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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPRESSION

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Externalisation, 584:at this stage totally unaware from whence the impression comes; he regards it as an activity of hisExternalisation, 585:which emanate from the soul in response to impression from the Ashram, but of this, in theirExternalisation, 647:of right human relations under hierarchical impression; aspirants and quite a few disciples haveExternalisation, 648:the Hierarchy in this [648] divine act of massed impression and stimulation are briefly three, asExternalisation, 649:a worldwide scale - are sensitive to spiritual impression; the opportunity of the moment is unique,Externalisation, 649:the capacity to respond to spiritual impression. The line of least resistance for the masses is theExternalisation, 650:beings to be responsive to [650] good or bad impression. By impressing certain doctrines, certainExternalisation, 652:Ashram. They are responsive to hierarchical impression; they know the plans which the Masters areExternalisation, 653:thought and sensitivity to hierarchical impression. The sole task which confronts you and allExternalisation, 654:under what is called (esoterically) "scientific impression." These energies are: [655] 1. TheExternalisation, 664:to their ray), and were therefore subject to impression. Had they been advanced disciples orExternalisation, 674:erroneous thought; this direction has been under impression from Shamballa, and the Masters haveExternalisation, 681:thereby laid the foundation of the Science of Impression, with the illumined and rightly orientedExternalisation, 683:or intuitional plane, perfecting the Science of Impression, influencing and working through thoseExternalisation, 683:minds which are susceptible to Their mental impression. This applies equally to Masters in physicalExternalisation, 684:aura of the Hierarchy may unfailingly respond to impression from Shamballa, and also be of soExternalisation, 685:of this, and because of the resultant clarity of impression and of the potent outgoing influence,Externalisation, 685:him) gave the background of the Plan, under impression from me; the more detailed structure and theExternalisation, 685:Their close attention from reception of impression from Shamballa and are now orienting ThemselvesExternalisation, 688:of the Hierarchy are not only sensitive to impression from the two other planetary centersExternalisation, 694:so that they will be sensitive to hierarchical impression. At the same time, their intuition willFire, 412:in physical incarnation, but nowhere has the impression been conveyed that the three Kumaras,Fire, 528:forth, and attracts attention, creating the impression that matter is a concrete something. ThereFire, 559:the animal kingdom will again be under manasic impression, and individualization will again beFire, 756:over-shadowing will manifest as: First. An impression upon the physical brain of the [757] man orFire, 960:Elementals and Fire Elementals b. Physical Brain Impression The accurate realization by theFire, 997:and therefore capable of receiving the higher impression. We must remember that [998] white magicFire, 1056:magnet. This brings it under the constant impression of other schemes, each of which producesFire, 1098:in stabilization, and a responsiveness to causal impression. This will lead to the transmission ofGlamour, 154:life has taken place consciously and under soul impression; the whole personality is thenGlamour, 173:the impact of the phenomenal world, and to the impression from the higher worlds of being. The mindGlamour, 174:what has been called "imposed revelation" or the impression conveyed to minds capable of receptionGlamour, 213:what I am outlining is relatively new. The faint impression of the coming [214] technique as fat asGlamour, 261:worlds. The soul, as the vehicle of monadic impression, until such time as the antahkarana is builtHealing, 83:body registers them and acts under their impression. The whole theme of motivating force is one ofHealing, 231:reacted increasingly like an automaton to the impression and the direction of a steadily developingHealing, 282:in its response to emotional, mental or soul impression; so closely, however, is the etheric bodyHealing, 428:its quality and type of expression, plus the impression it makes upon its environment. The streamHealing, 494:by astral existence or subject to the telepathic impression of the varying thought currentsHealing, 503:the formulation of the new "lanes or channels of impression" whereby the minds of men can becomeHealing, 512:guide the thinking (through gladly accepted impression) of the developing personality. Forget notHealing, 525:mastering an exact science of contact, of impression, of invocation, plus an understanding of theHealing, 551:but will react immediately upon contact to an impression so powerful, coming from the patient, thatHealing, 576:all occult healers, working under hierarchical impression. In the early days of their use they wereHealing, 587:Shall we belittle the subject or cause a false impression [588] if we regard evil (at least as farInitiation, 185:and also unnecessary, to convey to our mind any impression as to the significance of these paths,Magic, 60:and therefore capable of receiving the higher impression. We must remember that while magic worksMagic, 169:disciple become aware that he is accepted. An impression is abroad that he is told so and that anMagic, 221:is made with the etheric world, the first impression given is always of a starry light, ofMagic, 251:swept into thought-form making activity by this impression. According to the lucidity andMagic, 251:of the mind-stuff so will be the response to the impression. If the mind is a true reflector andMagic, 310:with the mechanism which registers sensory impression, we shall have the orientation which willMagic, 316:or respond to an impact, to an emotional impression. This can be either good or bad. In all threeMagic, 316:capacity to isolate oneself from any sensory impression at will - in order to serve with greaterMagic, 353:must train themselves to be sensitive to His impression. A slight hint, a pointed finger, a hurriedMagic, 460:up the subjective charts or plans of intuitive impression and of intense activity on the mentalMagic, 516:subsequently the brain receives the transmitted impression and the physical plane life is thenMagic, 517:in the light and has been receptive to the soul impression so the brain has to be held receptive toMagic, 517:so the brain has to be held receptive to impression from the mind. One interlude therefore (fromMagic, 519:and the responsiveness of the brain to mind impression is all that concerns them. Both white andMagic, 523:I manipulate words in order to create a certain impression; I construct a thought-form which, whenMagic, 556:than the human individual is free from impression by his environing impulses? He has to recognizeMagic, 591:and confers the ability to register and record impression, as you well know. This fire isMeditation, 36:lives are then given to the stabilizing of that impression, and to the making of that innerMeditation, 212:as the circles cut across the planes, and some impression will be conveyed occularly of theMeditation, 347:of the emotional body makes it receptive to impression from above. The positive stillness of thePatanjali, 26:and modifications by the institution of soul impression. The yogi or Master is the result ofPatanjali, 216:The astral body is either attentive to the egoic impression or swayed by the million voices ofPatanjali, 226:with each other and with the rate of the egoic impression, Their unification into one coherentPatanjali, 229:reached, and the fourth stage of supernormal impression has been made possible, the remaining meansPatanjali, 278:he arrives at the particular layer of thought impression which deals with the cycle about which heProblems, 7:lived up to the teaching given it. Spiritual impression, whether conveyed by the Christ, by KrishnaProblems, 7:and from the esoteric angle: Spiritual impression has been interrupted and there has beenPsychology1, 13:of the soul and of an occasional reaction to impression from that kingdom, but they are not yetPsychology1, 62:Law is the will of the seven Deities, making its impression upon substance in order to produce aPsychology1, 97:and the growing sensitivity of the race to impression is a cause of rejoicing and of danger. AllPsychology1, 121:in greater detail. I am but giving a general impression at this time. It is apparent neverthelessPsychology2, 15:its growing sensitivity to intuitional impression. The demonstration of many talents, powers andPsychology2, 126:aspirants. They may have become sensitive to impression, but they oft-times misinterpret the truthPsychology2, 126:respond to these ideas and are sensitive to soul impression (oft-times misinterpreting the truth,Psychology2, 127:his brain consciousness and owing to the active impression of the mind, is to make the man awarePsychology2, 135:perhaps an indication of how much they need the impression of this life objective upon theirPsychology2, 163:the divine will makes its impact and consequent impression, differ so widely. The complexity of thePsychology2, 233:submit to his soul and to its control and life impression. Illumination. This is a word whichPsychology2, 235:of a greater whole, and, therefore, subject to impression from divine sources. Let him cultivate inPsychology2, 302:out that frequently when a student is under the impression or belief that the kundalini fire hasPsychology2, 335:be, therefore, responding to a fifth ray soul impression. We shall, therefore, study the process ofPsychology2, 485:souls. That conscious response to hierarchical impression and to the hierarchical plan is dependentPsychology2, 503:of the patient from the desire to make an impression upon the psychologist, his innatePsychology2, 533:pours into the physical body, producing an impression and a stimulation upon the atoms of the bodyPsychology2, 565:of some situation, some call and some impression which impinges upon the solar plexus center. ThisPsychology2, 565:upon the solar plexus center. This power of impression is Not controlled; there is no supervisedPsychology2, 585:time on Venus. It is sensitivity to spiritual impression. Hearing - is the keynote of the evolutionPsychology2, 675:and relatively powerless to make a definite impression on world thought. If, however, there isPsychology2, 717:the Group. Through the expression and impression of certain great ideas, men everywhere must bePsychology2, 720:more sensitive to inner, subjective, spiritual impression Make the necessary sacrifices demandedPsychology2, 729:world government, for all of them are subject to impression from their souls and all are fulfilingPsychology2, 739:him susceptible to the higher inner spiritual impression. The servants of the spiritual HierarchyPsychology2, 744:minded people who react to the newer spiritual impression and the emerging ways of approach to God.Psychology2, 746:it is dependent upon receptivity to spiritual impression, which means responsiveness to the new
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