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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPULSES

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Magic, 635:The development of sensitivity to the new impulses which are flooding the world at this time. ThisMeditation, 178:we know it, is not understood by the devas, but impulses, forces, vibrations can be set up by thePatanjali, 14:The goal of the Raja Yoga system is that these impulses should be replaced by the consideredPatanjali, 97:of causes; he sees with clear vision the divine impulses; then having thus contemplated the innerPatanjali, 108:of substance in which is registered the thought impulses of our planet and its inhabitants, andPatanjali, 108:and with forms created by those vibratory impulses which express certain ideas and desires, -Patanjali, 108:of the reality, and express only those lower impulses and reactions which emanate from the lowerPatanjali, 121:into objective manifestation of all the inner impulses. In its ancient and simplest form it was thePatanjali, 139:vehicle) only begins to coordinate as the lower impulses fade out. It is consistent also with thePatanjali, 144:are the aggregate of those fundamental egoic impulses which have led to the development of responsePatanjali, 144:to sense contacts on the three planes. These impulses have produced effects which (being under thePatanjali, 185:student as only one form which the out going impulses take, and a form which allies a man closelyPatanjali, 311:Those two words are but symbols of the two great impulses underlying the sex impulse. When thesePatanjali, 311:impulses underlying the sex impulse. When these impulses are dominated and controlled, then thePatanjali, 347:of his desires, and the completion of his impulses. It is this quality which is the distinguishingPatanjali, 369:which depend for existence upon those many mind impulses. 17. These forms are cognized or not,Patanjali, 393:to work themselves out. They are the desires, impulses and obligations which keep a man upon thePatanjali, 400:environment. The other concerns tendencies, impulses and desires which tend to affect permanentlyPatanjali, 402:their own path is the right path and that the impulses which lie hidden in the physical [403]Patanjali, 403:we weave it into forms by our own thought impulses. Others perceive that which we see, because somePatanjali, 403:are analogous to ours and their reactions and impulses are [404] similar in some respects. Yet noPatanjali, 406:which depend for existence upon those many mind impulses. In these words, the whole concept isPatanjali, 406:are brought face to face with cosmic and solar impulses and the smallness and littleness of ourPatanjali, 406:every objective vehicle through which the life impulses of the universe flows is produced and keptPatanjali, 410:so that only those streams of energy and those impulses originate with him which are in line withPatanjali, x:which brought forth H. P. Blavatsky. First Ray impulses rise in the first quarter of each centuryProblems, 135:for the appearance of those virtues, spiritual impulses and incentives which men appear to havePsychology1, 10:[10] and arrive at an understanding of his ray impulses and energies we shall need to see clearlyPsychology1, 62:confines of the solar system just as the life impulses of a human being - his vital forces, hisPsychology1, 62:of a human being - his vital forces, his desire impulses, and his mental energies - sweepPsychology1, 150:towards a definite purpose. I have worded these impulses as above in order to show the emergentPsychology1, 175:national movements are often ignorant of the impulses which lie back of their work, and arePsychology1, 196:unrevealed. He becomes aware of those subjective impulses which condition the quality of the life,Psychology1, 209:on this ray is full of religious instincts and impulses, and of intense personal feeling; nothingPsychology1, 260:by the bonds of affection or of service. The ray impulses which are active at any time. These are,Psychology1, 275:insanity, the evil tendencies, and the perverted impulses which today fill our hospitals, our homesPsychology1, 277:denotes the alluring satisfaction of the animal impulses at any cost and with no rhythmicPsychology1, 278:this be? It is due to the fact that the newer impulses pouring into the old, and the impact of thePsychology1, 289:of the energies is going on under the new impulses. As we develop the sense of purity in man, asPsychology1, 365:impelled by instinctive rituals and by rhythmic impulses. The new science of psychology could wellPsychology2, 26:become more definitely the instrument of mental impulses. The brain consciousness begins toPsychology2, 30:and distinctions, and the many ray instincts, impulses, and intuitions. The garnered and expressedPsychology2, 32:and focusings, awarenesses and contacts, ray impulses, approaches and withdrawals, and all possiblePsychology2, 119:the planetary rhythm of certain energies and impulses which emanate from that sign of the zodiacPsychology2, 123:out of the valley of the world glamor. Then the impulses to serve are registered in the heartPsychology2, 148:the aspirant, and dictates to him those higher impulses and those spiritual decisions which markPsychology2, 185:of the etheric body is to receive energy impulses and to be swept into activity by these impulsesPsychology2, 185:impulses and to be swept into activity by these impulses or streams of force, emanating from somePsychology2, 198:plane. The effect or consequences of the impulses behind them produce the working out of the [199]Psychology2, 244:thoughts are brought into line with the higher impulses initiated by the soul. This is only anotherPsychology2, 252:must comprehend the significance of the [252] impulses emanating from sources higher than Their ownPsychology2, 255:revealing to us gradually the nature of those impulses and tendencies which have led the racePsychology2, 264:Many people are simply animals with vague higher impulses, which remain simply impulses. There arePsychology2, 264:with vague higher impulses, which remain simply impulses. There are those also who are primarilyPsychology2, 286:urges of the automatic physical nature and the impulses of the vital or etheric body. 2. AwakeningPsychology2, 286:becoming aware of both these primitive urges and impulses, plus the sentient and emotionalPsychology2, 286:is, in due time, conditioned by the urges, impulses and sentiency of the three lower types ofPsychology2, 309:animal nature to conform entirely to the inner impulses - emanating from the world of pranicPsychology2, 321:expansion of consciousness. These higher impulses are progressive in their appearance. It might, inPsychology2, 322:to The lower concrete mind, [322] The separative impulses of the selfish mental body, ThePsychology2, 406:tangible world; through the vital body the impulses come which produce direction and activity uponPsychology2, 406:nature originates the bulk of those desires and impulses which direct the undeveloped or averagePsychology2, 406:or average man, and which can be called desire-impulses or the wish-life of the individual; throughPsychology2, 418:that there is a low vitality, a lack of desire impulses, a failure to register adequate dynamicPsychology2, 419:which renders the man negative to the desire impulses which should normally stream through into hisPsychology2, 434:The outer response apparatus, acting under impulses received from the outer environment and thePsychology2, 434:The endocrine or glandular system, acting under impulses entering the physical body via the sevenPsychology2, 435:body. From this vehicle emanate the desires, impulses, aspirations and those conflicts of dualityPsychology2, 464:every case the need for adaptation to the higher impulses or demands, or suffers consequences of aPsychology2, 486:hearing voices, receiving guidance and obeying impulses which they claim come from God. GroupsPsychology2, 491:man is responding to the injunctions and impulses of his own personality. This often happens toPsychology2, 528:This, raising takes place in three stages, or impulses: [529] The stage wherein the lower energiesPsychology2, 615:from group stimulation, group effects and group impulses. It is only as they become decentralizedPsychology2, 678:human consciousness. The new, compelling, inner impulses must stand revealed to the humanPsychology2, 701:of the goal and of the purposes underlying those impulses which have been granted to it by the soulPsychology2, 701:remain essentially unchanged. The divine impulses are still there and the soul is but gatheringPsychology2, 747:involve the readjustment of our lives to the new impulses; it will entail the elimination of thePsychology2, 747:will render us aware of the impressions and impulses coming from the inner side of life, and willRays, 25:are simply the modes of expression, the life impulses and the way of existence or activity of theRays, 55:and the expression of the seven ray impulses. This constitutes the sevenfold AUM of which theRays, 118:Hitherto, all contacts and spiritual impulses from this highest center have reached humanity viaRays, 245:to grasp logic purpose. He recognizes the impulses of desire, and in the course of the evolutionaryRays, 307:emanates from Shamballa and it is that which impulses all the activities of the Hierarchy; the taskRays, 315:this is a phrasing of the great objective which impulses the Hierarchy itself. As the initiateRays, 319:and because major divine macrocosmic impulses must have lesser microcosmic effects. All theseRays, 333:to the interior life and the spiritual impulses within the Hierarchy itself and unrelated toRays, 374:automatic barrier to the entry of the too high impulses and vibrations. The second function is toRays, 567:These five initiations are under the energy impulses of Rays 7, 6, 5, 4, plus the dynamic influenceRays, 608:and secondly, upon the will-to-good which impulses and implements the three creative andRays, 643:hierarchical Plan and in tune with his own ray impulses. This project must have both an exotericRays, 688:is responsive primarily to ideas, intuitions and impulses coming from the soul, and begins its trueReappearance, 11:protects, shields and succors the spiritual impulses by which men live; that which brings Him intoSoul, 14:within; it looks upon man as a system of needs, impulses, and desires impelling him to study, toSoul, 103:last relay in the cord, from which it receives impulses, is from that portion of the cord, [104]Soul, 116:be noted that the nerve fibers which carry motor impulses descending from the brain to the spinalSoul, 117:nerves go. The sympathetic nerves chiefly carry impulses which govern the muscular tissue of theSoul, 118:bulb. The sympathetic, however, derives the impulses which it distributes from the central nervousSoul, 118:these do not arise in the sympathetic self. The impulses issue from the spinal cord by the anteriorSoul, 118:yet do little more than trace the paths by which impulses may pass between one portion of theTelepathy, 2:of the etheric body is to receive energy impulses and to be swept into activity by these impulses,
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