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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INAUGURATED

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Astrology, 159:of all the above, the sign in which is inaugurated a new cycle of effort, whether this effort is inAstrology, 364:will realize that the great Masonic ritual was inaugurated under the influence of this sign, andAstrology, 573:(one arm of the Fixed Cross) will be definitely inaugurated by humanity itself. It might be said,Autobiography, 183:public that slowly began to start in 1921 and inaugurated a very difficult period in my life. IAutobiography, 302:interest in, or support of, the work which she inaugurated in this life and which she is as deeplyBethlehem, 96:a period of preparation, of quiet service, and inaugurated a cycle of strenuous [97] activity. TheBethlehem, 176:of the note which He struck, and because He inaugurated a new age and told men how to live as sonsBethlehem, 191:itself had reached. The cycle which Christ inaugurated has been one in which men have becomeBethlehem, 214:and in that word summed up for us the Word that inaugurated the kingdom of God. Each of HisBethlehem, 264:relation to the work which Christ expressed and inaugurated, and to deal with the problem of ourDestiny, 148:that He was [148] the Light of the worlds, He inaugurated a marvelous period in which humanity hasDiscipleship1, 143:are abruptly ended and a new state of affairs is inaugurated. This method - though oft the best -Discipleship2, 316:is interesting to note that the cycle now being inaugurated in the world is that of "Growth throughEducation, 53:and to achieve [53] general recognition. He inaugurated the "age of love" and gave to the people anExternalisation, 213:civilization, culture and growth will have been inaugurated which will be colored by the ancientExternalisation, 314:for the work of the future. This work can be inaugurated shortly and must be started slowly,Externalisation, 338:cycle, beginning in Aquarius, will be definitely inaugurated by humanity itself. Externalisation, 396:goodwill (based upon the will-to-good) might be inaugurated. I say "might be" because, my brothers,Externalisation, 470:about which I wrote earlier will only be inaugurated at San Francisco. There the stage will be setExternalisation, 521:is desired. It was with this in view that I inaugurated a new activity in May 1941 and chose soExternalisation, 603:love of God was embodied in a man, and Christ inaugurated the era of love. That expression ofExternalisation, 634:decade of my work, two major activities were inaugurated: the creation of the Triangles and theFire, 583:great cataclysms that broke the race form, and inaugurated a new one, for it was the firstFire, 1079:second and fourth. Fourth, when the movement, inaugurated at the close of each century by theFire, 1174:law concerns the great experiment which has been inaugurated on earth by our planetary Logos inHealing, 407:ago, during the great cataclysm [407] which inaugurated the Lemurian Age, and which was induced byHealing, 440:be cultivated and a new science of death be inaugurated. Let it cease to be the one thing we cannotHealing, 672:the civilization and cycle of evolution which He inaugurated - the ideal of which is not lost,Healing, 680:new approach to the entire problem of dying are inaugurated. Hercules, 190:astrologer Christ was. He knew that the cycle he inaugurated would pass away, that a new method ofInitiation, 178:is, as earlier pointed out, a special effort (inaugurated in Atlantean days and continued to thisIntellect, 12:not fail to go forward. The electrical age was inaugurated and the wonders of the scientificMagic, 164:however, that the world cycle has only just been inaugurated and will cover a vast period of time.Magic, 500:be cultivated and a new science of death be inaugurated. Let it cease to be the one thing we cannotMeditation, 163:to effect desired ends. Great events are inaugurated by the sounding of their key note withPsychology1, 240:Similarly, the coming in of the seventh ray inaugurated a tremendous event in the mineral kingdom.Psychology1, 272:and through their lack of control, they have inaugurated an era of disease, both mental andPsychology1, 293:decanate we shall see the rule of Brotherhood inaugurated, and Venus controlling by intelligentPsychology2, 632:love, and to carry forward the work which Christ inaugurated, - the era of peace on earth, goodPsychology2, 724:activity needed for the creative work must be inaugurated and carried forward by disciples, workingRays, 95:That is why at the end of the cycle, which He inaugurated, we have formulated doctrine and mentalRays, 606:the essential duality of manifestation, and thus inaugurated the Age of Materialism. This age hasReappearance, 40:work during the next two thousand years which He inaugurated two thousand years ago, thatReappearance, 49:the love of God was embodied in a man and Christ inaugurated the era of love. That expression ofReappearance, 72:be completed; the new world religion must be inaugurated; the needs of a demanding, invocativeReappearance, 83:for two thousand five hundred years. Thus He inaugurated the new era and, upon the inner spiritualReappearance, 88:That is why, at the end of the cycle which He inaugurated two thousand years ago, we haveReappearance, 112:era of goodwill and of peace on earth will be inaugurated. The new culture and the new civilizationTelepathy, 138:given to men and its use on a world wide scale inaugurated. Elsewhere (The Reappearance of the
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