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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INADEQUATE

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Magic, 326:of truth which though as yet imperfect and inadequate, does verily lay the foundation of the futureMagic, 361:three lower aspects lead back (if one may use so inadequate an expression) on to the third plane,Magic, 440:if I here attempted a translation necessarily inadequate, of the key word of each sign. These fallMagic, 556:more beautiful, until it, in its turn, is deemed inadequate. The same recognitions, on a lesserMagic, 593:they become perforated, if I might use such an inadequate term. Many aspirants feel convinced thatMeditation, 79:each center, then even the causal body proves inadequate for the influx of life from above. If IMeditation, 248:note of Nature. This seems to you sketchy and inadequate? So it is, even more so than you canMeditation, 288:working out evil karma through the possession of inadequate bodies. Through diligence, application,Patanjali, 386:the "I am" consciousness creates forms of matter inadequate for the full expression of the divineProblems, 26:by the inept, the partisan politician and by the inadequate; they are broadly tolerant and yet mostProblems, 51:we must eliminate those which have proved inadequate in fitting men to cope with their environment;Psychology1, 36:as found in all religions. It is necessarily inadequate, for it fails to emphasize the truth thatPsychology1, 91:with mechanisms of varying kinds, adequate and inadequate. We find all of them, without exception,Psychology1, 104:attempted investigation and explanations are inadequate and do not account satisfactorily for allPsychology1, 150:would be futile, and language itself would be inadequate to the task. Life is not what anyone hasPsychology1, 157:the type nature of living energy (which is our inadequate definition of the word "life") settles orPsychology1, 226:possible when dealing with a mechanism as yet so inadequate as the mind and brain of the averagePsychology1, 252:This is called transfusion, which is a very inadequate word to express the early blending, in thePsychology1, 303:has incarnated. That these man-made laws are inadequate I well know, and it is needless to pointPsychology1, 303:the need. They may fail in their scope and prove inadequate, but they do, in a measure, safeguardPsychology1, 379:the Law of Loving Understanding. This is a quite inadequate and sentimental phrase for a scientificPsychology1, 426:This is called transfusion, which is a very inadequate word to express the early blending in thePsychology2, 44:utterance of wrong words and ideas, based on inadequate knowledge. Today, the neophyte must learnPsychology2, 56:pattern, and, therefore, the outer form is also inadequate. But crisis after crisis occurs, and thePsychology2, 58:of experience, far from its own country, with inadequate tools, and in complete temporaryPsychology2, 125:It is a soul instinct, if we may use such an inadequate expression and is, therefore, innate andPsychology2, 193:terminology, except in so far as all words are inadequate symbols of inner truths. Each group hasPsychology2, 223:the ability - sometimes adequate and sometimes inadequate - of the inner consciousness to revealPsychology2, 365:the disciple seem so great and his equipment so inadequate and feeble! [366] A determination toPsychology2, 383:but what can be done when modern language proves inadequate to the demands of soul knowledge) intoPsychology2, 401:adjustments are so hard and the equipment so inadequate to the demanded task that humanity is beingPsychology2, 425:is not yet evolved and the old terms are inadequate. I am, therefore, unable to do more than employPsychology2, 638:They draw their membership (if such an inadequate word can be used) from all classes, - theRays, 50:aspect of the Triad, to which we give the inadequate name of the intuition. This is in realityRays, 59:goodness and wisdom are not qualities, as their inadequate nomenclature would imply, but are greatRays, 70:of humanity. Prayer is the dim, faint and inadequate expression of this; affirmation of divinity inRays, 76:been the necessity for the [76] destruction of inadequate forms. This destruction could have beenRays, 118:to express the truth and all are entirely inadequate. Rays, 141:and "universal synthesis" give only faint and inadequate clues. To the development of this systemRays, 164:a change is a discharge (to use a totally inadequate phrase) of directed and focused will-energy.Rays, 227:the human kingdom. This is a brief and inadequate summation of the more general and the more easilyRays, 244:down the ages. We know it to be profoundly inadequate as yet to express or to produce in manifestedRays, 280:from the above somewhat involved sentences how inadequate is language to express the understandingRays, 282:its place. To this development I have given the inadequate name of Identification. This is a wordRays, 311:of the Spiritual Triad, to which we give the inadequate name of "divine Will." Students are apt toRays, 312:at the fifth initiation and to which we give the inadequate name: Resurrect. Prior to consideringRays, 339:an Old Testament expression [339] and is wholly inadequate, but I can find none other toRays, 339:to substitute. The wording is totally blind and inadequate and will prove to you somewhatRays, 367:center at the base of the spine"; this is the inadequate name given to the reservoir of threefoldRays, 377:the major influence. All this is, of course, an inadequate expression of abstruse truth. The cosmicRays, 450:and its implications you have a brief and inadequate statement as to the Science of theRays, 481:or anchorages (both of these expressions are inadequate to express the full meaning): Humanity, inRays, 485:a very abstruse subject clear, and words prove inadequate. I can but outline to you process andRays, 494:considering this process, words prove completely inadequate. At this stage, when very advanced,Rays, 585:the ray energy is applied (if I may use such an inadequate word) via the Spiritual Triad, utilizingRays, 686:flowering of that quality to which we give the inadequate name "compassion." More I cannot say.Rays, 733:the third or animal kingdom. It is only by such inadequate comparisons that one can arrive at someReappearance, 5:the resources of the old religions have seemed inadequate to meet men's difficulties or to solveReappearance, 138:in the late world war? Why has religion proved inadequate to the need of humanity? Why have theSoul, 16:equipment and understanding of life may prove inadequate. [17] Meanwhile in this cosmic proscenium,Telepathy, 98:aura will obliterate (if I may use such an inadequate term) the emotional or astral aura, and thenTelepathy, 126:nature into a state of divinity (to use a most inadequate phrase). The keynote, therefore, of theTelepathy, 131:word to use but encompass and it is entirely inadequate. A new and deeper esoteric terminology isTelepathy, 152:glandular system in a form either limited and inadequate, or representative of the spiritual manTelepathy, 162:here you have a case where words are wholly inadequate and even misleading. These energies -Telepathy, 168:these terms are efforts to express in somewhat inadequate words what happens when the higherTelepathy, 188:The center called humanity has as yet an inadequate radiation because of its - at present -Telepathy, 188:radiation because of its - at present - inadequate development; its sphere of influence is
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