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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPOSSIBLE

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Externalisation, 672:and some vague heaven. This is no mystical or impossible dream, but is simply the recognition andFire, xiv:of force and of energy. It is well nigh impossible to reduce such concepts to concrete formulas andFire, 93:not found, then certain great activities become impossible, and disintegration sets in. The reasonFire, 193:with the others in such a way that it is almost impossible to know where one begins and the otherFire, 288:quantity of matter to deal with and it will be impossible for us to do more than to get a broad andFire, 350:lies hidden in dynamic will and is as yet to us impossible and incomprehensible. 29 The aboveFire, 352:of systems, a solar system, or a man is for us impossible. Only as one grasps the fact that eachFire, 365:usual. This transference will seem mysteriously impossible unless the student is careful to realizeFire, 372:cycles for the other Logoi - a thing as yet impossible for us. As this is meditated upon andFire, 382:into obscurity. This point of view is as yet impossible for the average thinker, for it involves anFire, 414:of a male and a female chain. This is a mystery impossible to elucidate further, but it is dealtFire, 475:is now possible through ignorance will become impossible and obsolete. The time will come, when theFire, 502:Logos of His Ray - a thing at this stage impossible of conscious realization. In the orderedFire, 530:is gradually passing into obscuration. It is impossible to enlarge further upon this mystery. 73Fire, 567:laws is the Law of Synthesis. It is almost impossible for those of us who have not the buddhicFire, 568:of these laws much is lost, for it is well nigh impossible to resolve abstractions into the termsFire, 573:and on the building of thought-forms. It is impossible to do more than sense the symbols of theFire, 597:questions in our minds. Comprehension is as yet impossible. Until fourth-dimensional sight is ours,Fire, 598:the process, and of its wonderful beauty. It is impossible for us, sweeping through on some oneFire, 615:advanced man this is dangerous to attempt and impossible to accomplish. Now, let us add a few moreFire, 631:on the physical plane through seven Manus) it is impossible to go. Therefore, in discussing theseFire, 645:such diversity as to make enumeration well-nigh impossible. We might attempt with brevity to stateFire, 679:The melting elements. The gods of incense. It is impossible to enumerate more now, and likewiseFire, 690:therefore full expression for them [690] is impossible during manifestation. Relatively therefore,Fire, 720:by a dynamic action of the will. This seems impossible, and well nigh senseless phraseology whenFire, 755:These groups will achieve results now impossible, owing to the retention of buddhic force, butFire, 798:stupendous law of the system and one which it is impossible for the average man in any way toFire, 848:four types of force. [848] This is next to impossible for man to understand and will seemFire, 972:wrongly conceived and nurtured, and therefore impossible of playing its just part in theFire, 976:to work through the matter - a thing before impossible. The Ego cannot work freely in theFire, 993:round? The inner round has many meanings, some impossible to give, but two things may here be said:Fire, 1036:others spend untold aeons, and hence it is impossible to say that there are even "averages"Fire, 1108:the cosmic devachan is as yet far from Him, and impossible to conceive of. Certain points,Fire, 1131:for many lives have been probably a dream or an impossible vision. When he is proficient in theseFire, 1140:or hieroglyphic writings of the adepts, 22 it is impossible for him to grasp the matter. Much ofFire, 1165:the effect is wonderful in the extreme, and impossible for the eye to follow, the mind of man toFire, 1198:evolution. Even in this, they will find it impossible to do more than influence the incarnatingFire, 1229:it should be remembered that it will be quite impossible to impart information of a definiteFire, 1248:thought is so little developed that it is impossible for us to comprehend the significance of thisFire, 1251:for it involves an identification at present impossible to the majority, and a power to realize theGlamour, 3:compassion known; then does criticism become impossible; then, only, is the divine germ seen asGlamour, 29:of some kind or another, but who finds it quite impossible to integrate it into the world picture;Glamour, 37:mind. Six months ago I felt that it was probably impossible for L.T.S-K. to free himself [38] fromGlamour, 49:island of vast extent, from which escape is impossible. The authority to which we, the teachers onGlamour, 61:with the world of ideas which would otherwise be impossible, and bring through the newer conceptsGlamour, 96:perception is difficult and at first well-nigh impossible. Blindly and ignorantly men have to copeGlamour, 106:difficult and, in the early stages, impossible. It creates an aura which is today of such a generalGlamour, 145:strong usually in relation to glamor that it is impossible to bring in the light of knowledge withHealing, 28:primary causes, as I earlier explained, are impossible for you to grasp. They lie beyond theHealing, 33:limitations of your power to comprehend? It is impossible for me to convey to you the truth,Healing, 92:avoidance of the waste of time in attempting the impossible and to right effort to carry forwardHealing, 180:of the ordinary or undeveloped person. It is impossible for such diagrams to do more than give someHealing, 242:Obscure Planetary Conditions It is obviously impossible for me to enlarge upon this subject, for itHealing, 243:with the nervous system. They are consequently impossible to trace or isolate, because man is todayHealing, 255:well-being of humanity which makes it almost impossible for me to do more specific teaching andHealing, 282:with the physical vehicle that it is well nigh impossible to separate the two in consciousness;Healing, 292:of karmic ill. [292] It is consequently quite impossible in the scope of this treatise to deal moreHealing, 293:he moves and which he shares. It is obviously impossible for me to elucidate this theme. All I canHealing, 327:of a vital control seems difficult or impossible, there must be recognition of karmic limitationsHealing, 343:to us? You will see from the above how impossible it will be to deal with this wide range ofHealing, 349:on the causal levels whereon souls dwell, it is impossible for him to decide whether any specificHealing, 355:and criticism. This is a hard and well-nigh impossible thing for many to learn. Traces ofHealing, 357:is it so extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible, for earnest would-be healers to workHealing, 376:to photography. You may deem it well-nigh impossible to make plates of much greater sensitivityHealing, 440:on the nervous apparatus to produce pain. Is it impossible to conceive of a time when the act ofHealing, 440:dying will be a triumphant finale to life? Is it impossible [441] to vision the time when the hoursHealing, 497:the three already outlined - that it would be impossible to be definite or concise. Attrition isHealing, 529:know if a cure is permissible, practicable, or impossible. This is a form of knowledge which noHealing, 550:healer is not to waste time in attempting the impossible. There are four injunctions in this rule:Healing, 566:aspects of divinity produce disease. This sounds impossible upon first reading the statement, but aHealing, 583:within the world of form. [583] It has been impossible hitherto to give the subject-matter of thisHealing, 626:(and already they are sensing it) that it is impossible to fundamentally change the personality andHercules, 12:so closely blended and merged that it is almost impossible to say where one begins and anotherHercules, 23:becomes the Initiate, and this stage is always impossible until illusion has been overcome and theHercules, 49:and no condition of life in which it is impossible for a man to function as a son of God. If it isHercules, 70:aspirants have to master, and one which it is impossible to learn until the tests in Aries and inHercules, 142:be needed for this destruction. However, it is impossible to negate the powerful picture of theHercules, 165:my brother's wrong may be my right; that it is impossible for me to say what is right for youHercules, 181:all its fetid murk. Within a single day the task impossible had been performed. When Hercules,Initiation, 52:where necessary, which might otherwise be impossible. It might be wise for occult studentsInitiation, 118:ray, is thus revealed. This truth is well-nigh impossible to express in words, and concerns theInitiation, 185:reached the fifth initiation. It is obviously impossible, and also unnecessary, to convey to ourInitiation, 187:thought is so little developed that it is impossible for us to comprehend the significance of thisInitiation, 188:can only be mentioned, further speculation being impossible. The bulk of liberated humanity goesIntellect, 218:they are not the least interested. If it is impossible to get a moment for meditation before theIntellect, 221:exercises entails very real dangers. It is impossible to put this too strongly. There are manyMagic, 14:play with the result that much that is childish, impossible and unverifiable is rejected and aMagic, 31:is in reality evading the issue, attempting the impossible and hiding truth behind a form of words.Magic, 31:unresponsive to the hidden intuitions, make it impossible for us to say with assurance that such aMagic, 32:as yet to many, may write of things as yet impossible of demonstration to you or to the public whoMagic, 65:may cause the astral body to vibrate to a rhythm impossible for the right reception of the innerMagic, 69:is enriched; in the second case, mistakes are impossible and only right action can be taken. It isMagic, 99:the evolution of new species with an objective impossible to explain to those not yet initiate. TheMagic, 185:in a man's present life as would render it impossible for him to function as a disciple? In thisMagic, 222:to such an extent that it is at first almost impossible for the onlooking soul to dissociate itsMagic, 274:of ideas about His life and purpose are impossible until one has completed the term of evolution inMagic, 306:a fog which environs the man and makes it impossible for him to see clearly, walk surely, andMagic, 320:with which all adepts work." It is almost impossible to translate these ancient formulas intoMagic, 349:- such is the astral miasma - it is well nigh impossible for you, our struggling brethren, [350] toMagic, 381:symbols and methods which to us would be crude, impossible and of a nature which the race should
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