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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCARNATION

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Fire, 509:aspects. In a solar system, which is a physical incarnation of the Logos, the Brahma aspect isFire, 513:of his being, and this brings him likewise into incarnation, or into mystic union with form. 68 TheFire, 516:on the physical plane produces physical incarnation, and the sudden appearance on etheric levels ofFire, 517:lies hid the secret of the karmic purpose of His incarnation, [518] and lies concealed the mysteryFire, 530:From the standpoint of average man in physical incarnation, the egoic consciousness, within theFire, 532:remembered that we are dealing with a physical incarnation of these great Entities and that TheirFire, 535:They but personalities, or Beings, in physical incarnation?) from the standpoint of Their lowestFire, 556:statement we have latent the basic principle of incarnation, and of activity, even of existenceFire, 557:desire. The desire of the Logos for physical incarnation is as yet the dominant note. Later HisFire, 558:He will cease to be interested in physical incarnation, and He will eventually withdraw withinFire, 566:answer: What may be the purpose of the present incarnation of the solar Logos? What is the purposeFire, 579:though in manifestation, are as yet very rare in incarnation. They came in, in large numbers, atFire, 586:evolving Egos than on any other. Many come into incarnation directly on to this plane, and it isFire, 603:threefold nature of the Logos when in physical incarnation; His is the coherent force that makes aFire, 603:the years slip away, and when he passes out of incarnation he is spoken of in terms of quality,Fire, 613:impulse or Father of the Son in His physical incarnation, a solar system. He is the sumtotal of theFire, 613:time, demonstrates as a planetary scheme, or an incarnation of the planetary Logos. A man similarlyFire, 630:One Existence, for behind the Logos in physical incarnation is to be found the logoic Monad,Fire, 670:matter whether God or man) has sought physical incarnation. The devas of the sixth order, theFire, 670:and bring a manvantara (or His cycle of physical incarnation) to a close. Withdrawal of the forceFire, 670:of these Pitris are found wherever man is in incarnation in all the schemes, but in other schemesFire, 670:our own planetary Logos. Wherever man is in incarnation, the Builders of his bodies are to be foundFire, 673:building suitable vehicles for Spirits seeking incarnation. Here also may be found the beginningsFire, 676:of all the Monads, both in and out of physical incarnation. They are divided into seven groupsFire, 683:question of individualization itself, and the incarnation of certain spiritual existences who -Fire, 685:planes are vibrating, or energized, then cosmic incarnation becomes a possibility; the "Heart"Fire, 685:love of the Logos, is born. 24, 25 The cosmic incarnation of certain exalted Beings is consummated,Fire, 689:that the planetary Logoi are only in physical incarnation in our system, their bodies ofFire, 690:be considered from the standpoint of physical incarnation, whereas man can be considered from whatFire, 691:transmuted into desire and thus the physical incarnation is produced, a tremendous downflow ofFire, 692:the human Monads. or For the greater Life it was incarnation. For the lesser lives it wasFire, 695:who were awaiting just conditions. The physical incarnation of the Logos is completed. The lowerFire, 698:and embody the will-to-be in dense physical incarnation. Their power is felt on the atomic subplaneFire, 701:were acting under Law, and their opposition to incarnation in these forms was based on magneticFire, 702:Lives. As the energy of a human being, seeking incarnation, passes down from the plane of intensiveFire, 706:come under stimulation, they swing into physical incarnation certain types of manasaputras. TheFire, 708:self-consciousness and to bring about the incarnation of the divine Egos, four things occur on thatFire, 711:through the Christ, the Son, by the method of incarnation made possible through the work of theFire, 712:as the Logos can work through in one single incarnation and as They, in Their groups, can develop.Fire, 719:certain very advanced Egos who are seeking [719] incarnation in order to carry out a special pieceFire, 722:and lower sense, a Master in physical plane incarnation is a type of avatar, for He is a "freedFire, 726:of cosmic consciousness even when in physical incarnation; this solar avatar performs the sameFire, 728:In a very real sense, Sanat Kumara is the incarnation of the Lord of the Ray Himself; He is theFire, 729:in connection with these great cycles, and incarnation periods, can be revealed to the unpledgedFire, 732:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals c. On Incarnation (a.) Cosmic, Planetary and Human WeFire, 732:the body of the Ego, and pass on to the study of incarnation, cosmic, planetary and human. A hintFire, 732:substance of the cosmic Heavenly Man. The word "incarnation" in its root meaning conveys theFire, 733:and study pralaya as it affects the Monad in incarnation. 44 There are five types of pralaya withFire, 736:of the three personality aspects. In each incarnation the life forces have gained through theFire, 738:do not, as a rule, go to devachan, but immediate incarnation becomes the rule in the turning of theFire, 744:Their appearance in time and space, or their incarnation. Their disappearance or pralaya. TheFire, 745:will now consider the mystery of rebirth, or the incarnation of those lives which exist in subtlerFire, 749:Bodhisattva, or the Christ. The method of direct incarnation. The handicap of words is great, andFire, 750:evolved he may choose during any particular incarnation to work paramountly through any oneFire, 751:to bring to bear upon the earth, by taking incarnation for that specific purpose, or the energy ofFire, 752:the Monad. Through Them, during Their period of incarnation and voluntary sacrifice, the greatFire, 753:and Fire Elementals The method of direct incarnation was earlier seen when the Kumaras were inFire, 753:He is not. A reflection of this method of direct incarnation can be seen when a disciple steps outFire, 756:astral plane (whether followed by His physical incarnation or not) will date from a certain WesakFire, 757:and for this reason They are sending into incarnation, in every country, disciples who have theFire, 758:tread the highways of men, and His physical incarnation be a fact. Very few will be thus availableFire, 758:is being made. Again the method of direct incarnation will be employed by certain of the MastersFire, 758:student by name, have already sought physical incarnation - one in India, another in England, twoFire, 759:plane and, should they so choose, an immediate incarnation, provided they have achieved continuityFire, 760:Elementals and Fire Elementals (e.) Impulse and Incarnation Perhaps light upon this very difficultFire, 760:manifestation on the physical plane. An adept in incarnation is demonstrating fully the secondFire, 761:physical. The causes which combine to produce incarnation, are seen to be three: Egoic impulse. TheFire, 767:and Man, the Microcosm. Average man comes into incarnation through egoic impulse, based on desireFire, 768:a particular manner; this is coincident with the incarnation of the Monads, and their descent intoFire, 770:upon it will be apparent that Egos come into incarnation therefore not singly but according toFire, 772:the mantram is the basis of the formula. At each incarnation, finer forms are required, and theFire, 774:of the mantram upon which the Ego's cycle of incarnation is founded. The vibration, pulsatingFire, 776:of petals which will unfold as the result of incarnation. The particular group of manasadevas whoFire, 776:of the work to be done in preparation for any incarnation. (3.) Building into the causal body thatFire, 787:one. It is often overlooked that the path of incarnation is not a quick one, but that the EgoFire, 787:work of passing on to a plane for purposes of incarnation marks a definite crisis, and isFire, 788:three major Rays or Heavenly Men) dense physical incarnation is not the appointed [789] lot, andFire, 791:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals (h.) Incarnation and Karma In resuming our considerationFire, 799:potent with energy. Will-desire is the cause of incarnation; the will-to-be reacting on substanceFire, 810:sane and divine lines. 59 Each human being is an incarnation of God. - S. D., III, 449. Compare: -Fire, 828:Number, Unity. The Logos, or the One in physical incarnation. God and man function as unities onFire, 845:said that man gathers to himself in each fresh incarnation matter to form his dense physical bodyFire, 845:is known. Third, the fact of the coming into incarnation of the [846] informing life " of this lowFire, 853:his appearance subsequently in physical plane incarnation. This is touched upon in the SecretFire, 854:frequently do not descend into dense physical incarnation but work primarily on mental and astralFire, 856:the production of a new set of vehicles at each incarnation, in order to assist the working out ofFire, 878:his three world bodies are made. The need for incarnation is no longer felt, the chains of karmaFire, 887:the One Who sounds the Word. Thus is the cosmic incarnation [888] brought about with the threeFire, 900:The Son is made perfect, and the cosmic incarnation is brought to a close. There is again a veryFire, 913:angels of the race when in physical plane incarnation. Each unit of the human family has hisFire, 916:commence her great work of producing the divine incarnation) is a primary factor from theFire, 943:must be done to promote growth during the coming incarnation. He works, therefore, in connectionFire, 998:meditation during the whole cycle of physical incarnation. This solar meditation is cyclic inFire, 998:the Ego or the solar Angel until many cycles of incarnation have transpired. The solar PitriFire, 1029:of Periodicity, and which results in the cyclic incarnation of all Beings. This impulse manifestsFire, 1042:great pralaya, and brings to an end the logoic incarnation. It is produced under this Law ofFire, 1043:of the world, the planetary Logos, in physical incarnation, works at His own peculiar problem, theFire, 1045:Atom, also an individualized Life, the Son in incarnation, through the medium of the Sun, pursuingFire, 1053:cosmic and inter-cosmic) which sweeps into incarnation the divine pilgrims, and which brings aboutFire, 1059:influence is dominant in connection with solar incarnation, with solar evolution, and with solar
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