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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IMPULSION

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Astrology, 325:are misleading [325] terms and "cyclic impulsion," "intelligent purposeful repetition" andBethlehem, 90:achieved perfection; it was the incentive and impulsion to His life of service, and it is theExternalisation, 559:Bliss is entirely forgotten. But, owing to the impulsion of life itself, progress ever continues;Externalisation, 583:done, however, without any evidence of the inner impulsion. Recognition of the inner effort will beHealing, 637:new idea anent disease. Man creates, under soul impulsion and the will to incarnate, a form whichMagic, 609:responsive (according to their degree) to the impulsion of the Mind and Will of the Logos, thePatanjali, 299:and that they are "regulated by the steady impulsion of the wind." We have here a wonderful picturePsychology2, 221:of an act of the will, and is caused by the impulsion of the sensed and innate purpose of God.Psychology2, 283:two directions). This takes place under divine impulsion and human aspiration, and both act equallyRays, 196:"Next to the earthly plane is found the Veil of Impulsion and then the Hall of Concentration. ToRays, 196:of Distortion, related to the world of glamor as impulsion is to force. Beyond that veil is found
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