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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPULSE

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Healing, 412:will be known as an entity, as the motivating impulse and the spiritual center back of allHealing, 452:of form for Spirit is the great involutionary impulse. Repulsion of form and consequent formHealing, 475:of the soul. Now another "pull" or attractive impulse makes itself felt. The dense physical body,Healing, 492:physical plane experience, but also under group impulse and in line with the group karma as well asHealing, 609:kingdoms are built by the lunar lords under an impulse emanating from the planetary Logos, workingHealing, 638:preserved, technically and occultly, under the impulse of the powerful will-to-be of the incarnatedHercules, 33:of the sons of God. In Aries is found the impulse which leads to the building of the form, whichHercules, 41:In the working out of the creative plan, thought-impulse is followed by desire. That state ofHercules, 48:human family, then we shall see a new motivating impulse underlying human conduct where sex isHercules, 135:The statement in the Bible which describes this impulse is expressed in the words, "Behold, I makeHercules, 149:Such fragmented thinking militates against the impulse toward synthesis. The separative attitude isHercules, 149:rather than a single expression of spiritual impulse; it considers the opposition of classes inHercules, 225:we see him make his start, react to thought impulse, and learn something of mind control. As theInitiation, 53:fails, or his successors turn from the original impulse, thus disseminating error of any kind, inInitiation, 60:and drama, receive from him an energizing impulse. At present he is giving most of his time andInitiation, 168:The mystery of Polarity, or of the universal sex impulse. The secret of the second aspect. It isInitiation, 193:trials and tests of life, so that the primary impulse of the life is towards self-sacrifice and theInitiation, 204:the control by the initiate of the sex impulse, as usually understood, and the transference of theInitiation, 204:from all physical manifestation of the sex impulse. This is not so. Many initiates have attainedIntellect, 97:the aspirant renders promptly to the highest impulse which he can register at all times and at anyIntellect, 110:The doer - the Self The organ - the mind The impulse - energy Destiny - Karma." - Bhagavad Gita,Intellect, 113:idea has behind it, in its turn, a purpose or impulse inconceivable as yet. The threeIntellect, 127:after the mystic experience, or the religious impulse. But no matter by what name we call it, it isMagic, 11:the attitude of the submersed unit in the group impulse and the inability of that unit to changeMagic, 11:and the inability of that unit to change the impulse or evade the issue; it inevitably brings aboutMagic, 11:the realization that a law is but the spiritual impulse, incentive and life manifestation of thatMagic, 11:in which he lives and moves. He learns that that impulse demonstrates an intelligent purpose,Magic, 11:through himself as much of that spiritual life impulse which his particular organism can respondMagic, 23:applied to that undefinable, elusive, essential impulse or Life which is the cause of allMagic, 24:think in terms of physical vitality, of feeling, impulse, or of mental force and do not pass beyondMagic, 57:of life, being divorced from emotion and mental impulse. The downflow of energy from the soul isMagic, 60:of spiritual energy which is the motivating impulse behind the lower manifestation. The "disk ofMagic, 62:of temporary quiescence, preparatory to greater impulse and effort, so that the work to be doneMagic, 64:whilst the idea of a cyclic response to soul impulse lies back of the activities of a morningMagic, 89:forces, and preparing for a fresh and powerful impulse, but so it is. All forms of life under theMagic, 121:Love is the great unifier, the prime attractive impulse, cosmic and microcosmic, but the mind isMagic, 141:phenomenal life coincide with the spiritual impulse. The use of the Sacred Word has its place alsoMagic, 205:soul force for the good of the group. Where this impulse is lacking, energy may pour into theMagic, 212:endeavor, and that his becomes the predominant impulse once the subjugation of the vehicle in theMagic, 257:then impurity characterizes that action. If the impulse emanates from the [258] Dweller in theMagic, 274:Logos, are beginning to sense the dynamic impulse of the greater Whole, and even they are onlyMagic, 278:of living substance in motion by his idea and impulse, bending the builders to his purpose andMagic, 288:all lower forces and redirects them under the impulse of the soul to their higher repositories. IMagic, 288:souls who are found responsive to its peculiar impulse. I give here the seven keys for each of theMagic, 295:development, adjustment and control under the impulse of the mental body and of the soul. It isMagic, 317:is able to register reaction. A vibration, an impulse, an emotion, a desire originate in a lowerMagic, 317:a response to the soul consciousness? Does this impulse which seeks to sweep my sentient body intoMagic, 331:of all time. This is the trend of the religious impulse at this time and this is the glory of theMagic, 362:His life. From the cosmic astral plane comes the impulse which produces form existence and concreteMagic, 414:dogmatic formulations of truth. The motivating impulse of each and all is love of God as it worksMagic, 416:to which he sets his hand, but with a basic impulse to work on thought levels more than on theMagic, 427:the world, there will be an immediate and united impulse to facilitate the work that that specialMagic, 440:like arrows from the bow. The forms received the impulse and lo! a God was born. The tiny babe knewMagic, 448:Given aspiration, however, and spiritual impulse, a man can become a true occultist, and produceMagic, 454:solar systems, coming into being under the impulse of divine thought, are at first fluidic andMagic, 471:To learn to build intelligently. To give the impulse, through right speech which will animate thatMagic, 484:thought-form which he builds is built under the impulse of some emotion or of some desire; in rarerMagic, 484:intuition. But with the majority, the motivating impulse which sweeps the mind-stuff into activityMagic, 492:dependent upon the strength of the spiritual impulse animating his idea, which is embodied in hisMagic, 492:physical aspects will respond to the spiritual impulse. Magic, 497:is withdrawn, whilst that which conveys the life impulse or urge remains still anchored in theMagic, 504:of a group to a group? Is my motive an egoic impulse, or am I prompted by emotion, ambition toMagic, 507:erect the new temple desired for the religious impulse. Under its influence the work of theMagic, 530:the Principle of Limitation. This is the primary impulse which brings about the act of creation,Magic, 568:as they act as creative magicians under group impulse and through an intelligent understanding ofMagic, 574:it would mean that he was speaking under the impulse of his spiritual will, that his words would beMagic, 580:a relation to truth, for the truer an impulse is and the clearer the understanding of theMagic, 583:self in the task of world guidance, under soul impulse, which lifts a man out of the ranks of theMagic, 585:Higher and lower mind. Desire and spiritual impulse. Selfish aspiration and divine incentive. TheMagic, 610:hold good for both groups, though the motivating impulse differs. But with the work of the blackMagic, 619:They fail to realize that the motivating impulse is primarily due to what the Hindu teachers call aMagic, 629:dormant soul - in time and space - the needed impulse, impetus and urge to progress which haveMeditation, 54:Sound formed the allying factor, the propelling impulse, and the attractive medium. Sound, in anMeditation, 105:with cautious slowness and not so much from impulse (no matter how high the aspiration) greaterMeditation, 106:He has to direct the attention of the creative impulse to the mental plane. In so doing, ifPatanjali, 105:name, or to the word which set up the original impulse and so brought a life into being. ThereforePatanjali, 125:symbols, and he has to look for the specific impulse latent in every form. He can begin practicallyPatanjali, 138:live or to manifest is part of the divine Life impulse, and therefore is right. The will to be orPatanjali, 139:of form for Spirit is the great involutionary impulse. Repulsion of form and consequent formPatanjali, 185:a man closely with the animal kingdom. Any impulse which concerns the forms and the real man [186]Patanjali, 203:covering this condition of mind, is the great impulse [204] which eventually leads to completePatanjali, 311:of the two great impulses underlying the sex impulse. When these impulses are dominated andPatanjali, 327:throughout the dense physical body, so that the impulse of the thinker works out into physicalPatanjali, 351:senses and learns thereby to follow a vibratory impulse back to its source along one or other ofPatanjali, 408:with the capacity to think, and through thought impulse to modify and influence sentient substance,Patanjali, 410:issuing from him, and controls every thought and impulse so that only those streams of energy andPatanjali, 411:from the threefold lower man and to the higher impulse, issuing from the soul, as the intermediaryPatanjali, 411:gradually and increasingly under the higher impulse and away from the lower vibration, until thePatanjali, x:for they follow always the Law. This coming impulse is (as was that in the time of the Buddha) aPatanjali, x:was that in the time of the Buddha) a second Ray impulse, and has no relation to any first RayPatanjali, x:impulse, and has no relation to any first Ray impulse, such as that which brought forth H. P.Patanjali, x:of the general trend of this rising second Ray impulse. This interest will be increasingly shown.Problems, 29:has been said before, is the world disciple; the impulse behind the disintegration of the old worldProblems, 48:prompted by a thwarted, inquiring spirit, by the impulse to retaliate for injustice (based on theProblems, 68:a united whole has been a necessary conditioning impulse. The basic intention of the United StatesProblems, 173:and of the sources of the trouble will serve to impulse mankind to take the needed action. ButPsychology1, 23:the Lord of the second ray. He is the motivating impulse in the initial work of creation. ThePsychology1, 54:body the opportunity to react to the higher soul impulse. Thus the field of expression isPsychology1, 61:human being is swept into manifestation on the impulse of some ray, and is colored by thatPsychology1, 64:and a return to the center whence the initial impulse came. The first ray purpose therefore is to
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