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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPULSE

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Psychology1, 96:will be known as an entity, as the motivating impulse and the spiritual center back of allPsychology1, 150:each of the seven, carrying the qualities of Impulse towards activity. Active impulse towardsPsychology1, 150:qualities of Impulse towards activity. Active impulse towards organization. Active organizedPsychology1, 150:impulse towards organization. Active organized impulse towards a definite purpose. I have wordedPsychology1, 150:their mutual interplay. This triple energetic impulse, borne on the impetus of the seven greatPsychology1, 172:were found a few who were responsive to the new impulse. The institution of this new PlanPsychology1, 188:which is founded on love, which builds under the impulse of brotherhood, and which possesses aPsychology1, 193:the process of manifesting, and under the impulse of the divine Life, is love, which functionsPsychology1, 218:organization is the counterpart of the initial impulse, its concretization, if I might so expressPsychology1, 219:and form under a vital etheric urge, desire or impulse. It is the magnetic quality of the ethericPsychology1, 221:found in the mineral kingdom: The seventh great impulse, or the will to organize. The urge toPsychology1, 278:and oft abnormal. Weak minds then succumb to the impulse, or strong experimenting souls fall victimPsychology1, 280:be regarded as material evil. It is the great impulse which will bring into the light of day allPsychology1, 315:human family (who respond not yet to the Christ impulse) having their progress facilitated towardsPsychology1, 326:consciousness is the secret of the evolutionary impulse, down the ages. This inner demand in manPsychology1, 346:of human monads, is swept by the instinct or impulse towards harmony, and is thus primarily underPsychology1, 365:out again under the rhythmic and ritualistic impulse of the divine Life. Thus is the temple of thePsychology1, 368:between one hundred and three hundred years. The impulse towards synthesis is now too strong to bePsychology1, 466:of the self, the egoic principle. 2. Spiritual impulse or energy. 3. The Ray of Love-Wisdom.Psychology1, 466:of desire, the love principle. 5. Soul impulse or energy. 6. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability.Psychology1, 466:the etheric or pranic principle. 8. Material impulse or energy. 9. The Ray of Harmony or Union.Psychology1, 466:body, the three worlds. 14. Mental energy or impulse, Universal manas. 15. Ray of Abstract IdealismPsychology2, 36:of the new psychology. They state the major impulse, the native quality, and the technique ofPsychology2, 50:be, the result of group vibration, of group impulse, group incentive and group impetus. One impetusPsychology2, 50:response to (but not in unison with) that egoic impulse. In this phrase is summed up the work andPsychology2, 51:in symbols) a soul, functioning under divine impulse, comes into incarnation and undergoes racialPsychology2, 53:then begins to respond, as a unit, to soul impulse. For the remaining years of life, there shouldPsychology2, 81:to that "impulsive" action (in the sense of impulse to action and not impulse in time) which leadsPsychology2, 81:(in the sense of impulse to action and not impulse in time) which leads to the occult manufacturePsychology2, 86:goal, the material incentive and the spiritual impulse, national [87] patriotism and the worldPsychology2, 88:which is in reality the expression of a divine impulse, leading to a defined activity, with itsPsychology2, 88:of the Law of Sacrifice It means the impulse of giving. The whole secret of the doctrines of "thePsychology2, 89:mean to us? Naught, except a symbol. It was His impulse, His will, His desire, His incentive, HisPsychology2, 95:history, is good. This Law of Sacrifice and the impulse to give can also be traced throughout everyPsychology2, 96:creative process. It is the major determining impulse which impelled the Soul of God Himself toPsychology2, 109:of Soul or Group Life 2. The Law of Magnetic Impulse Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol Ray EnergyPsychology2, 109:Name Symbol Ray Energy 2. The Law of Magnetic Impulse The Law of Polar Union Two fiery balls andPsychology2, 110:this phrase with care. This Law of Magnetic Impulse governs the relation, the interplay, thePsychology2, 111:controlled by this law. The Law of Magnetic Impulse is in the soul realm what the Law of AttractionPsychology2, 113:into one group effort, so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin to control them when, again as aPsychology2, 113:in its growing momentum, such a potent, magnetic impulse that it will reach those Lives Who broodPsychology2, 113:call forth from Them a responsive and magnetic impulse, which will bring together, through thePsychology2, 115:involves the recognition of the Law of Magnetic Impulse, and a desire to understand it, and toPsychology2, 116:the significance of this Law of Magnetic Impulse and the corresponding relationships in his ownPsychology2, 117:He is now governed by the Law of Magnetic impulse (as the linking of the head centers demonstrates)Psychology2, 120:the understanding of the Law of Magnetic Impulse has prepared him. That is the Law of Polar UnionPsychology2, 130:world science. It is a creative urge, a creative impulse, a creative momentous energy. ThisPsychology2, 131:will emerge when a man is working under the impulse of the Law of Service. They will appear when hePsychology2, 150:will of the Soul. The Law of Magnetic Impulse - The Petals of Love. The Law of Service - The PetalsPsychology2, 151:lotus, [151] and the subsidiary Law of Magnetic Impulse. The Law of Expansive Response - Sixth LawPsychology2, 164:duty Second Ray force The Law of Magnetic Impulse. Inclusion. Attraction 2. The Rules For selfPsychology2, 164:He made it abundantly clear that there was no impulse to return until the pilgrim in the farPsychology2, 195:law [195] is connected with a certain realized impulse in the minds of men, and this is, in itsPsychology2, 196:good reaction in the world to their particular impulse. This worked out in every nation and inPsychology2, 198:or Vital Unity - The Aspirants. 2. Magnetic Impulse World Religion Schools of Thought ChurchesPsychology2, 213:and other [213] animals responded to the divine impulse through an activity of the will or of love,Psychology2, 223:and comprehension. It is the basic cause and impulse which will lead to the eventual appearance ofPsychology2, 247:the constant effort, based on a subjective impulse, to create those forms which will express somePsychology2, 247:outer plane which will run true to the hidden impulse. This is brought about by the cultivation ofPsychology2, 250:of the inner activities, but simply follows an impulse. Again it indicates an uneven, unbalancedPsychology2, 261:their entrance into incarnation, under the impulse of the Hierarchy. The words "condition" or [262]Psychology2, 262:prior to incarnation, they are conscious of the impulse to "go in and help the sorrowing planet andPsychology2, 273:since 1925, as a result of the initial impulse instituted in 1875. No more need be said on thisPsychology2, 281:can grasp is that the Plan will be the dynamic impulse of this third and vital energy which willPsychology2, 284:of divine will and purpose. Motivation. The impulse to plan, under the Law of Synthesis. The energyPsychology2, 284:The reflection of love. The force of desire. The impulse to aspire. The divine evolutionary urge.Psychology2, 285:activity or divine movement. [285] The impulse to act, to be energetic, under the Law of Economy.Psychology2, 291:in a personality, provides exactly the right impulse to govern the lower life, both in the case ofPsychology2, 291:live or to manifest upon the physical plane. The impulse which works out, therefore, as thePsychology2, 292:In the lower types, this is connected with the impulse, or the instinct, to reproduce, leadingPsychology2, 292:way. The urge to synthesis (again a first ray impulse) blended with a second ray tendency to lovePsychology2, 292:The power to create forms, or the artistic impulse. It will be noted in this connection howPsychology2, 319:It is the result of a fundamental outgoing impulse on the part of the center of energy. ThisPsychology2, 319:such as: The desire to manifest. The creative impulse. The evolutionary urge. [320] The wish toPsychology2, 321:and inwards towards the higher progressive impulse, which leads to the definite expansion ofPsychology2, 325:to elucidate the early problem of the soul's impulse to creation. We will, therefore, accept thePsychology2, 342:as a result of: Successive incarnations. The impulse and consequent activity of desire. ThePsychology2, 437:purpose, and the astral nature, governing impulse. Found between a man and his over-shadowing (andPsychology2, 528:the base of the spine; this surges upward on the impulse of devotion, aspiration and enlightenedPsychology2, 530:conscious subordination of the life to the sex impulse. This is of a different nature to the firstPsychology2, 612:through the pineal gland, responsive to soul impulse. There will then be balance and rightPsychology2, 696:known. There is a law called the Law of Magnetic Impulse or Polar Union which plays an active partPsychology2, 697:into one group effort, so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin to control them when, again as aPsychology2, 698:in its growing momentum, such a potent magnetic impulse that it will reach those Lives Who broodPsychology2, 698:will call forth from Them a responsive magnetic impulse which will bring together, through thePsychology2, 699:involves the recognition of the Law of Magnetic Impulse, and with a desire to understand it, and toPsychology2, 700:the significance of this Law of Magnetic Impulse and the corresponding relationships in his ownPsychology2, 729:of good will, as organized under hierarchical impulse, can be greatly increased. It is notRays, 54:Its sole usefulness is to give an expanding impulse to the consciousness of the disciple and toRays, 55:thus creating the manifested world, the impulse towards the unfoldment of consciousness, and theRays, 67:or note of Life Itself, embodying its dynamic impulse, its creative power, and its responsiveRays, 74:contact. Beyond the mental plane, the initiatory impulse or emphasis is upon the life aspect, uponRays, 85:great Ray Lives and started the motivation and impulse of that which produced manifestation. ThusRays, 87:cases the form is destroyed, but the motivating impulse is different and the energy of destructionRays, 140:is its lowest step. This enables us to study the impulse or instinct which enables all forms ofRays, 160:- is radiated by humanity as a group-creative impulse, and this gradually sweeps all forms of lifeRays, 185:and its coherent coordination in response to the impulse and attractive force of divine love andRays, 185:attractive force of divine love and the dynamic impulse of the spirit. Rays, 185:from the human kingdom was due solely to mass impulse or impression. This was very little, owing toRays, 212:disciples, though They initiated the original impulse and have given both guidance and direction;
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