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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCLINATION

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Astrology, 139:this Jupiter promotes. The Moon brings about the inclination to create these conditions which leadAstrology, 375:People who are Taurians naturally and by natal inclination would do well to consider this statementAstrology, 553:in response to circumstance and later to soul inclination. It is the Cross of temporal andAutobiography, 248:astrologers, who are interested and of the new inclination, to work out the future from the angleAutobiography, 291:the Arcane School are there because of spiritual inclination and not because they are seekingBethlehem, 211:the desire to live as children of God and the inclination to live as ordinary human beings: hereinDestiny, 56:standardizing, group-conscious, occult by inclination, aggressive, full of grandeur, interest inDiscipleship1, 204:for you. [204] A definite and recognized inclination towards all that concerns the New Age. It isDiscipleship1, 715:relationship is missing; the knowledge of group inclination is not present; there is no true,Discipleship1, 716:runs from one teacher to another, according to inclination, opportunity and necessity. He is anDiscipleship1, 780:astrologers, who are interested and of the new inclination, to work out the future from the angleDiscipleship2, 87:in the School are there because of spiritual inclination. The Arcane School is non-sectarian,Discipleship2, 379:or to the nation with which he is by birth or inclination affiliated. It is the united andDiscipleship2, 482:Basically, this ran counter to your natural inclination. Yet it was supremely necessary andDiscipleship2, 492:the ties of karma and national heritage, and inclination [493] determine his personal allegiance.Discipleship2, 562:him into a quiet place where he has both the inclination and the time to deepen, to integrate moreDiscipleship2, 684:of our disciples. We have not the time or the inclination (in the light of greater need) to wasteDiscipleship2, 725:from the simple duty of today; only to feed that inclination on your part to do something great;Education, 78:make allowance for inherited instinct, normal inclination based upon the point in evolution andEducation, 104:childhood I have been taught that my natural inclination is to do wrong, to be naughty, or (if theEducation, 118:pattern which seems to them - according to their inclination, type and ray - to be desirable. TheseExternalisation, 128:for the other group, they are those who through inclination or ancient karma are the descendants ofExternalisation, 420:world, when organized, all men of spiritual inclination and intention everywhere will keep the sameExternalisation, 583:follow these lines of activity through natural inclination and not because they are beingExternalisation, 628:These men and women of goodwill and spiritual inclination must reject the thought of their relativeExternalisation, 679:of mine, for the discipline is that of spiritual inclination and an inspired intention whichExternalisation, 680:here call to your attention that the mental inclination of all the esotericists in the world forExternalisation, 680:ashrams, into a group movement or a group inclination towards the Christ, the major and mostFire, 422:his own self-centered purpose and following the inclination of the lower self, whose slogan is "IFire, 908:or astral planes. This is due to the present inclination of the manipulatory devas of the lowerFire, Chart:There is, as we know, a cyclic shifting of polar inclination, [1056] due to the graduallyFire, 1057:solar system, and which embodies its "drift" or inclination towards the systemic orbit in theFire, 1080:of human beings who are vegetarians by natural inclination and by the appearance of egos who areHealing, 566:to you how probable it is that the soul's inclination to "the good" can bring about resistance uponHercules, 146:the acorn of life, is alien to the narcissistic inclination to make comfort a central motive inIntellect, 254:that, when attempting to meditate, they have an inclination to weep, or to be unduly restless; theyMagic, 68:of two things: First the aspirant can follow his inclination and choose that line of action out ofMagic, 69:discern the subtle distinction between a psychic inclination and the intuition. In consideringMagic, 340:by a manifesting soul, for, since there is no inclination to break it, there is no tendency on hisMeditation, 98:vibration has to be eliminated, and selfish inclination transmuted into spiritual aspiration. ThePatanjali, 314:point needs emphasis for there is too strong an inclination among students to search for thePsychology1, 116:small affairs. We have neither the time nor the inclination to interfere with the way and method ofPsychology1, 382:But for this I have neither the time nor the inclination. Interesting as it is, and indicative ofPsychology2, 329:down on to what we call the astral plane. The inclination of the soul is towards that which isPsychology2, 675:They are against all that is not of their inclination. There are those who are opposed to them, andPsychology2, 681:divisions. This may happen through their past inclination, by enforced national discipline, byPsychology2, 691:the resources of men of good will, and of right inclination in the world today. Resist not evil,Rays, 210:little, in reality, to link these people except inclination, a joint aspiration and a goal seen andRays, 429:yet learned her lesson, and as yet shows little inclination to do so. Strain, economic privationsReappearance, 154:world, when organized, all men of spiritual inclination and intention everywhere will keep the sameReappearance, 176:of influence. Men of goodwill and of spiritual inclination must reject the thought of their
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