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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCLUDE

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Magic, 166:inclusive awareness of the soul. His aim is to include the higher, and there is no need for him, atMagic, 167:[167] laws governing manifestation, and learn to include all that which we now cover by the wordMagic, 290:chakras, as they are called in the East. These include not only the well known seven major centersMagic, 360:the idea can (needless to say) be progressed to include the great Life of which our planetary LogosMagic, 515:can be called cyclic in their expression. They include the unthinking toiler and the uncivilizedMagic, 522:is normally the case. They must be extended to include all lives which are embodied in forms. TheMagic, 603:steadily outpoured; and through that capacity to include and to identify oneself with all thatMagic, 632:and colored by the spirit of separation. They include the mass of [633] world workers in all theMeditation, 15:is a gradual expanding from an inner center to include the entourage, the environment, the alliedMeditation, 18:of some individual or ideal. A man learns to include through love of person or ideal; be bendsMeditation, 20:expands with fair facility his consciousness to include a just part of his environing [21]Meditation, 21:the faculty of expansion (hitherto used only to include others through love) to the one-pointedMeditation, 28:consciousness ever more and more down, so as to include consciously the physical plane. It is byMeditation, 90:that carries with it the ability to include within itself all the lesser - are of too serious aMeditation, 246:the bodies with the Ego. The group will also include: A person, or persons who can clairvoyantlyMeditation, 264:by Him, and His consciousness has expanded to include the entire objective solar system. I couldMeditation, Since:aura, and are a part of His consciousness. They include people whose egoic ray is the same as His,Meditation, 275:in various ways, and develops his capacity to include and contact other rates of vibration than thePatanjali, 68:supersede them. These higher forms of sight include the others. Pure vision. This is spoken of byPatanjali, 70:The method of the disciple must not only include self-discipline or the subjugation of the vesturesPatanjali, 70:of the vestures or sheaths, nor must it only include service or identification with groupPatanjali, 70:with group consciousness, but it must also include the two stages of concentration, focusing orPatanjali, 354:discovered concerning sight for this study will include not only physical vision, but thePatanjali, 378:of the second aspect of divinity. They not only include the lesser powers but put a man en rapportPatanjali, 379:all the five planes of human evolution, which include the two higher planes whereon initiates ofProblems, 29:of Light, the immediate world process should include: The impending crisis of freedom. ThisPsychology1, 21:whose emanation he issued forth, but it will include also in a secondary measure the six other rayPsychology1, 230:spiritual unfoldment lies in his ability to include in his consciousness not only the so-calledPsychology1, 230:the power to react to soul contact, but also to include the material values, and to react divinelyPsychology1, 235:even when we consider and study that which we include under the heading of "results," it is as theyPsychology1, 298:that the coming three generations (in which I include the present one of boys and girls) will bringPsychology1, 344:into the fifth kingdom of spiritual being. They include therefore, in their meaning, his goal andPsychology2, 12:of a man's consciousness so that he can include and encompass that which he now excludes, and fromPsychology2, 31:in mind that the greater awareness must always include [32] the lesser awareness. Consequently allPsychology2, 188:on the physical plane, which will consequently include the physical body apparatus and the brain.Psychology2, 189:that the greater contact need not necessarily include the lesser. Telepathic communication betweenPsychology2, 288:be observed that the rays governing the mind include one which links the mind nature with the rayPsychology2, 292:with a second ray tendency to love and to include. The attractive quality of the soul as itPsychology2, 434:the lowest aspect and expanding their ideas to include the highest possible. These might be groupedPsychology2, 442:the personality and the soul. These groups include a very large number of people at this time; thePsychology2, 443:aware only of physical energy. Then he began to include within his field of awareness the emotionalPsychology2, 453:all kinds of bad results may be incurred. These include: Psychology2, 490:character from very good to very bad. They can include the help proffered by real initiates andPsychology2, 495:- to assert themselves, but they also include the ability of the spiritually-minded aspirant in thePsychology2, 544:The occultist, in his turn, must learn to include the mystical experience in full understandingPsychology2, 555:of the development of an increasing capacity to include and the fact of the existence of the onePsychology2, 558:another and wider sphere of being which he can include in his own consciousness if he permitsPsychology2, 564:in which case the greater powers automatically include the lesser. The lower psychic powers arePsychology2, 583:of obsession, temporary or permanent. I do not include in this list the work of the materializingPsychology2, 603:expresses himself in many undesirable ways which include a too strenuous one-pointed-ness, realPsychology2, 693:time during the eighteen hours which precede and include the time of the full moon. The exact hourPsychology2, 713:thought forms found upon the astral plane; these include among their number many thought forms ofRays, 76:that the Spiritual Hierarchy (and by that term I include both Shamballa and the planetaryRays, 111:this world cycle - even the greater cycles which include many world cycles would prove too short aRays, 159:the interrelation between all seven. These four include the three lower kingdoms of nature and aRays, 330:misuse with its dire consequences. The reason I include them in the above outline is to show theRays, 400:is still such that you do not and cannot yet include or register the consciousness or nature of theRays, 528:Sons of God are necessarily Those Who can include whole kingdoms or states of divine Being in TheirRays, 543:energy which he may contact and occultly include. He is slowly becoming aware of three vibratoryRays, 562:[562] transitions are then made; the power to include and to love in the truly esoteric senseRays, 594:of consciousness: Science. Under this word I include all that which the educational processes coverRays, 709:the disciple, it will be obvious that this will include the energy of the soul ray, until the fifthReappearance, 104:When this statement is considered, it must include also the Christ Who, we are told, "was in allSoul, 125:14, John XX, 19, John XI). Mahima - the power to include or make oneself large or to comprehend theTelepathy, 23:activity, as a result of heart awakening, can include the bad groups [24] as well as the goodTelepathy, 48:invocation and evocation and will be expanded to include not only right human relations to theTelepathy, 61:this science apart from him, as it would include too vast a field) becomes sensitive to hisTelepathy, 77:ray teaching faculty. In this statement I do not include The Old Testament except such passages asTelepathy, 100:always the larger and the greater source will include all lesser sources.
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