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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INCLUDED

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Astrology, 264:ninth, if the five unmanifested Hierarchies are included in our enumeration. The human Hierarchy isAstrology, 476:the energy of the seven constellations - is included, thus linking the self-conscious aspect withAstrology, 666:secret orbs or star Angels... Neptune was not included." (S.D. Vol. I, 629) "Neptune is the God ofAstrology, 669:(S.D. Vol. I, 126, Note) (Therefore when it is included among the planets, as it is, it is simplyAstrology, 672:secret orbs or Star Angels, Uranus... was not included." (S.D. Vol. I, 629) Uranus...personifiedAtomthe laws of life and human unfoldment generally included in the term of "occultism." It will beAtom, 99:vibration. All these phrases might be included in any definition of consciousness, but the one IAtom, 143:of the atom from stage to stage, until we included the entire solar system under the term "atom."Autobiography, 276:and laws which condition all phenomena, man included. I am anxious to make this clear. The ArcaneBethlehem, 6:and the philosophers of Greece and the West, included all knowledge which they considered asBethlehem, 39:is comprised and its best religious elements are included. The soul of man stands at the gates ofDestiny, 47:their kingdoms of forms and with all that can be included under the phrase "form life." That phraseDestiny, 109:or accepted discipleship, though these are included in my thought. I refer to all aspirants and toDiscipleship1, 525:refer not here to money though that too must be included in the life offering of a disciple, atDiscipleship1, 757:be touched and lower spheres of influence can be included. Some day, it will be all "realizedDiscipleship2, XII:A few personally assigned meditations are included to show the technique of the training inDiscipleship2, 122:comes naturally here. The throat center is not included in these relationships between centersDiscipleship2, 308:hitherto. You will see, therefore, why I have included this teaching upon the Points of RevelationDiscipleship2, 537:many, for those related by united service are included with the other groups, and these can oft beDiscipleship2, 574:to the disciple whose personal instructions are included in Vol. I. The footnote therein on pageDiscipleship2, 705:the range of your influence and also to be included within the range of influence of those greaterEducation, 84:imparted and yet indicates that nothing hitherto included need be excluded, only a betterExternalisation, 354:in the book Glamor: A World Problem. It is included here to preserve the historical sequence of theExternalisation, 451:which (if civilian men, women and children are included) amount to untold millions, the forces ofExternalisation, 560:which the soul-consciousness has enfolded and included is still the rich endowment of Being,Fire, 116:which is above, and to that which is below, or included, may be plainly seen. [118] THE PLANESFire, 122:this solar system the plane of synthesis is not included in the evolutionary scheme. It is theFire, 225:the consciousness of the Son (with all that is included in that expression) we shall be in aFire, 230:he has attained full self-expression, and has included within his sphere of influence and controlFire, 255:of the solar system, and all that is included within the sphere of influence of the Sun. The SunFire, 277:revolution of the Sun in space, with all that is included within the ring-pass-not. 2. RotationFire, 281:planetary Logos, or the Deity. Space, again, is included in the idea of consciousness, and itsFire, 281:repeats the process and his ring-pass-not is included in the radius of his consciousness, and mayFire, 284:of course; beyond human conception, but must be included in our enumeration of cycles if exactitudeFire, 304:such cycles, but the number of lesser cycles (included within the seven) is one of the secrets ofFire, 306:the law holds good, and the lesser is included in the greater. Hence the need for the student toFire, 308:that the great work of a solar Logos, with all included manifesting lives, was the development of aFire, 334:in [334] relation to the lesser bodies which are included in the solar ring-pass-not. A man is aFire, 353:intelligent cooperation all the lesser units included in its sphere of influence. Each of us, inFire, 353:and the spring of action, to all the units included in our three bodies. Each of us sways them toFire, 353:through us, through all Spirit-substance that is included within His sphere of radiatory activity.Fire, 402:units - as cells in Their body - are of course included in all that is posited about Them, andFire, 405:has led some of our Hindus, many theosophists included, to think that the Pitris and Devas are inFire, 440:of a system, and a scheme with all that is included in these manifestations. Hence the emphasisFire, 487:kingdom, with all the vast knowledge that is included in that idea. Much lies ahead to beFire, 534:are the seven Sons of Fohat, with the eighth Son included, and They are the final differentiationFire, 588:so there is a sphere of activity that is not included in our enumeration, it is past and gone. SomeFire, 603:life of the logoic Personality, with all that is included in that expression. He is to the solarFire, 617:most adequately through man, with all that is included in that term. They are the source of hisFire, 642:of the body of a Heavenly Man which is not included in the active centers. Perhaps some idea ofFire, 795:much evil will be offset. The etheric moon is included in these remarks. The greatest effect ofFire, 985:of the Hierarchy and with that which is not included in the purpose of the Lord of the planetaryFire, 1023:with the physical plane and all that is included in that term. They need likewise to remember thatFire, 1057:rotates upon its axis, and thus all that is included within the sphere is carried in a circularFire, 1176:preparatory circulatory system to a vaster round included within the sphere of influence of oneFire, 1189:logoic qualities manifesting which are not included by the term "sacred," but that there areFire, 1210:to be occultly inert. These lives, which are not included in the list of hierarchies, are actedGlamourcertain forms of group work in meditation are included because of their informative value andHealing, 64:of sensation. It is for this reason that I have included it. It would be an interesting experimentHealing, 203:[203] You will note that the spleen is not included in this diagram. Its function is a peculiarHealing, 203:to the physical tissue and to all matter not included in the organs mentioned above, the source ofHealing, 482:instructed and investigated, and finally be included in the orthodox ranks. The new schools, suchHealing, 508:The man begins to work on and from levels not included in the three worlds of ordinary evolution,Healing, 648:of the aspects of the dense physical body are included: the brain and the hands. The healer works,Initiation, 26:The religions of all nations, the Christian included, give indications that seem to substantiateInitiation, 95:that the entire solar system, with all that is included therein, is expressing itself in terms ofInitiation, 105:It may be asked why the Bodhisattva was not included in the conference. The reason was that the warInitiation, 196:the inner blaze can not shine forth when meat is included in the diet. This is a drastic rule forInitiation, 208:immense to be fully handled here. It is [208] included in these rules so that it may form a subjectIntellect, 102:us in such a way that all lesser definitions are included. He says: "...the word 'mind' may be usedIntellect, 229:people, but it is obvious that they cannot be included in such a book as this. A safe and generalMagic, 58:the inner as well as the outer worlds. Man has included in his relation only the form side of theMagic, 244:are swept by the life of the soul; all are included in the outgoing energy of the incarnating soul,Magic, 340:though not abrogating (for the lesser is ever included in the greater) the laws of man. This in theMagic, 341:remember that all personalities (your own included) have their periods of ebb and flow, under theMagic, 405:the mental plane; it must be expanded so that it included not only the world of emotion and ofMeditationletters were received during the period included within the dates, May 16th, 1920, and OctoberMeditation, 16:pupils under [16] some one Master, until all are included in the consciousness. Carried to theMeditation, 259:from the three atoms of the personal life - as included in the causal body - into the three atomsMeditation, 337:vehicle is recognized by science, and definitely included in the training offered by the faculty ofPatanjali, 100:(nature) or Avyakta (unmanifest) are all included in the category of five objects. The Purusha (thePatanjali, 272:the three great aspects in every form, his own included. When the second aspect, the soul, theProblems, 57:imparted and yet indicates that nothing hitherto included need be excluded, only a betterPsychology1, 21:are expressions of quality and the lesser is included in the greater, every form in nature andPsychology1, 43:has transcended all human limitations and has included the subhuman, as well as the superhuman,Psychology1, 380:kingdoms of forms, and with all that can be included (throughout our solar universe) under thePsychology2, 32:qualities, phenomenal and non-phenomenal, are included in the state of Being which is now thePsychology2, 72:realization that God has a Plan and that we are included in it. It is more than a hiding of oneselfPsychology2, 135:conclusion of the Esoteric Catechism, which is included at the end of Initiation, Human and Solar.Psychology2, 496:kinds. Frustrated love. This would perhaps be included under sex frustration by the averagePsychology2, 658:of the new age. Some of them are to be found included in the New Group of World Servers. Members ofPsychology2, 668:They do their needed work, for they too are included in the Plan. Then, under the law, there mustRays, 247:book (Initiation, Human and Solar). It is included here so that you can refer to it as you studyRays, 594:how he functions. You will note that I have not included religion in this analysis. The reason forSoul, 90:the subject of consideration, and today we have included the glands in our speculation and so
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