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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INADEQUACY

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Astrology, 608:with its limitations of consciousness and its inadequacy of language. But even a dim perception ofAtom, 64:of the form, and the man's realization of its inadequacy. Then comes the happy release which weAutobiography, 120:As I write these words I am conscious of their inadequacy and lack of complete fairness and yetDiscipleship1, 148:inner mental attitudes. So much of your sense of inadequacy and so much of your inability to carryDiscipleship1, 690:past failures and a consciousness of very real inadequacy. They become over preoccupied [691] withExternalisation, 7:ago, safeguarded the [7] many. Add to this the inadequacy of the mass of human vehicles to meet theExternalisation, 63:now, in the face of the difficulty and seeming inadequacy, to begin the intended group work, ifExternalisation, 351:of the will of those seeking aid. It is this inadequacy which the Buddha hopes to remove when HeFire, 439:again are handicapping us, and proving their inadequacy to express an idea. What the student shouldGlamour, 59:medium of a partial view, distorted through the inadequacy of the mental equipment, and frequentlyHealing, 92:plans are not materializing, owing often to the inadequacy of the physical equipment; but the basicHealing, 218:what the physical vehicle needs. Owing to their inadequacy, the body is unable to resistInitiation, 1:of dogmatism in the presentation. Nor should the inadequacy of the personality of the writer act asMagic, 299:imprisonment, of limitation, and of consequent inadequacy. In these factors, growing out of thePsychology1, 61:to the limitations of the human mind and to the inadequacy of words. The planned activity of everyPsychology1, 129:in general terms, - necessarily limited by the inadequacy [130] of language, - the significance ofPsychology2, 13:are as yet unable to materialize, owing to the inadequacy of their equipment. They affirm theirPsychology2, 31:are, therefore, the result of the futility and inadequacy of language to express the Reality thenRays, 50:of ideas. Here you have an instance of the inadequacy of modern language; ideas are formless and
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