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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INAUGURATE

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Astrology, 131:world cycle to master and dissipate, and so to inaugurate the reign of the Real. It is theAstrology, 360:Mercury as it relates Scorpio and Gemini is to inaugurate that final stage in consciousness whichAstrology, 373:a world of truer values and reality and thus inaugurate the new and better civilization for whichAstrology, 567:the impulse and energy which enabled Him to inaugurate the Christian era; it initiated, throughAstrology, 624:their complete reciprocal at-one-ment. It will inaugurate an era wherein - through increasedAutobiography, 230:on earth. Some of the work which is intended to inaugurate the new age and the future civilization,Autobiography, 234:the next 2000 years slowly disappear. It was to inaugurate and institute this work that theAutobiography, 251:at this time and will salvage the world and inaugurate the new era after the war. The pamphletsBethlehem, 169:Christ conceived of them, then we shall indeed inaugurate a new world order. Destiny, 85:the period of aggression, and so be used to inaugurate an age of cooperation, of understanding andDiscipleship1, 17:But above all else, it is a group formed to inaugurate the methods of the New Age as regards groupDiscipleship1, 146:- will change the face of our civilization and inaugurate a period in human history in whichDiscipleship1, 721:of a Great Appearance which will end all strife, inaugurate the new era of peace and goodwill,Discipleship1, 783:at this time and will salvage the world and inaugurate the new era after the war. The pamphletsDiscipleship2, 27:alignment of the bodies. The May full moon will inaugurate the first real united effort toDiscipleship2, 50:which (at some later date) will bear fruit and inaugurate a new method of drawing nearer to God. ItDiscipleship2, 269:made it possible - in the year 1425 A.D. - to inaugurate changes in the requirements for initiationDiscipleship2, 421:will end the moment of acquiescent waiting, and inaugurate a new cycle of deepened hierarchicalEducation, 52:of His own point in evolution, was enabled to inaugurate a new era and institute a new goal,Externalisation, 36:The second group, the trained observers, will inaugurate the era of light and of a free control ofExternalisation, 198:must come in. The new world order will inaugurate this simpler life based on adequate food, rightExternalisation, 208:told only lies. The future new world order will inaugurate an era of truthful propaganda andExternalisation, 248:effort of the world, which I sought earlier to inaugurate and to synthesize, has passed through aExternalisation, 440:lead intelligent people throughout the world to inaugurate those activities which will lay theExternalisation, 504:is the main work of the new age, and it will inaugurate the age of brotherhood and mould humanityExternalisation, 508:angels and men await, and Whose work it is to inaugurate the new age and so complete the work HeExternalisation, 545:[545] Preparation for a revelation which will inaugurate the new era and set the note for the newExternalisation, 548:which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not haveExternalisation, 569:the present disastrous methods; they will inaugurate a system of barter and exchange, of whichExternalisation, 581:of young people (now growing up) will shortly inaugurate. Upon this threefold condition of theExternalisation, 631:truly Christian training must do it. They must inaugurate the era of the use of money for theExternalisation, 640:to all the activities which I have helped you to inaugurate will remain basically the same; it willExternalisation, 649:the new world which the coming of Christ will inaugurate. It will be obvious (if you haveExternalisation, 666:of the Christ and for the New Age which He will inaugurate. Capitalists and labor leaders,Healing, 374:best that the past can confer upon us, we will inaugurate those new enterprises which will speedHealing, 386:closely with the body in the three worlds and inaugurate a renewed life-expression, or which mightHealing, 483:in its earliest stages, and which will finally inaugurate that cycle in human affairs whereinHercules, 67:But all these changes and unifications naturally inaugurate a new state of awareness, a new stateMagic, 136:adjusted before this group, which must inaugurate the New Age, can measure up to the requirements. Magic, 139:those individuals whose privilege it may be to inaugurate the New Age. Above all, They look for anMagic, 336:transition period the needed changes, and will inaugurate a new era wherein brotherhood will be theMagic, 606:as part of the emerging preparation which will inaugurate the future. Let them take heart of graceMagic, 610:the magical work of the new age, and can inaugurate those changes and that rebuilding which willMagic, 631:These men and women whose mission it is to inaugurate the New Age have learned the secret ofProblems, 34:change their educational institutions and thus inaugurate a better way of preparing their youth forProblems, 69:plans and the shaping of the events which will inaugurate the new world. The other powerfulProblems, 162:such an invocative undertaking and thus together inaugurate the mode of spiritual Approach whichProblems, 167:of World War II came the opportunity to inaugurate a new and better way of life, and to establishProblems, 169:spiritual man must work. The Kingdom of God will inaugurate a world which will be one in which itPsychology1, 74:of this century, and Their united effort will inaugurate definitely the New Age, and usher in thePsychology1, 179:change his outlook upon world affairs, and inaugurate a new age which will be distinguished by anPsychology1, 257:the opportunity to produce major results or to inaugurate new moves whereby the divine Plan may bePsychology1, 281:lay the foundation of the new order, which will inaugurate the new race, with its new laws andPsychology1, 360:are the exponents. The seventh ray will inaugurate the sense of a higher unity; first, that of thePsychology1, 361:of group service and sacrifice. This will inaugurate the age of the "divine service." The vision ofPsychology1, 362:the developed souls from the nursery stage and inaugurate that scientific understanding of thePsychology2, 115:and intelligently, should make it possible to inaugurate a new relation between the Hierarchy andPsychology2, 214:intelligence, and these together must and will inaugurate the new civilization which will be thePsychology2, 647:the manifestation of the new order on earth, to inaugurate the New Age, and to materialize thePsychology2, 684:distress, depression and uncertainty and thus inaugurate an era of peace and of soul-culture. ThisPsychology2, 695:impasse, and thus make it possible for us to inaugurate a new era of peace and of good will. IPsychology2, 699:and intelligently, it should be possible to inaugurate a new relation between the Hierarchy andPsychology2, 729:of realignment be completed. This should then inaugurate a period of renewed relationships on aRays, 19:will be the quality of the New Age and will inaugurate the Aquarian phase of planetary history. Rays, 109:at the end of this century; they will, inaugurate the framework, structure and fabric of the NewRays, 241:redefine the hierarchical undertakings, and thus inaugurate the New Age. Rays, 578:and consolidate the work done and which will inaugurate the world cycle and period in which theRays, 628:the true nature of the soul or of the psyche and inaugurate the era of true esoteric psychology. ToRays, 639:the way for the return of the Christ, Who will inaugurate the new era of harmony. Christ will comeReappearance, 8:about great changes or major restorations, to inaugurate a new civilization or to restore theReappearance, 8:time appear to change the face of the world and inaugurate a new era in the destinies of humanity."Reappearance, 23:The resurrection period which the Christ will inaugurate and which will constitute His unique workReappearance, 30:of the Jews. In the cycle which Christ will inaugurate after His reappearance, the goal of all theReappearance, 180:truly Christian training must do it. They must inaugurate the era of the use of money for theReappearance, 183:next unfoldment of divinity, which Christ will inaugurate. For the last ten years, this New GroupTelepathy, 134:will draw very close to humanity and He will inaugurate the "reign of Avatars" Who will be embodied
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