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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPRISONED

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Astrology, 56:of the triple form and the liberation of the man imprisoned in the form, through the tests inAstrology, 121:the "death of the fishes" and the release of the imprisoned life into new forms or new cycles ofAstrology, 122:anima mundi and in the hidden, incarnated and imprisoned Christ; the germ of the Christ life isAstrology, 123:which that entails. Jonah stands for the hidden imprisoned Christ, alive to the perils of theAstrology, 123:personality. It is in this dual sign that the imprisoned soul and the personality enter upon thatAstrology, 136:in Aquarius, substance and the anima mundi or imprisoned soul begin to work in mutual tolerance,Astrology, 362:Gemini) produces the "desperate conflict of the imprisoned soul upon the astral plane" whichAstrology, 366:is inimical for aeons to the aspiration of the imprisoned soul, focused within or identified withAstrology, 508:his consciousness, if he permits himself to be imprisoned by them. On the other hand, they offerAstrology, 543:many such) represent the "lighted Way" were so imprisoned in their environment and so dominated inAstrology, 683:plane, through the life of the human unit, imprisoned in physical form. Psychically the link is ofAtom, 62:perfecting, and the final liberating of the imprisoned life; and the law of attraction andBethlehem, 146:Rather consists in opening out a way Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape Than in effectingDiscipleship1, 325:soul potency, call into living activity the soul imprisoned in these waiting personalities. Such isDiscipleship1, 515:the Self in chains. 2nd month - Release of the imprisoned Self for service. 3rd month - The burningDiscipleship2, 380:that the releasing of the energy confined and imprisoned upon the astral plane, into "enlightened"Externalisation, 496:and the consequent release of their imprisoned souls, is a necessary happening; it is theExternalisation, 498:itself, hitherto shut up within the atom and imprisoned in these ultimate forms of life, can beExternalisation, 502:and too tightening in their hold upon the imprisoned and struggling life. That life must breakExternalisation, 510:of transmuting the old form and so releasing the imprisoned life, there are two things which areFire, 367:plane, through the life of the human unit, imprisoned in physical form. Psychically the link is ofFire, 592:swing into the current of evolution and the imprisoned spirits may mount again towards theirFire, 596:of the form side; it holds the divine life imprisoned or [597] enmeshed at its densest point, andFire, 706:a thousand years during which the serpent is imprisoned. The Christ principle will triumph for theFire, 716:leading on to revelation. That which is imprisoned must be loosed. So it will be in this root-race,Fire, 739:and "revelations"; he can no longer be held imprisoned by the devas. He is free until, consciouslyFire, 863:I mean he will begin to influence that which is imprisoned in others, for he will reach - throughFire, 885:substance. This is the liberating of the energy imprisoned within the form, and concerns the BrahmaFire, 933:evolution, thus permitting the escape of the imprisoned planetary life and the absorption of theFire, 953:- S. D., III, 540. The Ego, or Solar Angel is imprisoned. - S. D., I, 621. It has to liberateFire, 1044:the lesser ovoid, and the escape of the life imprisoned in the sphere. It is merged in its greaterFire, 1075:still stronger positive life which releases the imprisoned central spark and causes what might fromGlamour, 79:for many years and sometimes for many lives imprisoned by this glamor. Release from the world ofHealing, 14:of disease, and to the endless fight between the imprisoned spirit and the imprisoning form. ThisHealing, 331:itself suggests, in its usual connotation, an imprisoned life, and life and energy are, for theHealing, 441:liberates and releases, on various levels, the imprisoned consciousness. The same statements can beHealing, 583:forces are those energies which are limited and imprisoned within a form of any kind - a body,Healing, 584:of directed energy which make impact upon these imprisoned forces (if I may so call them) fromHealing, 713:wide open) and in the act of dying, when the imprisoned soul finds release. In the light of futureHercules, 18:and that the great illusion no longer had him imprisoned. He slew the serpent of matter and theHercules, 161:for we are held in the human unit, we are imprisoned to the planet not by some outside force thatHercules, 177:the limitations of matter. If I am in any way imprisoned even by my mind, which is a form of subtleInitiation, 35:to enable men to cast off the fetters which [35] imprisoned spirit, and thus achieve spiritualInitiation, 106:crystallizing forms are destroyed and the imprisoned life consequently set free. At stated periodsInitiation, 137:self from the higher self is furthered, and the imprisoned life gradually escapes, whilst theIntellect, 53:of the Oversoul, a spark of the one Flame, imprisoned in the body. It is that life aspect whichIntellect, 83:Rather consists in opening out a way Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape, Than in effectingMagic, 226:which eventuates in the final release of the imprisoned soul. It is useful to have in mind theMagic, 534:produce the environing forms, and they lead the imprisoned lives on into ever more educationalMagic, 537:liberates and releases, on various levels, the imprisoned consciousness. The same statements can beMeditation, 42:fresh period of chaos, and the escape of the imprisoned life from even those limitations, bearingPatanjali, 10:logoic plan, the spirits or divine sparks are imprisoned by them, being first attracted to themPatanjali, 147:of God (cosmic or human) is [147] limited, and imprisoned and blinded by his form, that is thePatanjali, 165:"modifications of the thinking principle" of men imprisoned in the three worlds no longer sway orPatanjali, 169:submerged in the great maya or illusion. He is imprisoned by his own thought forms and [170]Problems, 80:are the hope of the future but are individually imprisoned in the system which, spiritually, mustPsychology1, 228:though oft unrealized, characteristic is imprisoned or unexpressed power. Speaking in symbols, aPsychology2, 33:Light holds Them not; Their purpose is not imprisoned; Their will is not subdued. They appear andPsychology2, 34:difference - that it no longer holds the life imprisoned by desire. We are treading the Way thatPsychology2, 69:free from the limitations of human life) is imprisoned by and subject to the control of the lowerPsychology2, 225:the form side, this produces the sense of being imprisoned by the time factor, the victim of speed,Psychology2, 225:of all life activity, as they play upon the imprisoned human being. On the life side, it results inPsychology2, 333:see the appearance on the physical plane of the imprisoned consciousness, limited and confined forPsychology2, 380:of the personal self, still limited and imprisoned in the "I" consciousness. The Technique ofPsychology2, 414:and the conscious man is deeply hidden and imprisoned. It is the life principle and urge whichPsychology2, 463:action of a dynamic character on behalf of an imprisoned personality, impregnably surrounded by aRays, 42:a way of escape, a place through which the soul imprisoned in the body can emerge and pass intoRays, 86:values are grasped. That which has so grossly imprisoned the human spirit is disappearing, theRays, 444:free from the limitations of human life) is imprisoned and subject to the control of the lowerReappearance, 65:Satan or the principle of evil will be bound or imprisoned, and there will be a new heaven and newTelepathy, 190:and religious by the orthodox and therefore imprisoned thinker. It must, however, be one of which
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