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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPROVEMENT

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Discipleship1, 242:present. Work steadfastly, therefore, at self-improvement and at the elimination of thoseDiscipleship1, 347:of man steadily alters and improves. This improvement does not necessarily mean an easier type ofDiscipleship1, 428:More often have I chided or indicated place for improvement and in no case have I everDiscipleship1, 617:a grueling and a testing time, my brother. Your improvement has been slow but real. You can beDiscipleship2, 36:or embryonic love. This indicates, on the whole, improvement, because the tide of devotion, pouredDiscipleship2, 749:prone to psychic fear, though a very great improvement in this respect can be noticed. Those whoExternalisation, 73:- not worn out systems and childish efforts at improvement but embryonic plans whereby, eventually,Fire, 98:sun, will be appreciated, with a corresponding improvement in physical vitality and adaptability.Healing, 92:deal might be accomplished in bringing about improvement and laying the ground for betterHealing, 253:when this has been done, we shall see a great improvement. When the work of the doctor and theHealing, 316:which I have posited, and that is a definite improvement. Those wherein certain hereditary forms ofMeditation, 199:gained will be definitely applied to the improvement of those bodies. The quality of the forceMeditation, 233:it from a higher plane are aware of the steady improvement in the colors seen, and of a greaterPatanjali, 392:white is of those who resort to the means of improvement, of study and meditation. This isProblems, 106:terminate in tragedy. There is, however, much improvement in the internal history of thesePsychology2, 402:and the present much of experiment, leading to improvement and understanding. The major sciencePsychology2, 714:aspiration and a condition of struggle towards improvement brings about a period in which theRays, 758:systems of the world, with their capacity for improvement and for the extension of science along
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