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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPRESSIONS

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Rays, 398:with the formless worlds, whereas all the impressions to which the disciple has to learn to reactRays, 407:and sensitive reaction to all the higher impressions. Second: These Masters are the directingRays, 419:response to environment, to contact and to impressions - mental and spiritual. The history ofRays, 543:mysterious manner certain united hierarchical impressions. The disciple by now has made hisRays, 543:He is slowly becoming aware of three vibratory impressions which are slightly differing thoughRays, 544:time he so chooses, who can begin to register impressions coming directly to him from the Master.Rays, 547:for me to point out that the theme of all impressions coming from the Master to the disciple, andRays, 549:him. Little by little, he begins to register impressions from Shamballa. With this I cannot deal;Rays, 549:impressed, and then to interpret correctly the impressions received. I have said that initiation isRays, 581:ever been water - fluid, stormy, reflecting all impressions, the source of mist and fog, and yetRays, 590:is the thought-form making energy, and all impressions from the physical, etheric and astral planesRays, 591:is twofold: It is extraordinarily responsive to impressions coming from some source or other. It isRays, 591:thrown into forms in response to impression. The impressions received come from three sources andRays, 591:sequentially revealed to man. These three are: Impressions from the three worlds; these come, firstRays, 591:from the levels of planetary consciousness. Impressions from the soul, the Son of Mind, upon theRays, 591:Son of Mind, upon the level of mentality itself. Impressions from the Spiritual Triad, via theReappearance, 67:of [67] spiritual and cyclic timing and to impressions from sources to be found on higher levelsSoul, 86:the seat of the imaginative faculty, because the impressions from the five outer senses areSoul, 103:highest reflex center in the brain and as all impressions ascend to it, it is called theSoul, 156:- the merely temperamental [156] man with his impressions and emotions and expansive desires - as aTelepathy, 10:of thought-forms and therefore impervious to impressions. You can see, therefore, how a cultivationTelepathy, 14:world of ideas, and sensitivity to intuitional impressions are all forms of telepathic sensitivity.Telepathy, 19:is the recipient of the idealistic intuitional impressions; this ajna center can then "broadcast"Telepathy, 20:People today do not know whence various mental impressions come, and this greatly enhances theTelepathy, 20:in the solar plexus. It concerns only group impressions, and is the basis of the condition spokenTelepathy, 21:to respond to other souls and their impacts and impressions, then he is rapidly becoming ready forTelepathy, 22:a "transmitting agent" or communicator. The impressions received from the soul, and the intuitionsTelepathy, 24:activity, but a massed reaction to solar plexus impressions as passed from group to group? What isTelepathy, 35:telepathic man is the man who is responsive to impressions coming to him from all forms of life inTelepathy, 35:worlds, but he is also equally responsive to impressions coming to him from the world of souls andTelepathy, 43:act as recipients. These are the major entering impressions, recorded by what is glibly called "theTelepathy, 43:our planetary Logos. There are other entering impressions, but to them I do not refer, as anyTelepathy, 45:had to pay for this great sin of separateness. Impressions from the Hierarchy have been received,Telepathy, 47:the calculations of the occult investigators. Impressions are received and registered; they formTelepathy, 49:of the mind as it is sensitive to the higher impressions and active in the mental creation of theTelepathy, 54:is produced, until the human being can receive impressions from the physical plane and rightlyTelepathy, 61:of a magnetic aura on which the highest impressions can play." This might also serve as aTelepathy, 68:consciousness, for sensitivity to intuitional impressions has to do only with group concerns. ThisTelepathy, 76:or inspired writings so prevalent at this time. Impressions from the soul, which are translatedTelepathy, 76:a Master on its own plane. These are true soul impressions but usually have in them nothing new orTelepathy, 78:as regards their reaction to these contacted impressions; this reaction is necessarily dependentTelepathy, 79:a mystery with which you have no concern. But impressions and reactions are to be found in bothTelepathy, 81:is the recipient of so many impacts, so many impressions, so many telepathic and mental currentsTelepathy, 81:mental currents and so many qualified vibratory impressions from all the seven kingdoms in natureTelepathy, 82:human family is today an amazing receiver of impressions, owing to its myriad types of susceptibleTelepathy, 82:instruments are capable of registering tamasic impressions, coming from the subhuman kingdoms,Telepathy, 82:the third and the first; they record rajasic impressions coming from mental sources of all kinds;Telepathy, 82:less degree - responsive to sattvic or rhythmic impressions. Their response to these highTelepathy, 82:impressions. Their response to these high impressions and their registration of truth, light andTelepathy, 85:lower mind then became simply an interpreter of impressions with the emphasis upon the group mind,Telepathy, 86:human family is today an amazing receiver of impressions, owing to the myriad types of susceptibleTelepathy, 88:there will be found mixed certain messages or impressions from the Ashram which the disciple willTelepathy, 95:has created in response to the many [95] varying impressions to which he is becoming increasinglyTelepathy, 95:of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions can play" I would have you give the deepestTelepathy, 95:eventually of the planetary Purpose; all these impressions are not things which he must seek outTelepathy, 96:the antahkarana along which the higher impressions can flow; he learns not to dissipate this inflowTelepathy, 96:constantly invocative of the higher range of impressions; it can be evoked and set intoTelepathy, 97:in his part. [97] Sensitivity to hierarchical impressions, reaching the disciple via theTelepathy, 98:vital aura which is the recording agent of all impressions, both objective and subjective. It isTelepathy, 100:of mine. The capacity to interpret recorded impressions is likewise learnt as the mental auraTelepathy, 102:From that achieved point he begins to register impressions with increasing clarity and accuracy.Telepathy, 102:the one desire of the disciple is to register impressions from the Hierarchy; he much prefers thatTelepathy, 102:prefers that idea to the idea of registering impressions from his own soul or from the surroundingTelepathy, 103:They learn also that the longing to register impressions from the Hierarchy must give place to theTelepathy, 104:or other, and are receptive to these impressions according to the level of consciousness upon whichTelepathy, 104:for instance, are exceedingly prone to receive impressions from etheric or astral levels, as areTelepathy, 104:of astral psychics - and their name is legion. Impressions from mental levels (concrete, abstractTelepathy, 104:student is to record directly in the brain impressions from the Spiritual Triad (and later from theTelepathy, 105:which is the great distorter of essential truth. Impressions from the Ashram or from the SpiritualTelepathy, 105:the Spiritual Triad (which are the only type of impressions with which I am here concerned) passTelepathy, 106:of SYMBOLS must necessarily be involved. All impressions must necessarily be translated andTelepathy, 107:and the interpretation of the higher impressions is a basic occult science and takes much learningTelepathy, 108:sensitive to these spiritual inflowing impressions, and also increasingly sensitive to that whichTelepathy, 110:is the "seed or germ" of higher contacts and of impressions coming from levels higher than theTelepathy, 110:which make the higher spiritual and subjective impressions possible, and eventually normal. Telepathy, 114:The medium through which the thought currents or impressions (from no matter what source) must passTelepathy, 115:telepathic contact and recognition of the higher impressions. It might also be added that theTelepathy, 115:mechanism possesses to tune out all contacts and impressions that it may not need, to which it isTelepathy, 115:of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions can play. This I dealt with (in some measure)Telepathy, 116:animal in nature, then the majority of impacting impressions will reach him automatically throughTelepathy, 116:through the sacral center; such impacting impressions (as you can well imagine) will be heavy andTelepathy, 116:this tiny aura are downward in nature, and all impressions (which cannot possibly come from aTelepathy, 116:the aura of the sacral center. Most of the impressions are therefore purely instinctual in natureTelepathy, 116:plexus center - etherically and primarily. All impressions find entrance into the aura via the areaTelepathy, 116:center that the ordinary medium works, receiving impressions and communications from astralTelepathy, 117:center, utilizing it as the recipient of higher impressions. This center or area of energy isTelepathy, 117:is that which is truly sensitive to the highest impressions and is the point of entry to the headTelepathy, 118:impression and not the objective of such impressions. Telepathy, 128:the intelligent disciple; an unbroken series of impressions is ever present, relating one center to
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