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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPRESSES

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Bethlehem, 57:dramatic quality and its repeated happening, God impresses upon the hearts of men certain greatDiscipleship2, 209:the potency of their creative meditation which impresses the needed inspiration (another phrase forDiscipleship2, 223:evolutionary spiral, the Hierarchy in its turn impresses the New Group of World Servers with theExternalisation, 506:strip the veil from the world of the unseen. He impresses the minds of those whose vision willFire, 986:or with the force of the first aspect. He impresses the lower substances, and manipulates theFire, 1034:system. Spiral activity - The influence which impresses all forms, which emanates from theirFire, 1149:and so liberate himself for service. The Ego impresses this desire upon the disciple duringFire, 1209:of the Logos, upon which His positive energy impresses itself, driving that hierarchy on to selfIntellect, 57:gives it its peculiar qualities and attributes, impresses upon it its desires and, eventually,Intellect, 105:of thought, or the work of the Thinker as he impresses upon the mind (when in a state ofIntellect, 123:the same through the activity of the mind, which impresses in its turn the brain, attuned toMagic, 168:bodies to the higher increased rate. He impresses the disciple's mind, via his Ego, with the groupMagic, 252:the soul (inspiring the mind which in its turn impresses the brain), leads then (as the result ofMagic, 283:the Manu of the race as He builds a new race and impresses the outer Builders with His ideas. TheyMagic, 517:the higher interlude, abstract or divine thought impresses the soul and is transmitted to theMagic, 517:and an attempt to embody divine thought in form, impresses the brain and produces action throughMeditation, 136:all must strive and aspire. The Dark Brother impresses his will on human beings (if analogousMeditation, 291:One, for each Master has his own vibration which impresses itself upon His pupils in a specificPatanjali, 259:of the object of his meditation. This excites or impresses his mind, and throws into activity thePsychology2, 510:by the Master to the man's soul. The soul then impresses them on the mind, which has been heldPsychology2, 633:the idealism of the leaders and demagogues which impresses them and impels them into actionRays, 370:we might call "unfettered enlightenment"; this impresses the purpose or the will of the Lord of theSoul, 69:gives it its peculiar qualities and attributes, impresses upon it its desires and, eventuallyTelepathy, 23:trains and works through His disciples. He impresses them simultaneously with an idea or an aspectTelepathy, 55:the last analysis, just a question as to what "impresses" you at any given moment, and then in whatTelepathy, 68:of stepping down or of descent. That which impresses Shamballa and is received by the Grand CouncilTelepathy, 122:dynamic energized substance, for it basically impresses them and uses them as they become aware of
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