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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPOSSIBLE

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Magic, 424:occupied exclusively with its own affairs? Is it impossible for you to vision a time when theMagic, 499:on the nervous apparatus to produce pain. Is it impossible to conceive of a time when the act ofMagic, 499:dying will be a triumphant finale of life? Is it impossible to vision the time when the hours spentMagic, 518:Enough has been left unsaid to make it impossible for any but a deeply learned student to arrive atMagic, 543:Etheric blindness, make it well nigh impossible for me to do full justice to this rule and toMagic, 613:and color and perspective. True vision is then impossible. The astral stage and the vast cycle ofMagic, 620:that of personal contact, which was frequently impossible. Magic, 630:from the standpoint of the world seems to be impossible, knowing that the vision is notMagic, 634:of a separative tincture, and it is yet impossible to present any idea in its true and syntheticMeditation, 14:with you on the physical plane, it has been impossible to do more than formulate a plan forMeditation, 193:knowledge of men. As yet it is practically impossible to get a sufficient number of people at theMeditation, 236:or angel evolution will come about, though it is impossible now through instability of vibration.Meditation, 248:of inflammation and of fever, but it is almost impossible as yet to provide the right conditionsMeditation, 250:constructive nature. This sounds to you utterly impossible, but it will simply be the utilizationMeditation, 294:Threshold. When perfectly accomplished (a thing impossible now) it forms a perfect protection.Meditation, 334:and coarser matter. This is needed because it is impossible for those with coarse bodies to contactMeditation, 334:coarse bodies to contact high vibration. It is impossible for the Ego to transmit the higherMeditation, 334:guidance through a coarse physical body. It is impossible for the loftier currents of thought toPatanjali, 9:and negate spiritual consciousness. Union is impossible as long as the barriers exist, and thePatanjali, 104:produces it and for him mistake is in the future impossible; his sense of values is correct; hisPatanjali, 106:and of spirit, independent of matter or form) is impossible. The testimony of the ages points to aPatanjali, 150:the transmutation of his desires old "pains" are impossible. It infers secondly that life will bePatanjali, 151:itself. In a small commentary such as this it is impossible to enter with any fullness into thisPatanjali, 215:so one-pointed that thought of the body becomes impossible. Patanjali, 277:These points are enumerated to show how impossible it is that the majority of the claims regardingPatanjali, 284:and one pointed meditation, and hence is impossible to the man who has not passed through the longPatanjali, 395:Whose body every form is but a cell or atom, is impossible for us to comprehend. All that a man canPatanjali, 405:same, for then all distinctive knowledge will be impossible, which, however, is absurd. To attemptProblems, 40:reconstruction demanded and the well-nigh impossible task of salvaging the children and youth ofProblems, 62:a long time to bring this about, but it is not impossible, as history itself has proved. Some dayProblems, 63:in constructing a world in which war will be impossible and humanity will be realizing itself asProblems, 64:for it is surely the guarantee that it is not impossible. Humanity has always progressed from stageProblems, 72:real comfort, leisure, culture and travel are impossible. The above is a terrible indictment. ItProblems, 88:are so closely related that it is well-nigh impossible to consider them apart. First, there is theProblems, 92:between that which has been and the - as yet - impossible vision of the [93] idealist. TheirProblems, 116:nations as well as internationally, an [116] impossible dream, a waste of time to consider or anProblems, 125:few. Even if united (which seems as yet sadly impossible because of doctrinal differences), theyProblems, 142:refuse to be an accepting Christian and go to an impossible hell - a hell growing out of theProblems, 175:of the world's wealth would have been impossible. That is not true today. Statistics exist;Psychology1, 6:unknown and undefinable quantity. They find it impossible to discover its origin; they know notPsychology1, 22:that is eventuating, but in a degree which it is impossible for us to cognize, limited as we are byPsychology1, 92:and in which each man will enter into an impossible heritage which he has himself constructed outPsychology1, 97:world in the sixteenth century, how strange and impossible it would all have seemed to them!Psychology1, 104:proof of the existence of the soul. It will be impossible to account for the ordinary phenomenaPsychology1, 152:own solar system. Its own planetary Being. It is impossible for the average thinker to grasp thePsychology1, 173:objective, and not the establishing of some impossible and mythical Utopia, or of those materialPsychology1, 181:be accused of romancing and of communicating the impossible; but time will demonstrate the truth ofPsychology1, 213:to do. The understanding of it is well nigh impossible to the finite mind of the average reader.Psychology1, 225:In the determining of this development it is impossible for man as yet to see the relations, forPsychology1, 231:it to speculate on matters of which it is as yet impossible for the average student to apprehendPsychology1, 301:modern civilization), we should have made war impossible, we should have reduced crime to aPsychology1, 347:early stages of his development, it is well-nigh impossible for any one (except an initiate) toPsychology1, 386:futile effort to preserve a purity of race now impossible, is due to her first ray personality,Psychology2, 4:however, with these energies and forces, it is impossible to express their appearance, quality andPsychology2, 82:is an attempt to define that which it is almost impossible to make intelligible in words. From thePsychology2, 85:which would have been regarded as magical, impossible and superhuman several centuries ago. ThePsychology2, 90:hundred years ago (when such a thing was deemed impossible) they talked in terms of the mastery ofPsychology2, 101:psychic sensitivity which would otherwise be impossible. Only those units of life who are coloredPsychology2, 112:intensity of realization that would otherwise be impossible. Just as the Law [113] of Attraction,Psychology2, 211:and color our general thought, but which it is impossible either to check or accept except as beingPsychology2, 325:Son of God can express himself, it is impossible to avoid the use of some form of symbolicPsychology2, 333:all future incarnations in the three worlds impossible, except as an act of the spiritual will. ThePsychology2, 364:Until this is experienced, it is well nigh impossible to comprehend, through the medium of words,Psychology2, 395:and a simultaneity of reception which it is impossible for me to put into words. You might well askPsychology2, 401:and reflect. I have pointed out a goal which is impossible of achievement as yet, but one whichPsychology2, 401:task that humanity is being asked to perform the impossible. It is as if the human frame hadPsychology2, 422:right use of recognized assets, thus eliminating impossible goals and the consequent inevitablePsychology2, 424:point in evolution but not so advanced as to be impossible. The avoidance of those steps andPsychology2, 529:carried out that are, at other time, well-nigh impossible. I would like here to point out that thePsychology2, 586:automatically make the use of the lower powers impossible because the shift of the flow of energyPsychology2, 677:and activities will be rendered eternally impossible on a large scale. This coming period will bePsychology2, 697:intensity of realization that would otherwise be impossible. Just as the Law of Attraction, workingPsychology2, 732:Group of World Servers is great but it is not an impossible task. It is engrossing but as itPsychology2, 740:God on earth. This is a gigantic task but not an impossible one, provided that there is unitedRaysnature. The demanded contact would otherwise be impossible. What is needed is self-exertion, theRays, 138:of the third degree), that it is well-nigh impossible for the teachings (which I seek to give) toRays, 172:we now have it has no words, and it is therefore impossible to formulate concepts to interpret theRays, 189:the Hierarchy. It is this fact that has made it impossible (since 1933) for disciples of the WhiteRays, 212:into the inner Ashram. These are not, however, impossible objectives, or I would not waste yourRays, 249:for he would realize that it would not only be impossible but also that there is a vital necessityRays, 274:to anything hitherto projected that it seems so impossible of achievement; the triangles projectRays, 287:idea or to clothe the concept. It is therefore impossible to put the divine ideas into their idealRays, 304:familiar words, and therefore it is well-nigh impossible for me to convey their significances toRays, 307:of man's little mind, these plans are well-nigh impossible to [308] grasp. From the standpoint ofRays, 328:writing can be paraphrased as follows: It is impossible to realize the wonder of the future whichRays, 360:wrong identification with physical forms is now impossible, and the initiate's only limitation isRays, 362:of orientation, and though it remains as yet impossible of attainment there is definite developingRays, 380:only something so primitive that it is well-nigh impossible for you to grasp its significance orRays, 405:of Training for Planetary Logoi It is obviously impossible to say much about this Path. ThoseRays, 421:is therefore far more difficult and practically impossible to say anything anent this Path which isRays, 435:of a goal for a disciple? Does it seem well-nigh impossible of accomplishment? Can you undertakeRays, 439:the form side of manifestation; it is well-nigh impossible for the neophyte to vision a time whenRays, 521:time, arrested development. This was of course impossible, but the religion which He founded hasRays, 524:shrank. Great as is this mystery to your and impossible as it is for you to comprehend that whereofRays, 529:certain high stages of unfoldment which remain impossible to any human comprehension outside thatRays, 598:by the evolving spiritual man. It is well nigh impossible to differentiate the results of fifth rayRays, 634:original inhabitants (which is not possible) an impossible situation would be brought about just asRays, 656:later initiations; they would still, however, be impossible of application and practical usefulnessRays, 723:By means of this statement you will see how impossible it is for me to explain certain things, toReappearance, 42:successfully carried forward. It all seemed impossible, necessitating three conditions; under these
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