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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCARNATED

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Astrology, 115:is concerned, producing the manifestation of the Incarnated Christ, the perfected individual soul,Astrology, 122:largely in the anima mundi and in the hidden, incarnated and imprisoned Christ; the germ of theAstrology, 174:the world initiate in Capricorn he becomes an incarnated world server in Aquarius, and later aAstrology, 197:mysteriously connected with the three aspects of incarnated man - Spirit, soul and body. More thanAstrology, 274:aspect of the will to-be which carries the incarnated Son of God through the experiences of theAstrology, 288:of the three Crosses is brought to bear upon the incarnated Son of God upon the wheel of ordinaryAstrology, 337:determining condition is the sensitivity of the incarnated soul to form life, leading toAstrology, 380:emphasis and life, preceding each new cycle of incarnated expression. As the individual descendsAstrology, 627:nourished and guarded. Its highest aspect is the incarnated, manifested Christ. Then instinct isAstrology, 673:Logos of Venus loved the Earth so well that He incarnated and gave it perfect laws which wereBethlehem, 5:as He lives to all eternity, so that which He incarnated to demonstrate must also live. The cell inBethlehem, 192:to raise the level of our civilization. Christ incarnated when, for the first time, humanity was aDiscipleship1, 159:you are now entering upon the work for which you incarnated. The members of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 209:in each disciple at any given moment of his incarnated life some one aspect of development which isDiscipleship2, 178:life expression, and at some point you (the incarnated soul) must realize the factual nature ofDiscipleship2, 600:those who - down the ages - have again and again incarnated in certain races and groups. There areDiscipleship2, 600:races and groups. There are also those who have incarnated in a particular race in order to acquireEducation, 71:points and upon the physical concerns of the incarnated soul, will be gradually superseded by theFire, 632:in this way fulfiling the purpose for which He incarnated. Their work is infinitely greater thanFire, 683:to the distinction between the Agnishvattas who incarnated in man, and those who simply wereFire, 781:through previous contact with matter. They were incarnated under the law of Karma. - S. D., III,Fire, 1016:then be seen of the Ego or solar Angel being incarnated in the mental sheath, yet separated fromGlamour, 202:been dominated by desire for four-fifths of his incarnated experience. He has begun to transmuteHealing, 10:awareness, hitherto unrealized by the Deities, incarnated in planetary and solar form. Given theHealing, 62:taint, if you like. Egos who individualized and incarnated in that vast period of time are the onesHealing, 111:imprisonment. The time comes inevitably to all incarnated beings when the soul demands liberationHealing, 190:and determines the life expression of the incarnated individual. It is a secondary truism that thisHealing, 211:life, and also of the spiritual life of an incarnated Son of God, a Christ. It is on this point ofHealing, 391:of the material world or the three worlds of incarnated service. The restitution of the body to theHealing, 441:who are the most glimmered and deluded of all incarnated lives. - Page 534. When the nature of trueHealing, 463:of the soul which is deliberately recalling its incarnated aspect because a life cycle has beenHealing, 463:is reached, the quality and the nature of the incarnated soul and its approximate age or experienceHealing, 471:connotes the second aspect and portrays God as incarnated existence. "God is a jealous God" is anHealing, 490:and involved the kamic principle during his incarnated experience. May I again remind you thatHealing, 498:carried on whilst in physical incarnation. The incarnated man refuses to be ruled by desire; whatHealing, 500:a simple soul determination to end the cycle of incarnated life, prior to another return to theHealing, 500:reached, the soul is, for the first time, truly incarnated; it is truly "descending intoHealing, 511:Self. This over-shadowing Self says to its incarnated aspect: "Having pervaded this entire universeHealing, 515:little effect upon the soul and only affect the incarnated soul, the "fragment" of the whole. TheseHealing, 567:point in evolution and at any given stage in his incarnated history. This expression of the truthHealing, 634:by esotericists the physical elemental. During incarnated life, it is the coherent force or agencyHealing, 635:were temporarily isolated from it during any incarnated experience of any soul in any of theHealing, 638:the impulse of the powerful will-to-be of the incarnated spiritual man upon the magnetic power ofHercules, 4:man who is nearing liberation. He stands for the incarnated, yet not perfected, Son [5] of God, whoHercules, 10:Christ, crucified upon the cross of matter, and incarnated in each human being, God, incarnate inHercules, 208:on towards perfection. He stands for the incarnated but not yet perfected Son of God, who, at aHercules, 210:and discovering that he is in truth a son of God incarnated in each human being. God, incarnate inMagic, 48:of incarnation and the subsequent result of the incarnated energy upon the substance of the form.Magic, 90:The Sons of God will triumph on earth in full incarnated expression, and will bring lightMagic, 90:and the means whereby man can function as an incarnated soul. They do not deal primarily with theMagic, 97:does it in four ways: [97] He becomes the Word incarnated, and endeavors "to be what he is." HeMagic, 243:passing into, and passing out of, the web of incarnated existence are the major cycles of anyMagic, 244:purpose he longs to walk in the dark places of incarnated existence and with equally consciousMagic, 285:and this is the result of the livingness of the incarnated Life; and the next is simply expressiveMagic, 293:life-expression and mould the experience of the incarnated soul. Therefore, it is of value to us toMagic, 296:Plan, and its will is the glorification of the incarnated Logos. I would like to suggest toMagic, 436:indicates the nature of the soul force that the incarnated son of God is seeking to wield throughMagic, 460:the plan, the will of those entities, who, incarnated in human form, and at times functioning outMagic, 493:constitute the sheaths or outer forms of the incarnated soul. The consciousness aspect is sometimesMagic, 525:the hierarchy of adepts who have deliberately incarnated on the physical plane in order to workMagic, 530:consequently the form-taking process of all incarnated lives. This Principle of Limitation controlsMagic, 534:who are the most glamored and deluded of all incarnated lives. The next point to be noted is thatPatanjali, 55:the medium of the soul. It is the Word of the incarnated sons of God. In such a short commentary asPatanjali, 55:is the sound which brings into manifestation the incarnated soul (macrocosmic or microcosmic), thePatanjali, 157:total of the physical facts relating to every incarnated son of God. Similary [158] in their cosmicPatanjali, 245:fixing of the attention upon a form of God. "The incarnated form of the Exalted One leaves onePatanjali, 245:1. 7. 75-85.) Then follows a description of the incarnated form of the Exalted One, concluding withPatanjali, 317:available in full waking consciousness to the incarnated son of God, the man on the physical plane.Patanjali, xii:is brought about when the physical brain of the incarnated man becomes aware of the self, the soul,Psychology1, 44:and "outlined" the limits of the form of the incarnated cosmic Christ. Each of these seven streamsPsychology1, 303:law of the land in which a particular soul has incarnated. That these man-made laws are inadequatePsychology1, 313:few inspired sons of God who have, in past ages, incarnated as the guarantee of the futurePsychology1, 314:achieve and the Christ again appear on earth, incarnated this time in the many and not in the onePsychology1, 333:itself with the more apparent aspects of incarnated man and with a discussion of certainPsychology2, 60:mind, and can be used with equal facility by an incarnated Son of God, functioning as a WorldPsychology2, 66:full waking consciousness, or stay in it as an incarnated Son of God, Whose consciousness isPsychology2, 82:Persons of the Trinity or to the three bodies of incarnated man. They are also the analogy in thePsychology2, 94:of the divine purpose of God, of the Word incarnated through a planet, of those solar angels whoPsychology2, 333:are released upon earth through the medium of an incarnated and fully developed consciousness, thatPsychology2, 452:the soul, the great Reality in the life of the incarnated individual (even if he does not know it).Rays, 17:Upon that outer plane the basic synthesis of incarnated life is to be found. It will be apparent toRays, 82:have application for the entire life of the incarnated Monad in the three worlds of human endeavorRays, 335:and necessitating a group recapitulation of incarnated process. Rays, 375:and the spiritual "pull" which draws the soul, incarnated in the body, towards the Ashram. ThisRays, 392:Kumara is similar to the soul over-shadowing the incarnated spiritual man. Rays, 560:the four Rays of Attribute; both as souls and as incarnated persons they were upon one of theseRays, 578:he has created throughout the entire cycle of incarnated living, have all to be cleared away inRays, 697:Eternal Now is known, then the three worlds of incarnated being constitute one unit of experienceRays, 700:all contact in the three worlds before resuming incarnated living. Telepathy, 97:has created around the central nucleus of your incarnated self or soul is a fragment of theTelepathy, 137:and through the three periodical vehicles of the incarnated Monad, and finally into and through the
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