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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCIDENT

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Astrology, 45:Doctrine, a most mysterious one. This mystery is incident upon the relation of the fifth HierarchyAstrology, 132:He indicates, therefore, the success which is incident to proved discipleship and consequentAstrology, 324:in effect but they are only partial truths and incident to larger truths which have not yet beenAstrology, 420:evoked by the evolutionary process and incident also to zodiacal movement and its own interiorAstrology, 445:hearts and hands is committed the heavy task, incident to the reorganization and the rebuilding ofAstrology, 500:glory and, though difficulties and the problems incident to world adjustment and the newBethlehem, 254:of Christian "conversion" and the adjustments incident to that happening, which usually alter andDestiny, 33:is embroiled in the chaos [33] and the turmoil incident upon the clashing of the forces of theDestiny, 64:and the Argentine. Under the present situation, incident to the war and starting around the yearDiscipleship1, 27:pain or suffering or mental questioning which is incident to personality rebellion and limitation;Discipleship1, 72:individual existence and in the fatigue which is incident to daily work and the consequent physicalDiscipleship1, 82:and from satisfactory work: Lack of vision, incident to a lack of mental keenness. Personal glamor.Discipleship1, 99:lately. Much work has rested upon my shoulders, incident to the world situation. This has involvedDiscipleship1, 229:body they produce a contraction - which is incident to selfish concentration, to that pain orDiscipleship1, 277:with the perplexities and difficulties incident upon human relationships. These must be handledDiscipleship1, 395:period (extending over many years) of strain, incident to environing conditions, much monotony inDiscipleship1, 396:have come to the other group members. Pressure incident to his home karma, frustrations coming fromDiscipleship1, 434:heat and pressure of the fight and the fatigue incident to the strain of active service for theDiscipleship1, 580:have to face. A great deal of the difficulty, incident upon the intense fluidity of your mind, isDiscipleship1, 648:eighteen months, is most desirable; the tension, incident upon your inner contacts and yourDiscipleship1, 680:the world aspirants to take the personal risks, incident to this preparatory work. There areDiscipleship1, 745:his objective and his subjective life. They are incident to his having to work in time and spaceDiscipleship1, 760:use to workers. He is aware of the dangers incident to the untrained neophyte endeavoring toDiscipleship2, XII:It does not deal either with the problems incident to the Probationary Path nor of the Path ofDiscipleship2, 42:frailties which may be present, the tiredness incident to a long life, the physical tendenciesDiscipleship2, 45:loneliness to which I refer is not that which is incident to those weaknesses of character whichDiscipleship2, 60:and hold the far greater tension necessarily incident to true ashramic life in the New Age. [61]Discipleship2, 243:from the demands upon your spiritual resources (incident to the particular initiation which it isDiscipleship2, 471:kinds: There are the stresses and the strains incident to the disciple's family life or hisDiscipleship2, 504:readjustments in the human consciousness, incident to the inauguration of a new culture,Discipleship2, 578:or an ordinary human being. It is largely incident at this time to the karma of the One in whom weDiscipleship2, 584:the cares of home and practice, the anxieties incident to the times and the constant sense ofExternalisation, 354:worst the world has ever seen because glamor, incident to centuries of greed and selfishness, ofExternalisation, 370:land - without any exception. 3. The dangers incident to the necessary adjustments between theExternalisation, 529:task of superintending the interior adjustments incident to new alignments and the admission of newExternalisation, 540:and dynamically; problems of fresh tensions, incident to stronger and new alignments; problemsExternalisation, 540:the Way of the Higher Evolution; other problems incident to the planetary crisis, to the InitiationExternalisation, 632:reorganization of all the hierarchical efforts incident to the reappearance of the Christ and theFire, 374:and hence the terrific tests and trials, incident to life on our planet during this cycle, areFire, 408:the result of our entire lack of perspective incident upon our place in the planetary scheme, andFire, 419:the final part of the path of evolution. It is incident upon an earlier stage of intenseFire, 454:dangers then will be along other lines, - those incident to the very influence of this ray itself:Fire, 455:and not by selflessness; there are dangers incident also upon contact with the deva evolution andFire, 455:offset the vibrations, and ward off the menace incident to the advent of the other group. TheFire, 460:underlying existence at this time are karmically incident upon temporarily faulty relations betweenFire, 800:human atom this concerns those causes which are incident to a man's Ray, or literally the influenceFire, 910:the thinkers of the race can be shown the risks incident upon present happenings in the devaFire, 945:entities and energies of any particular scheme incident upon the karma of the planetary Logos. ItFire, 954:and distinguished by a particular quality incident to a man's ray and therefore to his type ofFire, 967:of the force centers. This process is incident upon many things, such as the ray upon which theFire, 1143:Who are concerned with the karmic adjustments, incident upon the periodical manifestation of suchFire, 1203:Doctrine, a most mysterious one. This mystery is incident upon the relation of the fifth HierarchyGlamour, 142:of disturbance as simply a temporary difficulty, incident upon the service which you are seeking toGlamour, 161:worst the world has ever seen because glamor, incident to centuries of greed and selfishness, ofHealing, 40:removal of the gall bladder or those operations incident to the appearance of chronic gastricHealing, 41:mental conditions. Second, disease is sometimes incident upon and part of the process of theHealing, 55:as a whole, and to those difficulties which are incident to those stages in evolutionaryHealing, 80:This is an extreme example of the difficulties incident to this condition. Others are certain formsHealing, 91:the result of emotionalism entering in. Those incident to the imposed physical plane activity andHealing, 114:our future studies, beginning with the diseases incident to the life of discipleship. Some of thisHealing, 114:with all the rest of humanity. Planetary evil, incident to the point achieved by the planetaryHealing, 115:with the integrated personality, and therefore incident to his being focused largely on the astralHealing, 120:problems of all disciples, and the difficulties incident to soul contact. We need here to rememberHealing, 128:to the problems, difficulties and diseases incident to the blood stream than are any of the otherHealing, 132:to the release of the intuition. d. The problems incident to the activity or inactivity of theHealing, 135:Psychological Causes of Disease 2. Difficulties incident to Soul Contact Today we begin a study ofHealing, 137:to the physiological and psychological problems incident to the struggle which, in the main, makeHealing, 151:to discover the diseases and difficulties incident to the energy stimulation or the lack ofHealing, 225:impregnated with the germs and the residue incident to past ages. The immunity of man is an amazingHealing, 238:the mind can bring about. It is a major disease incident to stimulation, as far as the Aryan massesHealing, 249:had not completely recovered from the epidemics, incident to the first part of the world war, whenHealing, 276:before long, to the etheric body and its incident circulatory systems of energy, its interlockingHealing, 425:and unto God the things that are God's." In the incident where those words occur He was referringHealing, 536:God." After the present great world crisis, incident to our planetary Logos having moved forwardHealing, 679:"death" if we exclude accident (which may be incident to other people's karma), war (which involvesHercules, 130:the laughter of all who witness it. In this incident we observe the Libran's ability to findIntellect, 103:in its turn, records it. That usually closes the incident. But, in the case of the trulyIntellect, 103:Upon the recording follows an analysis of the incident or the information, its correlation withMagic, 135:effort in materializing the plan and the strain incident upon high endeavor. They must develop theMagic, 183:that the first physiological changes take place incident upon soul contact and this contact isMagic, 249:in the centers below the diaphragm. The dangers incident to a premature and uncontrolled pouring inMagic, 298:of the functioning of the human mind. It is not incident upon a man's possessing a reasoning mind;Magic, 306:the cause of it is either astral or physical and incident to a world situation or a personalMagic, 432:wild hunt for pleasure, of sex and of the crime incident to the satisfying of desire. [433] ThisMagic, 440:but it is evident that the tremendous turmoil incident to these transitions affects the individualMagic, 492:We have dealt with salvation from the dangers incident to the creation of thought-forms by a humanMagic, 498:of prevision as to the death period; this is incident upon egoic contact and awareness of theMagic, 565:always that substance is force. The dangers incident to working with the fires or with the pranasMagic, 637:the disciple has to add the liabilities incident upon the bringing in of force which he findsMeditation, 67:[67] I have touched here upon certain effects incident upon the chanting of the Word in unison.Meditation, 90:to give you a general idea of the dangers incident to the too early development of the powersMeditation, 108:you is the fact that there is a certain danger incident to this very factor. If, for instance, inMeditation, 194:deliberately brought about owing to the dangers incident to the low point of evolution of the humanMeditation, 241:of this work, point out certain conditions incident to success, and foretell for you somewhat thePatanjali, 50:realization, The overcoming of the difficulties incident to the limitations of the vehicles ofPatanjali, 220:made purposely abstruse, owing to the dangers incident to the control of the bodily forces. TheProblems, 49:on. The fatigue, inertia and lack of interest, incident to war and malnutrition, present definiteProblems, 126:centuries to the difficulties and the mistakes incident to constant translation - a translationPsychology1, 250:the battleground. With this consciousness, incident upon an awareness of the pairs of opposites, isPsychology1, 273:aspects of sex, nor with the diseases incident upon the misuse of the function, nor shall I deal
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