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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCENTIVE

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Patanjali, viii:and devotion, which has been the underlying incentive during our particular Aryan root race, wasProblems, 36:part of all true educators and here is the true incentive to all their efforts. Psychology1, 135:evolutionary process. This is recognized as an incentive and is more or less self-directed in thePsychology2, 48:is bearing fruit, but they need at times the incentive of the future achievable glory to aid themPsychology2, 50:of group vibration, of group impulse, group incentive and group impetus. One impetus originates inPsychology2, 73:task of all disciples at this time. Where this incentive and realization are lacking, the disciplePsychology2, 86:goal and the subjective goal, the material incentive and the spiritual impulse, national [87]Psychology2, 89:It was His impulse, His will, His desire, His incentive, His idea and purpose to appear. ThePsychology2, 364:is this realization which will provide adequate incentive for alignment. This alignment or sense ofPsychology2, 373:a crisis which seems to leave him destitute of incentive, of motive, of sensation, of appreciationPsychology2, 703:desirable because it provides the adequate incentive towards the needed effort. The freedom,Psychology2, 713:a vision of sufficient clarity and an adequate incentive to enable him to work with sincerity andPsychology2, 715:[715] Will it be of any assistance and any incentive towards renewed effort if we observe the wordsRays, 74:and upon the cause of manifestation, and this incentive to progress is not based on revelation,Rays, 142:as the reward of educational processes, is the incentive behind all our great schools of learningRays, 213:status (whatever that may be), provide the incentive of the Plan as they receive it from theRays, 274:of achievement; the triangles project has its incentive in such highly esoteric sources that someRays, 408:Their training is perfected. It is the impulsive incentive of these Masters which bridges and linksRays, 417:and the distant sun, Sirius, and gives the incentive towards the "culture of freedom" or ofRays, 629:with a consequent assumption of power, a growing incentive to love and a shouldering ofRays, 687:This goal of freedom is in reality the main incentive to tread the Path of Return. One of the mostReappearance, 123:reveal themselves through science and [123] the incentive to search for them there will be given byReappearance, 148:to man fresh revelation, fresh hope and a fresh incentive towards fuller spiritual living. Some ofReappearance, 164:- no matter how great the need or important the incentive - infringe upon the divine right of menReappearance, 165:and futility and provide likewise the needed incentive towards the rebuilding of the new world willReappearance, 180:worker has, first of all, to decide if his incentive and spiritual expectancy is adequate to theReappearance, 189:work - but the premise must be accepted if the incentive is to prove adequate. It is with thisTelepathy, 183:Life or Logos. This energy is the dynamic incentive at the heart of every form and the sustained
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