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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INABILITY

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Astrology, 585:massed negativity of the German people and their inability to take right action when Hitler'sAutobiographywork and the frustration and disappointment of inability to meet the need and often the inabilityAutobiographyof inability to meet the need and often the inability to take advantage of opportunity because ofAutobiography, 3:must lie in "everlasting" sameness, in a forced inability to change conditions. I became next anAutobiography, 135:of my life when a girl. This developed in me an inability to be idle. I was never permitted to beDestiny, 79:the apparently fluid grasp of essentials and the inability of its people and ruling government toDiscipleship1, 77:that your group is not held back through your inability to see, by your personal glamors, by yourDiscipleship1, 95:and not this constant emphasis upon her inability to measure up. She owes it to my group ofDiscipleship1, 120:of others can be also shut off and hence your inability to register telepathic impressions. TheDiscipleship1, 148:of your sense of inadequacy and so much of your inability to carry forward your cherished plansDiscipleship1, 326:- at high moments - you find yourself. This inability to express spiritual ideas in the right wordsDiscipleship1, 327:potently increased your power to serve. This inability to produce a true picture of things as theyDiscipleship1, 328:and oft futile. You have ascribed this inability to the fact that probably you have needed to learnDiscipleship1, 328:brother of mine. Your weak point has been your inability to bring through the vision with accuracy.Discipleship1, 341:may look like an implied criticism of you. NOTE: Inability to take criticism or to walk withDiscipleship1, 355:is the disciplining of the physical body and an inability to apply your ideals to it at need. YouDiscipleship1, 413:if you knew how to do so. Secondly, you have an inability to eliminate the non-essentials out ofDiscipleship1, 415:a failure to understand the larger issues and an inability to move gently on the Way. This yourDiscipleship1, 613:your deep unhappiness at this time and your inability to work with others, quietly and unassuminglyDiscipleship1, 616:for some time to contact you subjectively. This inability on my part is because the stimulation,Discipleship1, 688:the vision, of searching for it, of ability or inability to contact it and, [689] frequently, theDiscipleship1, 772:can do for you, for this would indicate to me an inability to differentiate in values, a desire toDiscipleship2, 460:debility and fatigue and also to a pronounced inability to "ground" yourself upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 544:call it; it may lie in a half-realized inability to work out right relations with people, frettingDiscipleship2, 732:made to register what caused the failure and the inability to stand before the One Initiator, forDiscipleship2, 757:will undoubtedly surprise you, but your apparent inability to write, for instance, a fluent letterEducation, 77:lack of understanding his motivation), by an inability to employ time rightly (for the directionalExternalisation, 132:by the activity of the proletariat with its inability to govern, its desire to retaliate, and itsExternalisation, 166:keynote of human effort? In spite of a real inability to think truly, effectively and intuitively,Externalisation, 305:and because humanity will have demonstrated its inability to call forth and receive the higherExternalisation, 345:negativity of the German people, and their inability to take right action when Hitler's purposesExternalisation, 367:the nations fighting totalitarianism, and their inability to realize the full horror of what layExternalisation, 404:unhappiness is founded primarily upon man's inability to live fully in the consciousness of theseExternalisation, 425:length of the war was partly dependent upon the inability of the Armies of the Lord to commit theExternalisation, 460:keep the people from perishing. Because of an inability to compromise and to face up to things asExternalisation, 469:work, but the churches could be ignored if an inability to think with clarity is shown and if theyExternalisation, 495:held the forces of evil together, and a growing inability of the evil group at the head of the AxisExternalisation, 617:be the reflection), nor does it indicate any inability to appear. Rather, it indicates the wonderExternalisation, 629:of the money and work; it lies with the seeming inability of people to give. For one reason orFire, 106:which may be described as follows: First. Inability to tap pranic currents, owing to the unhealthyFire, 147:the will to love. The difficulty lies in the inability of the finite mind to grasp the significanceFire, 435:evolved the mystery lies securely hid, and the inability of man to find out the enumeration of theFire, 480:process may not be dealt with owing to the inability of the race as yet to act altruistically. MuchFire, 486:manipulation of the fires. That lies in the inability of the student to read the esotericFire, 494:objective has been due to three things: First. Inability to contact the central electric spark.Fire, 494:the electrical influence of that spark. Second. Inability to create the necessary channel or "path"Fire, 494:their labor has consequently been lost. Third. Inability to control the fire elementals who are theFire, 494:through the medium of its environment. This inability is especially distinctive of the alchemistsFire, 651:dense and the etheric forms. At this stage his inability to do so is largely due to a lack ofFire, 927:as failures, is owing to the fact of their inability to make a coordinated applied effort, and thusFire, 1002:a natural death on the mental plane owing to the inability of the man to exert the will facultyGlamour, 4:This detachment can be so easily founded on an inability to love, in a selfish concern for one'sGlamour, 131:lies the story of separation and of man's inability to relate the various implications of a divineGlamour, 222:to be the victims of glamor is evidenced by the inability of the third ray aspirant and disciple toHealing, 13:His error at this time consists in: His inability to see the true uses of pain. His resentment atHealing, 26:methods at present employed consists in the inability of the healer to: Gauge the extent of theHealing, 82:arising in the etheric body, plus the inability of the outer tangible form to respond adequately toHealing, 162:of humanity in its various bodies; it is the inability of the centers to respond or to unfold whichHealing, 167:and wasteful of time, are as follows: The inability of even the most advanced human mind to graspHealing, 255:others; all are interdependent. [255] It is the inability of these groups to recognize the good inHealing, 457:paralysis of the will to express and complete inability to generate the energy which will indicateHealing, 475:of peace, and a willingness to go, plus an inability to make a mental effort. It is as if the dyingHealing, 567:he stands upon the ladder of evolution. The inability of man to achieve at any time what heHealing, 567:this his soul remains persistently aware. This inability to live up to the highest ideal of whichHealing, 568:structure and is in reality the result of the inability of the soul to produce an expression ofHealing, 568:follows. It is interesting to note that this inability to express "the true" or to "be the Truth"Healing, 569:failure of the personality to respond, and its inability to express the true, is to be seen in theHealing, 604:lack of potency in people's thinking and their inability to direct thought) the major protectiveInitiation, 53:in the choice of co-workers, or evidence an inability to represent the truth. If he does well, andInitiation, 81:themselves with some form, and in their inability to understand the different points of view ofInitiation, 81:own inner God and their personal Master), the inability to cooperate and to merge their interestsIntellect, 79:of the form-side of life and the eventual inability of the various sheaths to hide it, can beIntellect, 92:with physical life as a whole, and with our inability to grasp and understand the divine RealityIntellect, 150:Dr. Overstreet refers, there has usually been an inability to define or express clearly this stateIntellect, 156:that the high moment has passed, coupled with an inability to speak with clarity of that which hasIntellect, 179:physical plane living and feeling come from "the inability of the soul to distinguish between theIntellect, 230:the puzzled beginner, who is discouraged by his inability to think when and as he chooses: "ImagineMagic, 11:the submersed unit in the group impulse and the inability of that unit to change the impulse orMagic, 51:(of the pairs of opposites) comes from the inability of the soul to distinguish between theMagic, 135:most to them personally. They must recognize the inability of the workers to continue to bringMagic, 158:deficiencies in the work of meditation and their inability to control their minds, whereas bothMagic, 159:work, there is often failure owing to his inability to understand both the esoteric and the literalMagic, 259:helpers. People whose minds are clouded or whose inability to hold the mind "steady in the light"Magic, 321:however, touch upon it at length owing to the inability of the human brain to understand it or theMagic, 426:This non-criticism will not grow out of an inability to see error, or failure to measure up to anMagic, 492:could have been said from the standpoint of the inability of the majority of students to think withMagic, 505:paralysis of the will to express and complete inability to generate the energy which will indicateMagic, 637:time) is that of mental pride and consequent inability to work in group formation. The penalty forMeditation, 298:due to two causes primarily: [298] The inherent inability of man at this juncture to attain theMeditation, 311:suffer. What does matter is lack of aspiration, inability to attempt, and incapacity to learn theMeditation, 317:will obviate the necessity of later removal for inability or lack of interest, but this I will dealPatanjalilack of dispassion, erroneous perception, inability to achieve concentration, failure to hold thePatanjali, 62:lack of dispassion, erroneous perception, inability to achieve concentration, failure to hold thePatanjali, 64:of their relative power over average man) is inability to think clearly about the problem ofPatanjali, 67:here. Obstacle VII - Erroneous perception This inability to perceive correctly and to vision thingsPatanjali, 70:for the next step forward. Obstacle VIII - Inability to achieve Concentration The two lastPatanjali, 85:eventualities are present, coupled with an inability to recollect truly and accurately when awake.Patanjali, 198:the importance of the procreative act, the inability to [199] resist the lower desires andPatanjali, 234:(of the pairs of opposites) comes from the inability of the soul to distinguish between thePatanjali, 320:(of the pairs of opposites) comes from the inability of the soul to distinguish between the
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