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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPRESSING

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Discipleship1, 63:in the world by the process of mentally impressing the mind of some [64] disciple or sensitiveDiscipleship1, 65:You might also ask: How can this collective impressing go on and yet leave a man free? Because itDiscipleship1, 67:be impressed and the fact of your group as the impressing agency (thus providing the two polesDiscipleship1, 219:emphasis has changed from that of the continuous impressing of your personality attitudes, ideasDiscipleship1, 489:special work to which I would assign you, beyond impressing upon you the necessity for making andDiscipleship2, 82:them more effective instruments in service. I am impressing the minds of those members of my AshramDiscipleship2, 134:This threefold spiritual reality (which is the "impressing agent") is the goal of the presentedDiscipleship2, 137:to the purpose, and creatively and constantly impressing humanity with the aim in view of expandingExternalisation, 281:our efforts to reaching the intelligent people, impressing the spiritually minded, and inExternalisation, 383:to change the content of world thought and impressing other minds, even if you do not know it. 3.Externalisation, 434:the activity of the humanitarians and impressing the minds of Their disciples in order to arouseExternalisation, 435:was plunged into war. Since then the work of impressing the minds of the world disciples and ofExternalisation, 435:the great humanitarian aims of the Hierarchy. Impressing the minds of diplomats, thinkers andExternalisation, 496:broke because the group of evil forces who were impressing the negative German people were unableExternalisation, 601:move of the Hierarchy, I told you, would be the impressing of the minds of enlightened menExternalisation, 650:responsive to [650] good or bad impression. By impressing certain doctrines, certain principles andExternalisation, 665:thinking, all the planning and all the work of impressing receptive minds is directed towardsFire, 623:and mental units, and are therefore directly impressing themselves upon the devas who build theseFire, 713:Secondly, they work through the mental units, impressing upon the atom that portion, microscopic asFire, 958:That of aligning with the Ego. 88 The process of impressing the egoic will, on the physical brain,Fire, 983:the mental body, the purpose of the Ego, thereby impressing the building agents on the mental planeFire, 998:other of the lunar Pitris; the downflow of the impressing energy from the solar Pitri is the resultGlamour, 124:whereby ideas are developed from the moment of impressing the mind of some intuitive? BroadlyMagic, 60:other of the lunar pitris, the downflow of the impressing energy from the solar pitri is the resultMagic, 459:of the Plan. They work with those so chosen, impressing upon their minds that eternal triplicity ofMeditation, 210:make certain comments and give you certain data, impressing upon you nevertheless again the factPsychology1, 203:before him, and he will have the capacity of impressing true views of things on others and ofPsychology2, 8:personality is a triple combination of forces, impressing and absolutely controlling the fourthRays, 537:At the same time, the higher mind is impressing the lower mind and drawing it into a higher fusionReappearance, 48:indicated move of the Hierarchy would be the impressing of the minds of enlightened men everywhereTelepathy, Discip:an art to be mastered both from the angle of the impressing agent and of the impressed recipient,Telepathy, 45:Him (little as you may realize it) the entire impressing force of the Buddhas of Activity Who areTelepathy, 46:the humanitarians and the idealists. These impressing agencies, being seven in number, constituteTelepathy, 46:in number, constitute seven different streams of impressing energy which affect the seven rayTelepathy, 46:have only touched upon a few, a very few, of the impressing forces of the planet, and have [47]Telepathy, 47:recipients of impression and agents later of the impressing agent. When we arrive at the humanTelepathy, 56:"impression" and which, in their turn, become "impressing agents." There is little that can beTelepathy, 78:be remembered that the activity of all these "impressing agencies" is felt in a wide and generalTelepathy, 79:and destiny of the fourth kingdom to be the impressing agent for the third; the problem isTelepathy, 79:evil - prior to the appearance of mankind. The "impressing process" carried forward by humanity isTelepathy, 84:of Impression in relation to mankind. The impressing Centers, as they affect the understanding ofTelepathy, 87:in the Ashram; he then has the task himself of impressing his mind with what he has been told andTelepathy, 87:impressed; the other with the ability to be an impressing agent. The disciple is not permitted toTelepathy, 87:disciple is not permitted to practice the art of impressing until he himself is among those whoTelepathy, 88:from the throat center of the one who is the impressing agent. Those who are developing or haveTelepathy, 88:and registered by the brain. The one who is the impressing agent in this case works via the centerTelepathy, 92:time - he himself begins to learn the art of impressing the minds of others, to master theTelepathy, 92:of the level from which he works as an impressing agent, and to know who are the sons of men he canTelepathy, 115:or by the Spiritual Triad, the task of the impressing agent is relatively simple; all the discipleTelepathy, 118:the content of the reservoir upon which the impressing agent can draw and to which the recipient ofTelepathy, 119:It is this planetary Substance upon which the "impressing agents" must draw - the Nirmanakayas, theTelepathy, 119:those Masters of the Wisdom Who can act as the "impressing Agents of Sanat Kumara's Will." TheseTelepathy, 119:that the three Buddhas of Activity are the prime impressing Agents and that the three Great [120]Telepathy, 121:of the Plan as transmitted to them by the impressing Agents, the Masters, working through the [122]Telepathy, 122:find those to whom he can personally act as an impressing agent. He has consequently to studyTelepathy, 123:factor and also as an [123] originating and impressing factor. This might be regarded as theTelepathy, 128:for humanity eventually to act as the major impressing agent in relation to the three subhumanTelepathy, 129:as they emanate from some center, become impressing agents, and then are again transmitted orTelepathy, 133:centers and producing a consequent evocation of impressing energies. In these seven statements, youTelepathy, 179:other forms, and it thus becomes in its turn an impressing agent. You see, therefore, whereTelepathy, 188:of the cosmic ethers, and it works from there, impressing mental matter. Shamballa works on the
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