, 1057:the immense complexity of the matter and the impossibility for the average astronomical andFire, 1270:confusion and even ridicule on account of the impossibility of translating them correctly; theyHealing, 490:this and so grasp the foolishness as well as the impossibility of those spiritual [491] marriagesInitiation, 4:extern complexity of the matter it is an utter impossibility for us to do more than get a generalIntellect, 188:of absolute non-existence which [188] was an impossibility as long as we had to reckon with theMagic, 588:Hence the difficulty of the subject and the impossibility of giving general and blanket rules. ItMeditation, 199:incarnation can work in real cooperation (an impossibility at present, for the personality looms asMeditation, 297:If I here outline what may seem a visionary impossibility it is but that I seek to hold up such anPsychology2, 20:is reached, man will understand why this impossibility exists. More cannot be said, for until thatSoul, 144:thrown back with a deepened conviction of the impossibility of knowing, we may keep alive the
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