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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INACCURATE

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Astrology, 16:chart appears inconclusive and often most inaccurate. It is the force flowing through the planetsAstrology, 57:Crocodiles, or Makara. It is constructed in an inaccurate and definitely misleading manner andAstrology, 297:Making a broad and consequently [297] somewhat inaccurate generalization, it might be said thatAstrology, 325:occult books, most of which are largely inaccurate and certainly unimportant. An intelligentAutobiographyreturned but in all cases they are incomplete, inaccurate in certain particulars and not finallyAutobiography, 231:unpredictable and their horoscopes will prove inaccurate and have no meaning at all. If a person isDiscipleship1, 409:and active mind (which is, however, often an inaccurate mind) is swung into intense interest withFire, 834:is here an anachronism and is technically inaccurate. The moon or moons in any scheme are systemicFire, 848:a vaster scheme, man's deductions will remain inaccurate. We will now proceed with our enumerationFire, 1148:incarnations. Such statements are in the main inaccurate, for they make no allowance for RayGlamour, 254:and the instruction given are both feeble, inaccurate and frequently innocuous, though there areHealing, 377:at present applied. This is an instance of the inaccurate statements passed on by ignorant mediumsHealing, 403:through the unnecessary, unimportant, inaccurate and purely speculative details which they give outHealing, 403:Secret Doctrine gave none. An instance of this inaccurate and foolish attempt to throw light uponHealing, 616:was called by the Christ "virtue" (a somewhat inaccurate translation of the word originally used);Healing, 672:it consciousness, and awareness is almost as inaccurate a word) is only possible after the fifthInitiation, 166:to create consciously he may lose no time in inaccurate transformation. To enable him to pictureMagic, 379:E Z are not the true Sensar letters, if such in inaccurate expression can be used of an ideographProblems, 21:all mankind. It is the dimly sensed and somewhat inaccurate realization of this which has led toPsychology1, 207:and full of picturesque word-painting, but inaccurate, full of exaggerations, and oftenPsychology1, 266:anent reincarnation are as yet childish and inaccurate. Much readjustment must be made, and muchPsychology1, 368:aspirants and disciples, and will not indicate inaccurate prophecy or misinterpreted astrologicalRays, 253:In either case then the horoscope may prove inaccurate. It is of no use to use the esoteric planetsRays, 276:That understanding is in itself so limited and inaccurate that it serves mainly to distort the
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