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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCARNATION

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Patanjali, 328:galvanize its instrument into activity during incarnation, and similarly produce trance, samadhi,Patanjali, 334:take form or shape, and thus bringing about the incarnation of the second Person of the cosmicPatanjali, 341:His consciousness is that of the man out of incarnation, of the true man on his own plane, the realPatanjali, 369:and lower siddhis (or powers) are gained by incarnation, or by drugs, words of power, intensePatanjali, 369:and lower siddhis (or powers) are gained by incarnation, or by drugs, words of power, intensePatanjali, 379:whereon initiates of the Mysteries function. 1. Incarnation The physical plane method. 2. Drugs ThePatanjali, 380:be observed that (for the seeker after truth) incarnation, intense desire and meditation are thePatanjali, 383:that of repeated lives, experiences and physical incarnation until eventually the driving force ofPatanjali, 400:of the personality. What we shall be in the next incarnation is decided by the ability of the truePatanjali, 400:vibration. Man is one thing when he enters into incarnation; he is another when he passes out ofPatanjali, 400:incarnation; he is another when he passes out of incarnation, for he is then the product of thePatanjali, 416:second Person. The Thinker. The Christ. God in incarnation. The Observer, Perceiver. The Self. ThePatanjali, 417:of the self to the physical brain of the man in incarnation, and the transmitter also of all thatPatanjali, 417:soul that which is known to the man in physical incarnation. Thus the knower, the field ofPatanjali, 425:of the soul whether its reflection, man in incarnation, is happy or not, blissful or sad, contentedPatanjali, xi:revelation of the soul to man in physical plane incarnation works ever the great transformation.Patanjali, xii:in the state of isolated unity. Man, however, in incarnation has to arrive, in his physical brainPatanjali, xii:condition of awareness of the man in physical incarnation then the goal has been reached. The manPsychology1, 6:the One in Three. The spirit of man came into incarnation along a line of force emanation from onePsychology1, 10:the aspirants own souls so ordained it, prior to incarnation, and it [11] was the will of theirPsychology1, 26:here: How does it happen that we find people in incarnation on all the rays at practically the samePsychology1, 26:years before all the sixth ray egos pass out of incarnation. As to the first ray egos, there are noPsychology1, 27:the first subray of the second ray, which is in incarnation. A pure first ray ego in incarnation atPsychology1, 27:which is in incarnation. A pure first ray ego in incarnation at this time would be a disaster.Psychology1, 28:the fact that the Master of all the Masters took incarnation in Palestine, that slice of land whichPsychology1, 36:therefore the embodied life of God, coming into incarnation in order to reveal the quality of thePsychology1, 39:is true of the human being, of the Christ in incarnation; it is equally true of the cosmic Christ,Psychology1, 44:said, there is not a true first ray type in incarnation as yet. Its main potency is to be found inPsychology1, 52:the fourth ray and the seventh ray come into incarnation together, we shall have a most peculiarPsychology1, 53:on etheric levels every time a soul comes into incarnation and a child is born on earth. Psychology1, 72:when the fourth Creative Hierarchy came into incarnation: Speak low the Word. Speak low. Quality -Psychology1, 79:ray reveals the way down into death or into incarnation (which is the death-like prison of thePsychology1, 123:the devas of that plane. People coming into incarnation on this seventh ray will have the eyes thatPsychology1, 123:groups work with the four types of men now in incarnation, for it is a statement of fact that at noPsychology1, 123:in this round are more than four types of men in incarnation at any one time. Four rays dominate atPsychology1, 123:by this, that only four rays are in physical incarnation; for on the plane of the soul all [124]Psychology1, 142:This latter is determined by the ray or rays in incarnation at the time. Seven: The Monad is thePsychology1, 158:totality, the manifested Deity, the Word in incarnation. They are the expression of the creativePsychology1, 190:At one time a certain ray may be in incarnation and thus of paramount influence, and yet, at thePsychology1, 209:cause. He must always have a "personal God," an incarnation of Deity to adore. The best type ofPsychology1, 247:up between men and animals. Again, the rays in incarnation at any time will establish [248]Psychology1, 266:of Rebirth, and it lies behind the process of incarnation and of reincarnation. Upon this I may notPsychology1, 272:they have also brought too rapidly into incarnation myriads of human beings who were not yet readyPsychology1, 272:were not yet ready for the experience of this incarnation, and who needed longer interludes betweenPsychology1, 272:Those souls who are unevolved come into incarnation with rapidity; but older souls need longerPsychology1, 272:these souls who can be brought prematurely into incarnation. The process is under law, but thePsychology1, 272:pull of human units, and the evolved come into incarnation under the Law of Service, and throughPsychology1, 287:will be the type of human being attracted into incarnation. Where the parents are purely physicalPsychology1, 293:generations. The young people now coming into incarnation, and those who will come during the nextPsychology1, 297:it comes it will make possible the more rapid incarnation of disciples and initiates. RightPsychology1, 298:present one of boys and girls) will bring into incarnation a group of people who will be wellPsychology1, 316:seven egoic groups, within which all souls (in incarnation and out of incarnation) find theirPsychology1, 316:which all souls (in incarnation and out of incarnation) find their place, and with forty-ninePsychology1, 316:the truth that we all, at some time, experience incarnation in all racial forms will come thePsychology1, 335:remember three things: That every planet is the incarnation of a Life, of an Entity or Being. ThatPsychology1, 348:influences. Ray three has been the longest in incarnation, but in 1875 it occultly "completed itsPsychology1, 349:be said that this ray is really never out of incarnation. There are nevertheless constant cycles ofPsychology1, 377:incarnating sons of God. It is not a physical incarnation in the sense that we understand thatPsychology1, 378:river of life - on the crest of desire - into incarnation, and is one of the laws with which thePsychology1, 382:particular nation, and which are at this time in incarnation, are very potent, either materially orPsychology1, 382:certain nations, are at this time out of incarnation. Nation Personality Ray Egoic Ray Motto IndiaPsychology1, 390:very active at this time, as they are all in incarnation, and the incoming seventh ray is slowlyPsychology1, 402:general integration is actively to produce an incarnation and incarnations wherein the personalityPsychology1, 430:remember three things: That every planet is the incarnation of a Life, or an Entity or Being. ThatPsychology2, 10:The self-aware entity comes forth into physical incarnation. The actor appears in process ofPsychology2, 27:in this great life cycle which we call human incarnation, passes on the phenomenal plane throughPsychology2, 49:passing onto a particular plane for purposes of incarnation is one such point. This concerns thePsychology2, 50:built into the etheric body, prior to physical incarnation, and the potential channels ofPsychology2, 50:the life of the soul, - one leading to physical incarnation and one producing the liberation of thePsychology2, 51:functioning under divine impulse, comes into incarnation and undergoes racial experience in orderPsychology2, 59:after time, through the experience of physical incarnation; later, progress is made consciouslyPsychology2, 62:that a soul has employed the method of physical incarnation. 3. The result of this twofold holdPsychology2, 68:dominating, as a result of a long experience of incarnation in form, the energy of the astral orPsychology2, 70:the mental plane before being "precipitated into incarnation", as it is esoterically called.Psychology2, 77:and desires for form building. The stage of incarnation, taken at this time blindly. The periodPsychology2, 79:or qualities. They carry the sons of men into incarnation and withdraw them from incarnation. TheyPsychology2, 79:of men into incarnation and withdraw them from incarnation. They have their own specific qualitiesPsychology2, 79:at any particular tune or in any particular incarnation, the length of the life cycle, and thePsychology2, 80:spoken of occultly as "crashing their way into incarnation." They appropriate dynamically thatPsychology2, 80:needed. Souls of this ray, as they come into incarnation through desire, grasp. This expresses thePsychology2, 81:manifest. Souls on this ray, as they come into incarnation through desire, attract. They arePsychology2, 93:of consciousness through the process of incarnation, are all occultly considered to be death. ButPsychology2, 97:story of all the [97] sons of God who came into incarnation, as given to us under the symbolism ofPsychology2, 127:imposed and the natural impetus of the man in incarnation is to be an expression of the soul, andPsychology2, 138:service, and those servers whose egoic ray is in incarnation, and who are endeavoring to work withPsychology2, 142:of Soul or Group Life Ray IV This ray is not in incarnation at the time and therefore few fourthPsychology2, 186:of adepts and initiates, both in and out of incarnation, and to Their individual work with TheirPsychology2, 201:other planets. Rare and advanced Egos - awaiting incarnation. We enter, therefore, upon a briefPsychology2, 202:propositions: 1. Every human being, in or out of incarnation, is a "fragment of divinity," and anPsychology2, 209:is well to remember that the soul who came into incarnation in old Atlantis individualized uponPsychology2, 210:as did also the Buddha. He, coming into incarnation from the moon chain (having been held in whatPsychology2, 219:these ideas, for there are those now coming into incarnation who can and will understand, whenPsychology2, 260:forward through the souls who are returning to incarnation, for just in so far as they are awakenedPsychology2, 260:important matter in considering the subject of incarnation. The majority of the souls in the humanPsychology2, 260:of the souls in the human family come into incarnation in obedience to the urge or the desire toPsychology2, 261:influence to bear upon a group of souls awaiting incarnation, and thus induce them to hasten theirPsychology2, 261:the result of the "impulsive" hastenings into incarnation of souls whose time had not truly comePsychology2, 261:group of souls who hastened their entrance into incarnation, under the impulse of the Hierarchy.Psychology2, 262:to the group idea and to the Plan, can come into incarnation and begin, more or less, to work outPsychology2, 262:under the guidance of the Hierarchy and prior to incarnation, they are conscious of the impulse to
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