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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPRESS

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Astrology, 327:is done, the glamor of the personality [327] impress. The sweep of known history will aid in this,Atom, 35:only a dream, but the thing that I am seeking to impress upon my mind and yours is that we scarcelyAutobiography, 260:of a powerful collaborator. The Tibetan would impress the desired symbol or glyph upon one of theBethlehem, 72:and of the deep recognition of God. Then His impress and His life can be seen everywhere, inBethlehem, 265:perception on the part of those who can impress the masses and lead people forward. They seek toBethlehem, 269:of thought and the ideas which they seek to impress upon the minds of men find their way intoDestiny, 15:That is the thing which he will endeavor to impress upon the racial consciousness. This may lead atDestiny, 62:two countries which has enabled the telepathic impress of Fascist idealism to be easily impressedDiscipleship1, 65:and disciples in my groups will seek to do is to impress certain minds with the outlines orDiscipleship1, 66:in connection with those whose minds you seek to impress. Silence, complete and unbroken as to whatDiscipleship1, 66:we who work on the inner side must hasten to impress sensitive, awakening psychics with the rightDiscipleship1, 76:to Disciples - Part VIII I would like also to impress upon you a second point. It is of aptDiscipleship1, 95:in a subtle, spiritual jealousy of those who impress themselves upon his consciousness as hisDiscipleship1, 169:only to stand by. The three points which I would impress upon you are as follows: Waste not time inDiscipleship1, 204:the facility and ease with which your soul can impress your brain. This tends also to make you veryDiscipleship1, 304:upon their minds more easily than they can impress yours, but your fifth ray personality willDiscipleship1, 312:thread which cannot break. Two things I would impress upon you at this time, and upon them I wouldDiscipleship1, 326:opens to a field of newer service." I cannot impress upon you too strongly two matters, my brother:Discipleship1, 403:you so choose and if you mould the future by the impress of your soul. It has been interesting toDiscipleship1, 549:take care of themselves without any mental impress from you... Keep busy, my brother, about theDiscipleship1, 609:this, for if you understand that which I seek to impress upon you, your service will be greatlyDiscipleship1, 615:understanding of that which I have sought to impress upon you. You have a devotion and aDiscipleship1, 696:lives of those with whom he is in touch. He may impress their minds with what he feels is needed inDiscipleship1, 711:how and in what manner the Master is seeking to impress you and the group with which you may beDiscipleship2, 54:the mind) of that which the soul has sought to impress upon it at the moment of attempted orDiscipleship2, 58:indicate to you its relative importance and so impress upon you the necessity for your individualDiscipleship2, 164:recent happenings in various ways in order to impress upon you all the stupendous nature of whatDiscipleship2, 171:by leaders everywhere; the effort is to impress these minds with certain ideas which are necessaryDiscipleship2, 207:New Group of World Servers, that group can then impress the individual; through him humanity can beDiscipleship2, 207:through him humanity can be reached. It can also impress the Hierarchy; then the Contemplatives whoDiscipleship2, 207:the Hierarchy, and through the Hierarchy can impress the New Group of World Servers; then, and onlyDiscipleship2, 207:and of the Masters, and senior initiates will impress the members of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 207:the hierarchical meditation, will inevitably impress the sons of men who are seeking and longingDiscipleship2, 233:in mind. I have been for some time seeking to impress upon you the eternal fact that the entireDiscipleship2, 347:lines of thinking which it is most necessary to impress on advancing and advanced disciples is thatDiscipleship2, 486:adequately dynamic; it does not make adequate impress on the outer conditions of living. This youDiscipleship2, 486:- an impression which will enable them to impress others with the desire to discover truth and toDiscipleship2, 601:resent them? All national heritages lay their impress upon their peoples. A.A.B. is typicallyDiscipleship2, 603:that sensitivity and a conscious reaction to the impress of all the vehicles in the personalityEducation, 24:must they lay their emphasis upon the effort to impress upon that brain and mind the facts,Externalisation, 18:student may have difficulty in closing. I cannot impress too strongly upon aspirants in all occultExternalisation, 21:entire world. The two thoughts which I seek to impress upon your minds are, first, theExternalisation, 30:it with the aid of those whom he could impress and influence to think as he did; a man sensed anExternalisation, 57:becomes subservient to that purpose and to soul impress. This is the thought contained in the wordsExternalisation, 65:is partly to dispel illusion, but primarily to impress the Plan upon the consciousness of theExternalisation, 138:nature and it is this which I seek to impress upon your minds. Up to date and in spite ofExternalisation, 241:is inhuman, selfish and cruel; I shall have to impress upon you the prime and initial necessity toExternalisation, 348:Hierarchy and Shamballa, thus facilitating the impress of the Will of God upon the minds of men,Externalisation, 348:men, through the medium of the Hierarchy. This impress we interpret as yet in terms of the divineExternalisation, 495:seventh ray ashrams, and this enabled them to impress lesser disciples in the scientific field andExternalisation, 519:They give direction; They throw a light; They impress those who are in contact with Them, andExternalisation, 539:and their goodwill activities, will reach and impress men everywhere. The adjustment being at thisExternalisation, 657:advanced a man may be, the more sensitive to impress he becomes, and the human race has now reachedFire, 266:six because we have sought to emphasize and to impress clearly upon our minds that the three linesFire, 319:which views spiritual things, and seeks to impress the spiritual view on the outward lookingFire, 425:of two fifths of the human family. The impress to be set by the first Ray upon our human family onFire, 816:energy of the self as it makes its direct impress upon the substance of the egoic lotus. It shouldFire, 968:reactions of the substance of the sheaths, the impress of the lunar Lords. It responds in the laterFire, 968:to the positive influence of the Ego or the impress of the solar Lord. As is apparent, thisFire, 970:of awakening as much as possible of any egoic impress. When the reaction between the two factors,Fire, 1098:with that group of cosmic Lives who (through the impress of their influence upon solar matter) areGlamour, 61:is over-estimation of personality and undue impress of personality reactions upon the sensed ideaGlamour, 173:[173] as the soul registers it and seeks to impress it on the highest aspect of the personal lowerHealing, 3:stuff which an individual human unit can use and impress, constitutes the fourth of the series ofHealing, 268:Its emphasis is material and its effect is to impress a purely materialistic Jehovah upon worldHercules, 43:the imposition [43] of the will of God and the impress of that will upon form and its recognitionHercules, 185:it is a hotbed of jealousies, people trying to impress the others with the amount of theirInitiation, 46:guiding, even if unknown, their destinies; they impress and inspire statesmen and rulers; they pourInitiation, 144:resembles hypnotic suggestion, or the powerful impress of stronger minds upon the weaker. It takesIntellect, 121:as its terminal of expression and which it can impress in order to express those concepts andIntellect, 142:It is, therefore, possible for the thinker to impress the brain, via the controlled mind, with thatIntellect, 155:eyes upon the waiting instrument, and seeks to impress upon it as much of its Wisdom and KnowledgeIntellect, 201:such time as the new world begins to make its impress upon the aspirant. This is one reason whyIntellect, 239:ideas, and in turn, through this clear thinking, impress the waiting brain. It may be true thatIntellect, 251:the world picture; above all, it will carry the impress of Divine Wisdom and lead the race on aMagic, 27:to use the soul (via the intuition) and to impress upon the soul-consciousness those laws,Magic, 79:development of the concrete mind. I would here impress upon you that this development must in noMagic, 132:In solitude also the Master can approach and impress upon the quiescent soul the knowledge that HeMagic, 133:transmit as much of the plan as possible. They impress the plan and some suggestion as to its scopeMagic, 184:of the physical plane life and nature to the impress and control of the soul. This is coveredMagic, 251:mind is a true reflector and receiver of soul impress, the corresponding thought-form will be trueMagic, 311:very briefly to list the major energies which impress the human organism and circulate through theMagic, 359:Future The work of the Atlantean Adepts was to impress upon the world consciousness the fact thatMagic, 359:the word God. The work of the Aryan Adepts is to impress upon the world consciousness that God isMagic, 395:comprehensive. It has grown out of the impress set upon human thought and terminologies by theMagic, 426:to these mutual conferences with no desire to impress one another and with no thought of relativeMagic, 459:recipients. These latter, in their turn, seek to impress and guide the lesser workers andMagic, 523:a thought-form which, when dynamic enough, can impress the brain of a transmitting agent, such asMagic, 527:under the inspiration of the Universal Mind, can impress humanity with the purposes of God andMagic, 560:substance into activity and so making strong impress upon the brain cells and working out intoMeditation, 27:inherent mental capacity and the directed impress of the indwelling Ego, but the time is becomingMeditation, 108:It is for each soul to find out. What I want to impress upon you is the fact that there is aMeditation, 145:And - which is the point I am aiming to impress upon you - the aim should be the development of theMeditation, 233:in flux at any one given time; by this I seek to impress upon you that though all rays manifest inMeditation, 300:and educational leaders who make their impress on their environment, then mayhap will come the timeMeditation, 337:movement from its surroundings. It receives the impress of every passing desire. It contacts everyPatanjali, 163:is the receiving plate upon which the seer can impress his "pure knowledge" using the mind as anPatanjali, 206:and quiescent and receptive to the higher impress. [207] As this is discussed fully in book threePatanjali, 232:The consequent ability of the soul or ego to impress and illuminate the brain through the medium ofPatanjali, 254:intellect is illumined, it can transmit to and impress upon the brain those hidden things which
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