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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPRESSION

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Telepathy, 91:with His began to move on Earth". The Science of Impression is in reality the technique wherebyTelepathy, 91:of the promotion of that Purpose through right impression on all forms of life at any particularTelepathy, 92:this activity we give the name of the Science of Impression. It involves the constant opening up ofTelepathy, 92:susceptible to what we call spiritual impression. At that point he becomes capable of being moreTelepathy, 92:of being more sensitive to a higher range of impression and - at the same time - he himself beginsTelepathy, 92:such a manner that he can impress others and the impression can find its way through his environingTelepathy, 92:apprehending is his capacity to register the impression to which he is subjected and to which he isTelepathy, 93:consciousness; the processes of spiritual impression are thereby set up; it is also an invocation -Telepathy, 93:part of the disciple - for further and greater impression and inspiration in order to increase hisTelepathy, 94:of thought and the power to be receptive to the impression of the abstract mind, he creates forTelepathy, 94:world service. Later, he becomes sensitive to impression from the Hierarchy. This is at firstTelepathy, 94:but is later transformed into total hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master;Telepathy, 94:importance. Later still, he becomes sensitive to impression from Shamballa, and the quality of theTelepathy, 95:point to be grasped is that sensitivity to impression is a normal and natural unfoldment,Telepathy, 95:entire process when I said that "Sensitivity to impression involves the engendering of a magneticTelepathy, 96:is not my intention to enlarge: Sensitivity to impression from other human beings. This sensitivityTelepathy, 96:under scientific control. Sensitivity to group impression - the passage of ideas from group toTelepathy, 97:initiations. This indicates ability to register impression from Shamballa. It would be of value ifTelepathy, 97:points which are concerned with sensitivity to impression, with the construction of the resultantTelepathy, 98:self has to control and use in order to register impression or to direct etheric or mentalTelepathy, 98:impression or to direct etheric or mental impression out into the world of men. Astral impressionTelepathy, 98:impression out into the world of men. Astral impression is purely selfish and individual and,Telepathy, 100:ideal or with the undesirable; the sources of impression change as the disciple makes progress,Telepathy, 100:The fact that a man is sensitive to hierarchical impression in his mental aura will not prevent hisTelepathy, 102:He longs for what might be called "vertical impression." This motive, being very largelyTelepathy, 102:of what they believe and hope "vertical impression" supposedly would convey. They contact withTelepathy, 103:he adds the ability to register hierarchical impression; this however is only possible after he hasTelepathy, 103:is only possible after he has learnt to register impression coming to him from his own soul (theTelepathy, 103:coming to him from his own soul (the vertical impression) and from the surrounding world of menTelepathy, 103:the surrounding world of men (the horizontal impression). When he has taken certain importantTelepathy, 103:his magnetic aura will be capable of registering impression from the subhuman kingdoms in nature.Telepathy, 103:activity will be the world from which horizontal impression will be made upon his magnetic aura,Telepathy, 103:be made upon his magnetic aura, and vertical impression will come from the higher levels of theTelepathy, 103:was the field of his registered horizontal impression. [104] You have here the true significance ofTelepathy, 104:love their fellowmen are all susceptible to such impression, and one of the outstanding needs ofTelepathy, 104:is to develop adequate sensitivity to ashramic impression and contact. Then he moves out of theTelepathy, 104:and the clear and correct recording of the impression, which is a far more difficult matter. TheTelepathy, 104:who is impressed must know the source of the impression; he must be able to relate it to some fieldTelepathy, 104:body, or the brain) the imparted and registered impression has made impact. One of theTelepathy, 105:Sensitivity - A Normal Unfoldment This impression must be a direct descent from mental levels toTelepathy, 105:direct descent is attained will the recorded impression be devoid of error. It will not then beTelepathy, 105:freedom of the brain cells from all emotional impression. The difficulty lies here, that theTelepathy, 105:aware emotionally of the descent of the higher impression and of the consequent clarification ofTelepathy, 106:of correct interpretation. In this aspect of impression the subject of SYMBOLS must necessarily beTelepathy, 106:They are the media through which the registered impression is conveyed to the brain consciousness,Telepathy, 106:and effective interpretation of the imparted impression is dependent largely upon the purity of theTelepathy, 106:the teaching upon the Path and the spiritual impression can be interfered with by glamor from theTelepathy, 107:a direct channel is created, along which the impression (directed by some higher source than theTelepathy, 108:effective. The [108] received and interpreted impression brings about fundamental changes in theTelepathy, 108:factor in invoking a fresh flood of higher impression; it also makes him evocative upon theTelepathy, 109:is the factor which makes the higher impression possible, and this it does whilst that aspect isTelepathy, 110:it is one of the major steps towards the higher impression; it always presupposes a relatively highTelepathy, 111:which makes possible the activity which we call "impression." This impression comes largely fromTelepathy, 111:the activity which we call "impression." This impression comes largely from certain aspects of theTelepathy, 112:use of the ajna center. The occult Science of Impression. This becomes possible when the other twoTelepathy, 113:works it out in the three worlds. The Science of Impression is concerned, therefore, primarily,Telepathy, 113:intermediate aspect of the three above forms of impression has been instituted; it is like anTelepathy, 113:enough to make a true impact and a definite impression upon Beings and Lives found on levels higherTelepathy, 115:also the source of the communication or impression. This brings us to the second basic concept: 2.Telepathy, 115:to the second basic concept: 2. Sensitivity to impression involves the engendering of a magneticTelepathy, 117:this service. Such disciples direct the desired impression to the solar plexus area of the magneticTelepathy, 117:to the beauty of their work, will be the impression they thereby convey to other men. CuriouslyTelepathy, 118:for several more centuries the agent of directed impression and not the objective of suchTelepathy, 118:agent can draw and to which the recipient of the impression must become sensitive." This sentenceTelepathy, 119:of a certain degree. Recipients of the desired impression must become sensitive to this substantialTelepathy, 122:of the Nirmanakayas, the recipients of impression from Shamballa. See you, therefore, the beautyTelepathy, 122:Agent to the very lowest recipient of divine impression. The key to all this is energy. Energy isTelepathy, 124:of inferring relationship, interplay and mutual impression between the beings or the lives who makeTelepathy, 127:remembered in all study of [127] the Science of Impression because it is the factor that makesTelepathy, 127:the art of contact and the science of impression become entirely possible and normally effective.Telepathy, 128:years ago) has done much to correct this false impression. The outstanding characteristic ofTelepathy, 128:of humanity is intelligent sensitivity to impression. Ponder on this definite and emphaticTelepathy, 128:sensitivity. I refer here to sensitivity to impression from or by the Hierarchy. The work doneTelepathy, 128:to fit disciples and initiates to receive impression from Shamballa; the initiate is essentially aTelepathy, 128:through the supreme science of contact or of impression. The three great Centers are in closeTelepathy, 129:This science is in reality the science of impression in activity and not simply in theory. TheTelepathy, 129:there) and of subhuman lives, working under impression from the head, the heart and the throatTelepathy, 133:the mass of men are responding to spiritual impression. Statement Six. At the same time, the heartTelepathy, 133:of receiving a constantly developing dynamic impression from Shamballa. Statement Seven. Thus aTelepathy, 133:of energies as well as a constantly successful impression of one center upon another. Humanity, asTelepathy, 133:the Hierarchy, and then receives the needed impression which will result in the developingTelepathy, 135:periodical vehicles are under the influence or impression of the three major planetary centers andTelepathy, 135:sumtotal. There is one aspect of the Science of Impression upon which I have not yet touched andTelepathy, 137:Path of Return - he consistently comes under the impression of the center of which he is anTelepathy, 137:family; then, as a soul, he comes under the impression of the Hierarchy, the planetary heartTelepathy, 137:on the Path of Initiation, he comes under the impression of Shamballa, the planetary head center,Telepathy, 137:energies are as yet unable to make adequate impression upon the human consciousness, functioning inTelepathy, 194:An Ashram is an emanating source of hierarchical impression upon the world. Its "impulsive
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