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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCENTIVES

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Astrology, 175:which is the satisfaction of desire and animal incentives, becomes in the later stages the goal ofAstrology, 389:life upon the outer planes that the impulses and incentives coming to him along the stream ofAstrology, 496:the world of conditioning energies, controlling incentives, impulses and causes, and have thus laidAstrology, 612:are dealing with those transcendent purposes, incentives, urges and objectives of the One in WhomBethlehem, 29:becoming the keynote of the time, and one of the incentives in racial endeavor. The meeting ofBethlehem, 91:it and eventually live by it. New trends, new incentives and new impulses then emerge, and thusBethlehem, 141:who thinks and who acts upon the resolutions and incentives which have their origin in dulyDestiny, 40:of perhaps needed mental gymnastics and as incentives to thought, but they do not regard them asDiscipleship1, 340:nor is it place or power. These are not the true incentives. The real [341] aim of your soul isDiscipleship1, 454:and aid by many others and for me? I put these incentives in the order of their importance. ThereDiscipleship2, 465:is more active in the handling of the deeper incentives and purposes, and of those matters whichEducation, 86:open up before him. Behind all these applied incentives, the motives of goodwill and right humanExternalisation, 54:as it must the new age patterns, and religious incentives are lacking in their techniques.Externalisation, 101:realized, then the vision determines your life incentives, tendencies and work, and when it is thusExternalisation, 125:selfish ends, to material issues or to spiritual incentives and impulses. This ancient conflict hasExternalisation, 372:democratic nations. That to these selfish incentives they have added world need and the love ofExternalisation, 586:spiritual future for mankind are his major life incentives. The disciple is strictly humanitarianGlamour, 48:travel with them upon the Road, their governing incentives and the techniques of their chosenGlamour, 156:creative effect. Astral ray - 6th - conditioning incentives. Physical ray - 7th - incoming ray.Healing, 43:impulses, longings, wishes, determinations, incentives, and projections, thus laying the basis forHealing, 83:and their actuating effects: such as impulses, incentives, influences, potencies, desires,Healing, 89:life habits - one of the major predisposing incentives to good health. [90] By breaking this Law ofHealing, 586:lives. The Macrocosm with its purpose and incentives will for the first time begin to reflectMagic, 159:Waters The creating agency, man, has through the incentives of a coordinating purpose, intentProblems, 32:different lines, with different objectives and incentives and with well-defined goals and carefullyProblems, 59:open up before him. Behind all these applied incentives, the motives of goodwill and right humanProblems, 135:of those virtues, spiritual impulses and incentives which men appear to have lost and which are thePsychology2, 374:minds; he welcomes all dreams if they can act as incentives to his fellow men. He shares in themPsychology2, 418:impulses, a failure to register adequate dynamic incentives, immaturity and [419] sometimesRays, 335:of the Hierarchy is related to spiritual incentives which have their roots in Shamballa. There theReappearance, 7:Avatars or Saviors, however, express two basic incentives: the need of God to contact humanity andReappearance, 7:help and understanding. Subject to those incentives, all true Avatars are therefore divineReappearance, 9:invocative cry of humanity (the second of the incentives producing a divine Emergence) is potent in
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