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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INAUDIBLY

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Discipleship1, 210:out upon the world of men and saying to yourself inaudibly: "The will of God moves the world." ThisDiscipleship1, 230:followed, should greatly aid in this. Then inaudibly and in the achieved silence, sound the SacredDiscipleship1, 308:head as possible. Sound the O. M. three times inaudibly and, with the power of the creativeDiscipleship1, 667:sound the O. M. again, once audibly and once inaudibly, thinking as you do so of the need of theDiscipleship1, 670:about coordination. Sound the Sacred Word then inaudibly, regarding yourself as theDiscipleship1, 670:seven long slow breaths. Sound the Sacred Word inaudibly again, pondering this time upon the mindDiscipleship2, 127:me distinctly. You see me together. Then say, inaudibly, yet as a group: "Into the light we move,Discipleship2, 179:ring-pass-not. Then sound the OM seven times inaudibly. One of the formulas, brother of old, isDiscipleship2, 462:in which the breath is carried on the OM sounded inaudibly - breathe the solar plexus energy, nowDiscipleship2, 491:that the OM in this meditation is to be sounded inaudibly. If you will follow these suggestions, myDiscipleship2, 508:invoke - it will greatly aid you. Sound the OM inaudibly three times. Then, having achieved innerDiscipleship2, 509:up in thought with me, your Master. Sound the OM inaudibly again three times, and then proceedDiscipleship2, 557:level and with a deeper intent. Sound the OM inaudibly three times, as a physical person, as anDiscipleship2, 568:now until eternity. Sound the OM three times inaudibly. Call on me when you will, but only at need.Discipleship2, 591:during the day's work. Sound the OM three times inaudibly. This should only take a few minutes butDiscipleship2, 647:your consciousness. On awakening, sound the OM inaudibly and say: "I am one with the light whichDiscipleship2, 647:and my Master." At noon, again sound the OM inaudibly and say with deep and slow reflection:Discipleship2, 744:disciple upon the physical plane - sound the OM inaudibly, dynamically and clearly, and as you doDiscipleship2, 747:the directing disciple - seven times, slowly and inaudibly. Use this exercise as often as needed,Glamour, 218:He aids the process by saying with tension and inaudibly: "The power of the light prevents theGlamour, 236:is named and the aspirant says with tension inaudibly: "The power of the light prevents theMagic, 127:is sounded audibly, whilst later it is sounded inaudibly. This training in the sound of the AUM isRays, 56:The important factors are to sound it silently, inaudibly and within the head; then, having doneRays, 513:Students have been taught that the AUM sounded inaudibly and listened for, is of greater potency
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