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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPULSED

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Astrology, 125:comprehend) begins really in Pisces; though impulsed (if I may use such a word) in Aries it beginsAstrology, 506:of the divine expression will be divine purpose, impulsed by will, motivated by love and carriedDestiny, 25:which is swept by ideas, controlled by ideals, impulsed by selfishness, impregnated by hates andDestiny, 127:for the activity is wrongly oriented, selfishly impulsed and incorrectly used. Here again the twoDiscipleship1, 697:vision and aspiration of the Master. This is impulsed by his monadic potency, influenced by the OneDiscipleship1, 699:The etheric body is a web of light energy, impulsed or motivated by the type or the quality of theDiscipleship1, 699:the etheric or vital body. Average man is impulsed by desire which is an energy, emanating fromDiscipleship2, 20:no physical activity as we understand it unless impulsed by some energy emanating from the ethericDiscipleship2, 221:philanthropic activity to an activity which is impulsed and brought into expression by spiritualDiscipleship2, 279:well know, the free flow of ideas intuitively impulsed; it is with this free flow of the new ideasDiscipleship2, 345:concern the initiate and his work as it is impulsed from the moment [346] that an initiation hasEducation, 80:point to define what education can be, if it is impulsed by true vision and made responsive toExternalisation, 168:sacrifice was the symbol and the guarantee, impulsed as His life and activities were by the SpiritExternalisation, 327:begins always in the realm of intention, is impulsed by trained desire, and will be brought intoExternalisation, 561:Shamballa, is inherent in divine purpose and is impulsed and impelled by Shamballa energy,Externalisation, 568:forward. A point to be remembered is that this impulsed intention (emanating in the first placeExternalisation, 642:all you need wherewith to carry on the work, impulsed from the Hierarchy, through what I haveExternalisation, 682:through the groups which I have started and impulsed, such as Men of Goodwill and the Triangles,Glamour, 206:becomes closely related to the personality and impulsed by the intuition. By means of this lightProblems, 51:point to define what education can be, if it is impulsed by true vision and made responsive toProblems, 86:relationships involved. They are also often impulsed by a fighting fanaticism which borders on aRays, 70:it conditions the plans of the Hierarchy and is impulsed by the Registrants of the Purpose. This isRays, 454:blended energies of the personality as they are impulsed by the soul, across a gap in consciousnessRays, 579:mass expression, still selfishly expressed and impulsed as yet by emotional excesses, butRays, 580:are presenting themselves to the world of men - impulsed by the Hierarchy, precipitated into theRays, 604:out upon the physical plane, although it was impulsed from the mental plane. The symbol of fire wasRays, 621:a turning point in human affairs. This trend is impulsed by a weariness of fighting, by a changingTelepathy, 81:in great cycles and cyclic waves; these are impulsed from extra-planetary sources, as demanded orTelepathy, 150:to the nature of the outer vehicle as it is impulsed from etheric levels, and a profoundlyTelepathy, 155:LIFE, and that which is determined in the head, impulsed from the heart, sustained by the breathTelepathy, 156:of its own, their existence and functioning is impulsed, determined and conditioned by the life and
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