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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPRESSION

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Discipleship2, 155:Impression, referring here to the mechanism of impression and stating what you know about theDiscipleship2, 155:and stating what you know about the technique of impression. The "raincloud of knowable things."Discipleship2, 161:inspiration, to become sensitive to the awaited impression, and to bring down that which is neededDiscipleship2, 162:and mental knowing. Receptiveness to spiritual impression. This entails the awakening of anDiscipleship2, 204:they are, however, subject to hierarchical impression and are determined to serve their fellowmen.Discipleship2, 207:of the Hierarchy, become the agents of this impression. The meditation of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 209:of the planetary Logos under the meditative impression of the group which knows his will and whichDiscipleship2, 210:This is the receptive group which receives impression from Shamballa in relation to the planetaryDiscipleship2, 211:between Shamballa and Humanity, is subject to impression from Shamballa, via the Nirmanakayas, andDiscipleship2, 211:its Members are themselves the agents for the impression of Humanity. They embody and express theDiscipleship2, 212:your instinctual reaction to hierarchical impression as a member of this group should developDiscipleship2, 212:These people are not open to direct spiritual impression, but the intellectual approach and theDiscipleship2, 217:them responsively to come under hierarchical impression. Three times a year - at the April, May andDiscipleship2, The fu:is invocative to the Hierarchy for purposes of impression and can be impressed by any AshramDiscipleship2, 218:working creatively under the inspiration and the impression of the Hierarchy? It falls into twoDiscipleship2, 219:take place, esoterically speaking, under the impression of the Masters upon the three major rays.Discipleship2, 219:of World Servers, working under hierarchical impression. Members of all the ray types are to beDiscipleship2, 222:upon all the rays, under the guidance and the impression of the powerful seventh ray Ashram - nowDiscipleship2, 223:is called into activity in order to receive impression of the immediate, desired hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 233:of the Hierarchy. They, in their turn, make this impression the subject of their ashramicDiscipleship2, 235:is meditation; laying oneself open to spiritual impression and thus to cooperation with theDiscipleship2, 236:himself sensitive to the higher spiritual impression, then the creative work of the Spiritual TriadDiscipleship2, 236:or creation of the antahkarana and subject to impression from the Ashram with which he may beDiscipleship2, 282:awareness and his growing sensitivity to impression. I am seeking here to divorce your minds fromDiscipleship2, 294:the struggle to see, to perceive and to register impression. What I have given you at this timeDiscipleship2, 298:Initiation - Part V 4. The sense of registered impression. With this new feeling out towards theDiscipleship2, 298:deal with it as we consider that Science of Impression (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, PagesDiscipleship2, 299:subject will come as we study the Science of Impression. The point, however, I seek to make here isDiscipleship2, 310:in response to a sensitive reaction to spiritual impression. I have also told you that, inDiscipleship2, 311:themes: Training in Telepathy or the Science of Impression. Certain aspects of these two activitiesDiscipleship2, 311:taking the training which makes him sensitive to Impression. He knows the technique of Penetration,Discipleship2, 323:I have sought here to correct this erroneous impression. Discipleship2, 354:easily seen and is concerned with hierarchical impression, involving necessarily ashramic intentionDiscipleship2, 361:is then reduced to the formative stages of human impression and direction, the conditions necessaryDiscipleship2, 362:process because they are becoming sensitive to impression by Shamballa; others are engrossed in theDiscipleship2, 373:have you relate this concept to the Science of Impression, bearing ever in mind that the Masters ofDiscipleship2, 374:today learning three things: the Technique of Impression, the generating of energy, and the use ofDiscipleship2, 374:use of the ajna center. Many are responsive to impression, but fail to recognize or use the energyDiscipleship2, 374:fail to recognize or use the energy of which the impression is simply the forerunner; othersDiscipleship2, 375:of carrying out activities - initiated by impression. In the early stages he calls this the energyDiscipleship2, 376:the horse, and they need to learn to think after impression; but this the spread of the variousDiscipleship2, 376:their attention and the triple process of impression, thought-form construction, and energyDiscipleship2, 379:points of revelation are conveyed or make their impression at each initiation, but differ greatlyDiscipleship2, 395:work which he may be doing under hierarchical impression in the world of everyday affairs. It isDiscipleship2, 471:and give much time for quiet thought and for impression. Know that guidance will be given - givenDiscipleship2, 484:you. The second word which I want to give you is Impression. This word gives you much scope forDiscipleship2, 485:truth. The power of correctly [485] registered impression, the ability rightly to interpret it andDiscipleship2, 485:people contacted, it is of enormous usefulness; impression - when analyzed and the results ofDiscipleship2, 486:pondered and studied the three words - Contact, Impression and Relationship - I gave you in my lastDiscipleship2, 486:group; to render yourself sensitive to spiritual impression, and also to see that your relationshipDiscipleship2, 486:contact with your fellowmen, towards the type of impression which you can establish - an impressionDiscipleship2, 486:type of impression which you can establish - an impression which will enable them to impress othersDiscipleship2, 487:of the three processes of Contact, Impression and Relationship. These being the three words withDiscipleship2, 488:hours of sleep; there is still the reception of impression from environment and associates, andDiscipleship2, 488:the capacity of the three activities - contact, impression, relationship - you might follow aDiscipleship2, 489:along these three concepts of Contact, Impression and Relationship. The length of the meditation isDiscipleship2, 490:sound the OM. The fact of the possibility of Impression now must engross your attention. You beginDiscipleship2, 490:to the soul; you stand consciously ready for impression. What that impression will convey, whatDiscipleship2, 490:consciously ready for impression. What that impression will convey, what thought will come to youDiscipleship2, 491:said "achieve contact." The task of receiving impression is not an easy one, and you may have toDiscipleship2, 498:task is to render yourself sensitive to our "impression." This developed sensitivity is ever aDiscipleship2, 523:endeavor to respond consciously to hierarchical impression, [524] shutting out (at least for thoseDiscipleship2, 556:two communications to you I left you with the impression that I had already given you as muchDiscipleship2, 562:upon work in mental matter, under clear, inner impression. Such is now your opportunity. But, myDiscipleship2, 584:and outer relationship, of sensitivity to the impression of the Hierarchy and the hierarchical ideaDiscipleship2, 584:of truth as it underlies relationship and impression, and of a true creative activity in the worldDiscipleship2, 602:(so slow were they to register inner spiritual impression) before I communicated to them myDiscipleship2, 604:of forces coming from the outer world of impression, via the five senses and the synthesizingDiscipleship2, 611:if the implications of what I said made due impression upon your mind? The following informationDiscipleship2, 611:of the middle point" you would be sensitive to impression from me and from my Ashram with which youDiscipleship2, 614:You are, in any case, sensitive to my impression. Move onward into light and find me ever there. Discipleship2, 614:endeavor to make it more sensitive to spiritual impression. [615] It is on the seventh ray, andDiscipleship2, 620:With these you delude yourself and make a wrong impression on others for there is no realDiscipleship2, 639:your brain receptive to the higher spiritual impression. Then in your own words, and as the soul,Discipleship2, 672:as far as this group is concerned. You gave that impression to some of the group members you metDiscipleship2, 672:members you met last year and you gave that impression to A.A.B. She was deeply concerned overDiscipleship2, 691:2nd month... Fluidity. Reaction to new Impression. 3rd month... The Ashram. The center of radiatingDiscipleship2, 693:The disciple has to stand free from mental impression and mental concepts before he canEducation, 73:child - to be subjected to certain types of impression in which he is deprived of that free scopeEducation, 118:subjectively and spiritually if that is the impression they seek. Their motives are often sound andExternalisation, 33:together negative in their turn to the positive impression of the deeper civilization and cultureExternalisation, 33:constitute the negative pole to the positive impression and energy of the planetary or occultExternalisation, 40:existence; they will then work free from its impression, and the task of freeing humanity from theExternalisation, 96:are subject to and sensitive to hierarchical impression and dedicated to the task of bringing aboutExternalisation, 97:the inner side - and are sensitive to the higher impression. They correspond to the points ofExternalisation, 98:the ability to respond intuitionally to higher impression and to present the mind (with whichExternalisation, 117:the malevolent aspects of karma conveys a wrong impression and negates the full grasp of the truth.Externalisation, 148:but will be free at all times to reject that impression and to proceed as they personally mayExternalisation, 260:Had they not so responded to the influencing impression, and had they not accepted theExternalisation, 262:men - men who are easily subject to evil impression and influenced, obsessed, by selfishness andExternalisation, 307:their particular Master in response to avataric impression. Ponder on this. 2. Inspiration. This isExternalisation, 332:when humanity is contacted; sensitivity to the impression of the Hierarchy when that Hierarchy isExternalisation, 428:2. The Forces of Light. I would here correct an impression which exists among esotericists. By thisExternalisation, 428:so oriented and disposed that they react to soul impression. When I use the expression "the ForcesExternalisation, 437:but all on Earth who respond to hierarchical impression. Have the following statement in mind: TheExternalisation, 475:Nations then began slowly to organize under the impression of the Forces of Light. The war was on.Externalisation, 485:objectives, in their sensitivity to spiritual impression, in their united subjective purpose, inExternalisation, 569:their uses, are not involved. The science of impression, with its greatly increased effectivenessExternalisation, 569:and the mode of telepathic interplay and of impression is practically all the means which TheyExternalisation, 584:the disciple reacts and works in response to impression, being at this stage totally unaware from
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