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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPULSES

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Fire, 1037:fail to recognize the unity of the many force impulses emanating from the one Lodge. These cyclesFire, 1037:idea as to the Mahachohan's cycle of emanatory impulses may be [1038] gathered by considering theFire, 1038:first type of energy with the equally powerful impulses from the second Ray and the third, we shallFire, 1038:this question of cycles. Apart from the cyclic impulses continuously going forth, overlapping andFire, 1038:other, there are many which we might call lesser impulses (and the cycle of one hundred years toFire, 1039:H. P. B. refers [1039] is but one of the lesser impulses. There is a one thousand year cycle ofFire, 1039:these can break in upon any of the lesser impulses, and can be seen appearing, unexpectedly, as farFire, 1039:is concerned, and yet they are but the returning impulses set in cyclic motion perhaps thousands ofFire, 1039:they overlook and negate the six other types of impulses, of equal or of more importance, which mayFire, 1045:effects work either as Attractive or repulsive impulses. Retarding or accelerating impulses.Fire, 1045:or repulsive impulses. Retarding or accelerating impulses. Destructive or constructive impulses.Fire, 1045:impulses. Destructive or constructive impulses. Devitalizing or stimulating impulses. Energizing orFire, 1045:impulses. Devitalizing or stimulating impulses. Energizing or disintegrating impulses. Yet all canFire, 1045:impulses. Energizing or disintegrating impulses. Yet all can be expressed in terms of negative andFire, 1048:evolutionary impulse. [1048] These evolutionary impulses may be regarded as three in number for aFire, 1049:We will now sum up briefly the various vibratory impulses which have a definite effect upon theFire, 1050:the expansion of the imparted ideas. Three impulses inherent in the three periodical vehicles, asFire, 1052:forms a part) has to be reckoned with, and the impulses emanating from the cosmic Logos, the ONEFire, 1090:solar system but must wait for the vitalizing impulses of a later. This is due to the fact thatFire, 1103:be the reflector in a similar way of the buddhic impulses, which reach the emotional body viaFire, 1115:They in their turn are transmitters of the life-impulses from the heart of the central SpiritualFire, 1152:Vishnu. It will thus be seen that three main impulses, each emanating from the will, plan, orFire, 1152:Cosmic Entity Systemic Entities Number of Impulses Quality 1. Brahma The Raja Lords 7 ActivityFire, 1176:Entity and are under the influence of the Life impulses of the solar Logos as are the greaterFire, 1234:are not regarded as creators. They work under impulses emanating from the other three groups. EachGlamour, 85:those uncontrolled energies, those undirected impulses which emanate from the world of prana andGlamour, 86:the truth about maya as follows: The latent impulses of the personality life, when divorced fromGlamour, 86:centers in the physical body. These forces or impulses, plus the prana available, constitute theGlamour, 86:animal nature to conform entirely to the inner impulses, [87] emanating from the world of prana,Glamour, 257:first responsibility is to become aware of the impulses within themselves which could galvanize theGlamour, 261:have to solve is the source of the incentive, impulses, impressions or inspiration which - via theGlamour, 261:of evolution. According to the tensions and impulses indicated, will be the activity of theHealing, 4:irritations, secret delights and the many hidden impulses which emanate from the desire life of theHealing, 43:into the consciousness in the form of desires, impulses, longings, wishes, determinations,Healing, 53:for the huge majority - the influences and impulses which emanate from the astral plane are aHealing, 53:basic condition is becoming steadily modified by impulses coming from the mental plane. ThisHealing, 60:inhibition and the suppression of the desire impulses by the force of the will is not rightHealing, 64:could be classified under their originating impulses. So few of them have a mental origin, in spiteHealing, 66:if the causes [66] which are the initial impulses are exhausted? Ponder on this. In all the above,Healing, 82:to respond adequately to the inner and subtler impulses. Here is found the cause (the secondaryHealing, 83:forces and their actuating effects: such as impulses, incentives, influences, potencies, desires,Healing, 171:of all emotional reactions and of desire impulses and energies and, because humanity is todayHealing, 229:away and the Lemurian race submitted to the evil impulses of the animal nature, gradually theHealing, 335:reacts to the outer world of impacts and inner impulses, but has no initiatory life of its own. ItHealing, 452:vehicle) only begins to coordinate as the lower impulses fade out...Attachment to form or theHealing, 453:their own path is the right path, and that the impulses which lie hidden in the physical vehicle orHealing, 474:are the agents par excellence of the directing impulses of the soul, reacting to the vibratoryHealing, 491:body, is now free from the strictly animal impulses which, upon the physical plane, are both normalHealing, 614:but is simply - in this cycle - responsive to impulses emanating from elsewhere. Its achievementHealing, 637:it is already impregnated with the life impulses of the spirit of the earth. Man, in so doing,Healing, 673:consequent poise) from all the influences and impulses which are motived from the three worlds.Healing, 673:arrived at by ruling out the pulls, the urges, impulses and attractions of the astral or emotionalHercules, 18:Then there is the spiritual nature, with its impulses and intuitions, its constant pull towardsHercules, 32:of the higher, and he is beginning to respond to impulses coming from the world of souls, and toHercules, 32:of his personal greeds. The Three Initial Impulses in Aries Three outstanding urges characterizeHercules, 33:and spiritual liberation: these are the initial impulses sensed in Aries. It is the sign,Hercules, 33:It is the sign, therefore, of strong and potent impulses, and of violent fluctuations andHercules, 67:many changes; new ideas flood the world; new impulses make their presence felt; new and undevelopedHercules, 145:technique brings the unsavory data of repressed impulses to the surface, it is true, but oftenInitiation, 101:more rapidly an acute transmitter of the inner impulses. This fact is of real importance, and willInitiation, 198:is a creator in mental matter, an originator of impulses on the mental plane, thereby producingInitiation, 199:and a strict check will be kept upon originating impulses. Hence during the first year in which theInitiation, 199:studied, and be traced back to those originating impulses which, in every case, initiate actionIntellect, 26:into the light of every day consciousness... The impulses of instinct and the prompting ofIntellect, 98:subordination of the personality to the higher impulses. Dr. Maréchal expresses the ChristianIntellect, 111:directed instrument, the soul can manipulate the impulses or thought currents. These forces pourMagic, 7:those effects. Mentally, where they concern the impulses which produce the other two. The TreatiseMagic, 60:is the result of solar vibration, and not the impulses emanating from one or the other of the lunarMagic, 61:are recognized by the man concerned as his "high impulses," his dreams and aspirations. Therefore,Magic, 61:angel is unceasingly in deep meditation. The impulses of energy, emanating from him are increasingMagic, 63:more vital [63] importance to us, these cyclic impulses in the life of the disciple are of aMagic, 63:the fact he is watching the effect of the cyclic impulses and the effect of the soul's meditationMagic, 64:Let him aim to live as a soul. Then the cyclic impulses, emanating from the soul, are known to beMagic, 64:emanating from the soul, are known to be impulses for which he himself is responsible and which heMagic, 202:subordinates the soul to the sheaths and to the impulses and tendencies of the lower self. VirtueMagic, 211:supreme, over the world of souls, or egoic impulses, of hierarchical work and of pure thought. ThisMagic, 219:who respond most readily to the mental impulses. They are in the minority as yet, and most peopleMagic, 220:and activities through the power of his mind impulses, and the focused attention of his own soul.Magic, 242:also we gain poise as we study our own life impulses, for they also have their ebb and flow, andMagic, 250:a brain is required which is receptive to higher impulses and which can be impressed by the soulMagic, 289:planetary forces, and of extra-solar or cosmic impulses, esoterically called "breaths". TheseMagic, 332:of the atom, a recognition of certain energy impulses will be seen and this will be based on theMagic, 406:for you the work they did or the subjective impulses under which they worked. I can but indicateMagic, 410:in the nations. Under the fifth and third ray impulses, groups of scientific investigators haveMagic, 413:into contact with the material world. Initial impulses have in them potency both for good and forMagic, 415:not personalities actuated by occasional soul impulses. The members of the many groups were allMagic, 432:of the life forces and the general trend of the impulses influencing humanity in this great cycleMagic, 439:the third will be the chart of the mental impulses and conditions. It will be found that theseMagic, 458:of the life force, they deal with the cyclic impulses to which the evolutionary process mustMagic, 462:to respond intelligently to the timely impulses which cyclically emanate from the inner side ofMagic, 474:gives a thrill - these words kill the flickering impulses of the soul, cut at the roots of life,Magic, 523:but I am dealing really with those divine impulses which emanate from a cosmic Creator and becomeMagic, 524:therein practically no resistance. Other divine impulses which also cyclically stream forth haveMagic, 524:substance affected. These latter are those impulses to which we give the name spiritual, and whichMagic, 544:Selfishness and desire of a low order were the impulses back of them both. The coming greatMagic, 556:is free from impression by his environing impulses? He has to recognize the purpose for which heMagic, 583:disciple to: Enquire the Way. Obey the inward impulses of the soul. Pay no attention to any worldlyMagic, 585:- The Treading of the Way 2. Obey the inward impulses of the soul. Well do the teachers of the raceMagic, 585:duties of everyday. He who seeks to obey the impulses of the soul has to cultivate an accuracy ofMagic, 625:and govern. His group is not colored by the impulses of the new age, but by the separate instincts
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