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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCARNATIONS

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Astrology, 17:incarnation and of the immediate succeeding incarnations. This sign concerns itself with theAstrology, 20:aspect: In. the greater cycle of man's many incarnations, he - as is well recognized - passesAstrology, 40:Logos has unfolded, and are the gain of previous incarnations. Gaps necessarily occur, and certainAstrology, 83:the final stages of the path) to exactly twelve incarnations, passing one in each of the twelveAstrology, 117:When the individual man enters upon his cycle of incarnations, and emerges in the sign Cancer,Astrology, 121:arms, is predominantly the Cross of "repeated incarnations," of varied experiments under theAstrology, 130:duality, but the experience of the many changing incarnations has done its work, and the BandAstrology, 183:to make an analysis of those particular incarnations and their horoscopes wherein [184] the polarAstrology, 319:for an initiate and for a period of three incarnations, the four signs of revelation (Cancer,Astrology, 338:control. The man arrives after many incarnations at a point of crystallization. Leo-Aquarius TheAstrology, 682:making literally three hundred and forty-three incarnations, or fresh impulses to manifest. We mustAtom, 104:of evolution of the child, to its more frequent incarnations, and the longer period that it hasAutobiography, 2:life of one of Their workers. I have lived many incarnations in one. I have moved forward steadilyAutobiography, 90:talked by people about "recovering their past incarnations." I am a profound skeptic where thisAutobiography, 91:seem to have deteriorated sadly since their last incarnations and it arouses a question as toAutobiography, 91:it wanted to waste the time - recover its past incarnations, because the soul is omniscient; but ofAutobiography, 92:so much time in an effort to recover their past incarnations wake up to the fact that if they onceAutobiography, 232:of the personality established through many incarnations and the emerging purpose and will of theBethlehem, 90:the divine nature had been revealed by earlier incarnations of God, and appeared as the raceBethlehem, 190:came the divinity of man was affirmed and divine incarnations were recognized. The GnosticsDestiny, 53:are subjectively linked with India, by past incarnations and ; the quarrel between GreatDiscipleship1, 7:receptivity during an earlier incarnation or [7] incarnations. Forget not, therefore, that I alsoDiscipleship1, 54:I have been watching - sometimes for several incarnations. Among these were those of you who areDiscipleship1, 136:marked and the product of a long series of incarnations in a second ray vehicle - which can makeDiscipleship1, 442:present soul cycle, which will cover several incarnations, but which will eventually release youDiscipleship1, 629:tower - erected with care during the past six incarnations - disappears and that you are down amongDiscipleship2, 70:may be taken in the interim period between incarnations, or else immediately upon return toDiscipleship2, 279:that the Ego has stored up as the result of many incarnations and many different experiences; it isDiscipleship2, 473:root race and although I have had two European incarnations I still at times fail to grasp orDiscipleship2, 736:of great value. Needless to point out that such incarnations are frequently lived under theExternalisation, 514:increased, [514] for all who knew Him in earlier incarnations in the ancient East, all whom HeFire, 300:bear the same relationship to a Heavenly Man as incarnations do to a human being. This gives theFire, 301:a planetary Logos, are numerous lesser cycles or incarnations but they all fall within one or otherFire, 303:of matter. By this we must understand that all incarnations on the physical plane are not of equalFire, 303:of development of the average man, the astral incarnations or cycles count for little, but they areFire, 306:been stated that a mystery lies hid in the 777 incarnations. This figure provides room for muchFire, 306:it does not hold the number of a stated cycle of incarnations through which a man must pass, butFire, 323:is meant that there are masculine and feminine incarnations undergone by Heavenly Men as by men,Fire, 367:making literally three hundred and forty-three incarnations, or fresh impulses to manifest. We mustFire, 372:is likewise to be seen here. Many temporary incarnations precede this consummating one, which willFire, 374:initiation. He may, and does, pass through many incarnations without taking initiation. When HeFire, 383:races corresponds to a particular series of incarnations in connection with a man, incarnate orFire, 501:is carried on through the entire series of incarnations. IV. On the, Abstract Levels of the MentalFire, 585:definitely remaining on his monadic Ray. In many incarnations much time is spent on the fifthFire, 733:pondered upon those periods which ensue between incarnations. From the point of view of any unitFire, 734:follows: (1) The Period of Pralaya between two Incarnations This is of a triple nature and affectsFire, 737:it; hence, therefore, the rapidity of their incarnations, and the brevity of the pralayic period.Fire, 737:its own plane, to assimilate in the residue of incarnations, and hence the life principle withdrawsFire, 738:Cycles Herein is hid the mystery of the 777 incarnations and concerns the relation of the unit toFire, 776:the mantram which will make possible the 777 incarnations. Each of the figures in this triplicityFire, 787:and not with the time which elapses between two incarnations. This work of passing on to a planeFire, 792:karma, the intervals intervening between two incarnations are brief or not as the man may choose inFire, 797:of Brahma, and its "100 years" and its "777 incarnations" have a solar analogy, so equally groupsFire, 825:concealed another clue to the mystery of the 777 incarnations. The figures do not convey an exactFire, 825:nature of the manifesting monad. First. The 700 incarnations. These concern the unfoldment of theFire, 825:of Learning. For advanced man at this time these incarnations took place upon the moon chain and inFire, 826:has a definite effect on each. Second. The 70 incarnations. These concern the unfoldment of theFire, 826:of seventy, going two and two. These seventy incarnations primarily effect the development of loveFire, 828:Elementals and Fire Elementals Third. The 7 incarnations. These are those passed upon theFire, 829:forcing process. At the termination of the 777 incarnations, a man passes through the door ofFire, 845:tinged with the earlier vibrations of preceding incarnations. These "lives" have been graduallyFire, 953:and nourished during the course of his previous incarnations, and which represents the sumtotal ofFire, 967:and the nature of the development in the past incarnations. Nature, in all departments of herFire, 993:in such cases, a much longer interval between incarnations, owing to the difficulty of assemblingFire, 1017:S. D., III, 524. It can start a fresh series of incarnations. It can return to the "bosom of theFire, 1036:is responsible for the length of time between incarnations. Some Egos cycle through theirFire, 1036:incarnations. Some Egos cycle through their incarnations and their pralayas very rapidly; othersFire, 1082:of the Monad concerned, the nature of its incarnations, and its place in cyclic evolution. [1083]Fire, 1093:planetary dissolution, passes the time between incarnations on other and subtler globes, which areFire, 1093:the Wheel of a race, or the lesser cycle of incarnations - forming a definite series - wherein theFire, 1125:substance aspect concerned with the cosmic incarnations of our solar Logos; the other will sweepFire, 1148:books as to the length of time varying between incarnations. Such statements are in the mainFire, 1149:on the Plane of Mind The rules governing the incarnations of average man have been consideredFire, 1149:a long time. Not much has been given anent the incarnations of disciples and the methods involvedFire, 1150:Master) to take a series of rapidly recurring incarnations with the intention of workingFire, 1188:and of form rejection which characterizes the incarnations of every kind and type of living being.Fire, 1198:Logos has unfolded, and are the gain of previous incarnations. Gaps necessarily occur, and certainGlamour, 117:which is colored by the experiences of past incarnations, and by the ray quality under which he hasGlamour, 156:concerned. The analogy is to the few important incarnations in the life of the soul inGlamour, 156:to the many unimportant and rapidly succeeding incarnations. Of the important incarnations thereGlamour, 156:succeeding incarnations. Of the important incarnations there are three which are of major import:Healing, 55:are the result of causes initiated in earlier incarnations. From the general racial heritage ofHealing, 275:initiated and carried through in previous incarnations, and thus constitute the patient's karmicHealing, 289:If the idea is then extended to include previous incarnations - as must inevitably be the case -Healing, 290:The whole problem of the recovery [290] of past incarnations is one of infinite possibility, andHealing, 334:There are phases of life and sometimes entire incarnations wherein an aspirant subjects himself toHealing, 334:enforced. But there are other life cycles and incarnations wherein the disciple's interest and hisHealing, 334:service lie in other directions. There are later incarnations where there is no constant thoughtHealing, 402:of an ascent through the medium of constant incarnations in form until those forms are perfectHealing, 403:limits imposed upon departed human souls between incarnations on the physical plane and the returnHealing, 492:that the group idea governs subjectively all incarnations, and that reincarnated man is broughtHealing, 493:relation has been closely established over many incarnations and - as the Old Commentary expressesHealing, 495:are only passing through an interlude between incarnations and that they consequently face twoHealing, 506:over a long period of time. For many cycles of incarnations, a man is not a personality. He is justHealing, 508:personality focus, whilst avoiding that cycle of incarnations wherein the personality is dedicatedHealing, 511:This - during the long cycle of incarnations - has become increasingly sensitive to itsHealing, 517:in the three worlds during the long cycle of incarnations - has reached a point of perfectedHealing, 563:which have been inherited from previous incarnations or developed as a result of environing group,Healing, 584:but has failed until very late in the cycle of incarnations. Yet, in the last analysis, heartHealing, 590:is a consequence or result of the vast cycle of incarnations. You have therefore: 1. The monadic
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